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Wind^Up Watch Fair 2017: Meet the Brands Pt. 4

Wind^Up Watch Fair 2017: Meet the Brands Pt. 4

Best Watch

Alright, we’re in the last leg now— Wind^Up is short of what multi week away ! Today, we’re giving a whoop to the last nine brands balancing this year’s incredible show, which is indeed occurring October 27th through the 29th at Chelsea Market in New York City. Keep in mind, it’s free and open to general society, so swing on by and let’s nerd out over watches.


Based in Boston, MA, Ian Schon plans and architects American-made products. His line of moderate pens (we in reality delivered a shared pen ) are notable and respected in EDC and pen circles. His latest undertaking, nonetheless, is a watch with cases and dials to a great extent made by Ian himself in his workshop. SCHONDSGN

Ian went along with us on The Worn & Wound Podcast. Look at that here .


A fan-top choice, Stowa is a notable brand among watch lovers. The celebrated German company, presently helmed by Jörg Schauer, produces watches that are truly propelled, however executed to demanding current norms. Also, notwithstanding the significant degree of put-togetherness, the watches are sensibly estimated. Stand outs incorporate the Flieger , Antea , and Partitio . Truth be told, I’m wearing my Antea KS as I compose this snippet. Stowa

Those Watch Guys

We’ve had some vintage at Wind^Up since the show started, and this year is the same. Going along with us this time around are Those Watch Guys, who center around congenially estimated vintage pieces that you’ll need to wear and not simply stick in a safe. Those Watch Guys


Making their introduction at Wind^Up, Tockr is a youthful company out of Texas delivering aeronautical-roused watches. Their stylish pulls from a quite certain source—C-47 outspread engines—which you can see on the amazingly point by point dials. You’ll get an opportunity to see their whole line-up at the show. Tockr


Based in Portland, Oregon, Vero is making present day, plan centered pieces with American-made cases and developments from Eterna. Their negligible tasteful separates them from other current “American-made” watches. VERO

Read our meeting with VERO here .

Vortic Watch Company

Vortic takes restored antique American pocket watch developments and dials and cases them in American-made 3D-printed titanium. Since the old pocket watch developments were frequently hand engraved and have dials that have matured suddenly, each watch delivered by Vortic is remarkable. Vortic Watch Company

R.T. Custer of Vortic went along with us on The Worn & Wound Podcast. Look at that here .

Wilk Watchworks

Based in Canada, Scott Wilk makes bespoke watches with wild dial surfaces and plans. On top of an index of prepared to-arrange pieces, he likewise does full custom watches where pretty much every significant component can be customized to the customer’s wants. Wilk Watchworks


Zelos has become well known with one of a kind and now and again complex plans that have used intriguing materials, for example, Damascus steel and shooting star. However, in spite of the utilization of these regularly significant expense materials, Zelos has kept a truly agreeable value point. Zelos

Read our survey of the Zelos Cosmos here.

Worn & Wound

And to wrap things up, we’ll be there with our full setup of items. Swing on by to look at our whole scope of lashes, cases, apparatuses and then some. What’s more, indeed, let’s talk watches. Worn & Wound Shop