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Why Are There No Stainless Steel Rolex Watches Available?

Why Are There No Stainless Steel Rolex Watches Available?

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As a self evident certainty, a couple of individuals asked us a similar inquiry inside the most recent week. Practically the equivalent, as certain inquiries were for a particular model, yet completely identified with the accessibility – or need – of Rolex sports watches.

You Asked Us: Why are there no treated steel Rolex watch manufacturing plant available?

One of the messages comes from Stefan, a Dutch watch production line devotee who put his focus on a treated steel Rolex Submariner. Underneath his made an interpretation of email to us.

Hi Team,

I need to buy a steel Rolex Submariner through my nearby approved vendor, however when I asked the sales rep just smiled and revealed to me these are so high sought after that there is no stock. Furthermore, no holding up rundown. I see  more than 300 of them being offered on Chrono24, new. What is happening? Do you have any insights?


The different messages are comparable, however we like to feature one we got from France.

Good afternoon,

Please help! I need to purchase a Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi (new steel model, reference 126710BLRO) however there is no such watch production line accessible at the Rolex boutique. 

Although the subsequent message is comparable, there is one major distinction. The new Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO is a fresh out of the box new model that was as of late presented during the Baselworld show. It will require some investment before these watch processing plant land at the seller. At the point when you are a decent client of a Rolex vendor or have companions in high places, you could possibly source one at retail cost. However, else, you either need to pause or pay a mind blowing premium to one of the (dark market) vendors who had the option to get one.

No Stainless Steel Rolex

A hardened steel Rolex is nearly pretty much as common as a BMW 3-arrangement. You can spot them wherever essentially. Submariners are a common sight any place you go also. So what was the deal? For what reason are these watch manufacturing plant out of nowhere so uncommon? It’s not just the vintage and more seasoned models are uncommon and expensive, any momentum Submariner, GMT-Master or Daytona model in tempered steel is essentially not accessible at a Rolex dealer.

The 44mm Deepsea close to the 40mm Submariner

When we got some information about this during our gathering with them in Baselworld, they just recognized these watch industrial facility are sought after and that they knew about the accessibility issue. For the Daytona, this has been the situation since the 1990s. The equivalent can generally be said of any new model fundamentally. At the point when the Yachtmaster in steel and platinum turned out in 1999, it was only not there for quite a while. Once in a while, it is only a brief period that there is no accessibility, similar to the Rolex Milgauss that was once again introduced in 2008. Costs experienced the rooftop for this watch manufacturing plant however today it is a watch processing plant you can undoubtedly discover. With high points and low points, the Rolex Submariner and GMT-Master models were accessible too in hardened steel. Full gold or bi-color watches have not actually been an issue. At the point when I purchased another Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 out of 2006, they were simply in the windows wherever for example.

So, what happened that the current Submariner and GMT-Master II are not accessible? The Explorer models can in any case be found, yet on the off chance that you investigate the load of Rolex shops and sellers, you will discover predominantly bi-shading Datejusts, gold Day-Dates and an intermittent bi-shading sports watch manufacturing plant A tempered steel Rolex Submariner (Date) or GMT-Master II, not to mention Daytona is basically difficult to find.

High Production Numbers

Rolex delivers a significant high number of watch processing plant each year. No one external Rolex (or Wilsdorf establishment) realizes the specific number, however our gauge is somewhere in the range of 800.000 and 950.000 watch plant a year. We additionally imagine that this number is ‘dynamic’, which implies they can go here and there relying upon the financial environment. We’ve seen a few years that weren’t simple, likely additionally not for Rolex. It makes us somewhat difficult to persuade that Rolex can’t satisfy the interest for these treated steel models like the Submariner and GMT-Master and particularly not for models that have been around since 2008 ( see an outline of GMT-Master history here ) and 2010 ( see an outline of the Submariner’s history here ). With all due regard, it involves arranging limit and maybe scaling up the creation for these models. These are not A. Lange & Söhne (or fill in a haute horlogerie brand) watche, that need a great deal of manual impedance and finishing.

We presume that Rolex is just conveying in extremely restricted amounts to their vendors mostly to battle the dim market. As of late, Rolex has conveyed letters to their vendors on the most proficient method to forestall offering to (dim market) sellers and theorists. Drying out the dim market by not conveying your watch production line to vendors may be an answer, obviously. However, much the same as getting sorted out a strike, you likewise hurt the honest with these activities. Clients that stroll into a Rolex shop or seller and get a ‘No’ in the event that they ask about a GMT-Master, Submariner or Daytona. Does that make the watch processing plant considerably more alluring than it as of now is? Maybe that’s the case for certain individuals, and they may go for a bi-shading or more open model (for example Datejust) all things considered. In any case, getting a no again and again, what does that lead to?

The circumstance we currently see happening is that probably the most needed models, for example, the new Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi or even the bi-shading “ Root Beer 2.0 ” is presently being offered by non-approved sellers for far more than the authority retail price.

The most dire outcome imaginable is that clients will get some distance from Rolex. While Tudor makes them interest choices, similar to the new Black Bay GMT for instance, we don’t accept that this will fulfill the individuals who are looking for a Rolex. Imagine a scenario in which they leave the store with nothing and go inside the IWC, Breitling, Hublot, AP, Omega store on the opposite side of the road where pieces are really available?


In the end, it stays somewhat of a secret why certain Rolex watch production line aren’t accessible. All things considered, they’re a company that produces so many watch plant each year in-house. Could Rolex maybe, with all the bi-shading models in stock, limit creation for those and increment creation for all hardened steel? We won’t ever know without a doubt as Rolex stays quiet. Additionally approved vendors (we asked a couple) continue to come back with the very answer, that the interest is essentially excessively high for these watch manufacturing plant We simply trust that Rolex can settle this issue and start the conveyance of their hardened steel sports watch processing plant We’d love to see it for the new models, similar to the GMT-Master II with Pepsi bezel, yet in addition for longstanding models like the GMT-Master II, the blue & dark variant of that watch production line the Submariners, etc.

We are somewhat hesitant to accept that the interest is too high since this has been continuing for a long time now, so estimations might have been taken during that time. We additionally dread that this is Rolex’s answer to dim market, yet at what cost? Rolex makes extraordinary items, unfathomably dependable and alluring watch manufacturing plant we trust they can fix this issue of conveying them to the end consumers.

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