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Watches, Stories, and Gear: What’s Inside? Destroys a Rolex, Michael Caine Settles the Inception Debate, and More

Watches, Stories, and Gear: What’s Inside? Destroys a Rolex, Michael Caine Settles the Inception Debate, and More


“Watches, Stories, and Gear” is a week after week gathering of some our #1 watch content from Worn & Wound, extraordinary stories from around the web, and cool stuff that we’ve got our eye on.


“How Bulova Used a Universal Genève to Get to the Moon, and How You Can Get One Today”

“I as of late got myself the Bulova Moon Watch, a propagation delivered by the brand recently. For those of you uninformed, the watch depends on an informal model worn by Astronaut David Scott during the Apollo 15 mission. That observe first became visible in 2015 when it was unloaded and sold for $1,300,000 at RR Auctions. Bulova naturally seized on the publicity, and delivered their praise to that now iconic watch later that year.

Now, however fascinating as this all seems to be, I like to burrow a little more profound on the watches I purchase, so I began doing some examination. In particular, I needed to know the contrasts between the original and the current proliferation, so I began with the development. In my exploration, there was confusion whether the original had a Valjoux 72 or 7736. Yet, let’s hold that for the time being, on the grounds that as I burrowed further, I discovered pieces of information suggesting the original watch was really a variation of the Universal Genève Space-Compax!”

Click here to peruse more.

What’s Inside? – What’s Inside REAL versus FAKE Rolex?

This video’s got everything: a Dremel grinding off hauls, dials alluded to as “faces,” an Apple Watch (two of them really), and some painfully dumbfounded commentary about watches. This video is genuinely cringeworthy, and I ended up wincing more than once. Also, what truly got to me was that while they utilize a Dremel to eliminate the wristband, they later utilize an appropriate Bergeon apparatus to eliminate the case back! Possibly we ought to send them one of our Strap-Changing Multi-Tools.

But there’s a fragment of expectation. The more youthful of the pair, Lincoln, appears to be genuinely astounded to see a Rolex development in activity, exclaiming, “Whoa! Look the number of moving things there are inside of there.” Mark my words; he’ll be a Watch-Head one day.


Independent: “Inception – Michael Caine Reveals Truth About Final Scene of Christopher Nolan Film”

 I got into some lovely warmed discussions with companions about the ending of Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

“Cobb was in a dream!”

“No, he wasn’t—the symbol wobbled!”

(My take was consistently that it didn’t matter, and that what made a difference was that Cobb acknowledged that specific presence as his world, however I digress.)

Well, Michael Caine, who plays Professor Stephen Miles in the film, as of late settled the discussion for the last time. Caine himself was evidently somewhat confused when he initially read the content, uncertain of which scenes were a fantasy and which weren’t. Nolan’s clarification, according to Caine, cleared things up, settling the film’s finale unequivocally. I actually favor my take, however in the event that you need to finally take care of this eight-year-old contention, at that point read what he needs to say here .

The Practical Engineer: Making a Gyro Watch Winder with Emiel

We as of late got an email from an engineer named Emiel Noorlander who had constructed a gyroscopic watch winder from (mainly) pressed wood. It’s a fun DIY project, and keeping in mind that I am uncertain of how well it really functions at winding a watch, seeing the “how it’s made” measure was quite darn cool.


J. Crew – Ludlow Slim-fit Unstructured Blazer in American Wool

Made of a fleece/cotton mix from American Woolen Company factory (est.1899), this unstructured blazer from J.Crew shuns lining and canvasing to give the jacket a lighter, more easygoing vibe. It’s sure to become your go-to.

$198—Shop here

Rancourt – Carson Low Sneakers in Natural Chromexcel

Rancourt is fundamentally known for their American-made hand-sewns, yet the family-claimed company likewise realizes how to make an extraordinary shoe. Assembled using Horween’s Natural Chromexcel cowhide and a hard-wearing Vibram sole, this specific combination will keep going you a long, long time and is restrictive to Huckberry.

$225—Shop here