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Watches, Stories, and Gear: Watch Photography 101, a Christmasy Die Hard, and More

Watches, Stories, and Gear: Watch Photography 101, a Christmasy Die Hard, and More


“Watches, Stories, and Gear” is a week by week gathering of a portion of our #1 watch content, extraordinary stories from around the web, and cool stuff that we’ve got our eye on.

This week’s portion is brought to you by Mido watches and a novel dark colorway of their Multifort Chronometer, accessible only through their online store.

This form of the Multifort Chronometer includes wide, vertical Geneva strips on the dark dial and a profound dark PVD case. The precious stone cut hands and markers all through the dial include beige Super-LimiNova, providing an unobtrusive differentiation. The dial additionally includes a shading coordinated day and date opening at 3 o’clock. This secretive interpretation of the Multifort Chronometer is combined with a dark elastic tie with a texture insert.

For the first run through, the Multifort Chronometer is controlled by the Caliber 80 Si development. Highlighting a silicon balance-spring, the Caliber 80 Si offers improved long haul exactness and expanded protection from attraction and stun. Furthermore, the development is COSC-guaranteed and holds as long as 80 hours of force reserve.

Again, this form of the Multifort Chronometer with dark lash and PVD case is accessible only through Mido’s online store. Head to Mido’s online store to find out more or to get one for yourself .


Before Heritage Was Cool – an Overview of Seiko’s Incredible Historical Collection from 2000

Modern reissues of historical watches have been the pattern of the previous few years. Seiko, not resistant to showcase requests, has likewise participated in the legacy game, reissuing watches dependent on or propelled by historical partners. Route back in 2000, well before today’s top, Seiko accomplished something truly cool with their set of experiences. Let’s envision that only briefly we could turn around the hands of time, return 18 years with precisely JPY 1,735,000 (or generally $16,000 today). What could that get you? All things considered, completely seven (indeed, seven!) precise reproductions of Seiko works of art considered commendable by the brand to be reissued.

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Watch Photography 101

This nearly abandons saying, however we take a ton of watch photos here at Worn & Wound. We are frequently gotten some information about our process by lovers hoping to expand on their range of abilities, so we distributed a two-section arrangement called “Watch Photography 101” with the objective of doing precisely that. In the event that you haven’t read it yet and are hoping to get familiar for certain basics, at that point you should check it out.

Check out the two portions here


Die Hard: The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told

The banter about whether Die Hard is a Christmas film has seethed for quite a long time (I’m in the “it is” camp, directly close by the film’s screenwriter, Steven E. de Souza). Be that as it may, in the event that you need further persuading, look no farther than this recently cut trailer just delivered by its merchant,  20th Century Fox. Discussion over.

The New York Times – The Yoda of Silicon Valley

Donald Knuth is a legend in the field of computing and the creator of The Art of Computer Programming, a proceeding, four-volume collection that is respected by numerous individuals in the field as a central book. It’s additionally long, thick, and not for the layman (to such an extent, truth be told, that a snippet from Bill Gates on the back front of the book peruses: You should send me a résumé in the event that you can peruse the entire thing). The New York Times as of late highlighted Donald’s long term excursion to complete his creation, which, he assesses, is in any event 25 years out.

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New York Magazine – Why Do Hotel Companies Have So Many Brands?”

We’re in the main part of movement season, and on the off chance that you’re going anyplace, you’ll likely be remaining at an inn. In any case, have you at any point asked why lodging companies have such countless brands (the Marriot, for instance, after a new consolidation presently has 30 particular brands under its umbrella)? Josh Barro composing for New York Magazine investigates that very question.

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Best Made Co. – The Field Jacket

Based on the famous American M-43 field coat and the British combat coat, the Field Jacket from Best Made co. is a jazzy and flexible piece that you’ll have the option to spruce up or down. It’s produced using Portuguese cotton, piece of clothing colored here in an eye-getting blue, and it’s the sort off material that just improves with age.

On deal for $179 – shop here

Devold – Nansen High Neck Sweater in Melange Gray

Devold has been producing woolen sweaters for Norwegian anglers since 1853. Made of fleece from Norwegian sheep, the Nansen High Neck sweater is wonderful chilly climate gear, and can be worn as a mid-layer or as outwear.

$265 – shop here