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Watches, Stories, and Gear: Universal Genève Polerouter Super, Super Rare German Microcars, and More

Watches, Stories, and Gear: Universal Genève Polerouter Super, Super Rare German Microcars, and More


Watches, Stories, and Gear is a week after week gathering of a portion of our #1 watch content, incredible stories from around the web, and cool stuff that we’ve got our eye on. This week’s portion is brought to you by the Windup Watch Shop .

Affordable Vintage – Universal Genève Polerouter Super

One of my number one vintage watches, and one that has seen an uptick in prominence as of late among authorities, is the Universal Genève Polerouter. Honestly, the Polerouter is definitely not a solitary unmistakable model, but instead a group of watches that started in 1954 and finished around 1969 (with a brief yet deadened return in the ‘80s). In this article, we jump into that heredity and investigate a later, generally secret variant—the Polerouter Super.

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The Worn & Wound Podcast Episode 6: Etienne Malec of Baltic Watches

Baltic’s made quite a sprinkle in its short presence, and it gives no indications of easing back down. In one of our first scenes of The Worn & Wound Podcast, we plunked down with Baltic’s Etienne Malec to examine everything from excitement and gathering to plan and manufacturing.

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The Verge – Google Just Spent $40 Million for Fossil’s Secret Smartwatch Tech

Earlier this week, Google and Fossil Group declared that the two have inked a $40-million arrangement for the previous to acquire a decent lump of Fossil’s exclusive smartwatch tech. Remembered for that arrangement is the R&D group straightforwardly associated with the improvement of Fossil’s wearable tech—tech that, amusingly, Fossil itself had acquired when it repurchased the wearable brand Misfit in 2015. It’s not satisfactory precisely what application Google sees in Fossil’s tech, yet we could be seeing some new applications for Fossil’s hybrid smartwatch tech in the future.

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Silodrome – The Brütsch Mopetta, A Rare and Unusual German Microcar

Ben Branch of Silodrome recounts the intriguing story of the Brütsch Mopetta, a post-WWII German microcar. It’s rare—like super rare—with just 14 units having been assembled, and gauges propose just 5 exist today.

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Todd Snyder x Timex Military Watch

Timex and Todd Snyder have collaborated for a progression of mil-enlivened watches that don’t break the bank, and they’ve significantly less expensive now that they’re on promotion.

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Everlane – ReNew Fleece Sweatshirt

This wool sweatshirt is the ideal combination of style and reasonableness to keep the virus out this colder time of year season.

$60 – shop here