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Watches, Stories, and Gear: Seiko’s Grammar of Design, War Graffiti, and More

Watches, Stories, and Gear: Seiko’s Grammar of Design, War Graffiti, and More


“Watches, Stories, and Gear” is a week by week gathering of some our number one watch content from Worn & Wound, incredible stories from around the web, and cool stuff that we’ve got our eye on.

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“The Art of Time: Taro Tanaka and Seiko’s ‘Grammar of Design’”

“Taro Tanaka is from numerous points of view an uncelebrated yet truly great individual of the watch world. We’re partial to chronicling the historical backdrop of Seiko here at Worn & Wound, particularly its shocking ascent through the business positions from the early ‘60s to late ‘70s. More often than not, this amazing development is ascribed to the brand’s innovation—the advancement of the notable cal. 6139 chronograph development, their triumphs in creating chronometer types, or the blast of their jumper line with models like the 6105, just to give some examples. That’s surely a reasonable contention to make and numerous unquestionably do, yet to disregard the commitments of their fashioners is neglect a large portion of the story. That half—the creative side—rests on the shoulders of Taro Tanaka.”

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“Introducing SEMPER & ADHUC, a Young French Brand Making Old New Again”

“When somebody like Colin de Tonnac from Bordeaux, France blips onto the horological radar screen we so cautiously screen, we as a whole sit up somewhat straighter and zoom in for a more intensive look. With his new company SEMPER & ADHUC, Monsieur de Tonnac will undoubtedly raise undeniably more commotion than a blip as he gives new life to vintage wristwatch developments by setting them behind beguiling new dials and into dazzling new cases.”

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The New York Times; “The History Behind the Graffiti of War”

“About 5,000 years prior, somebody chose to paint a fight scene between toxophilite in a collapse Spain — maybe one of the primary occurrences of what we’d call “war graffiti” today. That individual was presumably an early snort who had recently wrapped up fussing that the chow was terrible and that he’d needed to walk excessively far that day. Since as long as there has been battle, there have been fighters giving up their doodles, names or different markings for history specialists to muse on why they did so.”

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The Ringer; “For One Last Night, Make It a Blockbuster Night”

“Everything is 10 years behind in Alaska—including the manner in which individuals see films. In three stores across the coldest state in the association, Blockbuster caught the creative mind of its inhabitants long after the company stopped activities around the remainder of the country. Be that as it may, presently, the late expenses are at last coming due, and the finish of the Blockbuster period is upon us.”

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Nomos Magnifying Glass

Not simply a lovely embellishment, the Nomos Magnifying Glass is really a strong little loupe, made with German maple and focal points from Präzisionsoptik Gera GmbH.

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New Balance 247 Luxe Suede Knit Mesh Sneaker in Beige

Deconstructred and lightweight, these are incredible kicks for those long summer walks.

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