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Watches, Stories, and Gear: An Unusual Seiko Diver, Edward Gorey’s Victorian Horrors, and More

Watches, Stories, and Gear: An Unusual Seiko Diver, Edward Gorey’s Victorian Horrors, and More


“Watches, Stories, and Gear” is a week after week gathering of a portion of our #1 watch content, great stories from around the web, and cool stuff that we’ve got our eye on.

This week’s portion is brought to you by Oak & Oscar .

Founded in 2015 by Chase Fancher, Oak & Oscar has seen remarkable achievement in its three brief long stretches of operation. The brand’s initial two watches, the Burnham and Sandford, have since a long time ago sold out, and the third, the Jackson Flyback Chronograph, is well headed to becoming another Oak & Oscar exemplary.

Oak & Oscar’s latest is the Humboldt, a 40-millimeter traveler’s watch and the brand’s first non-restricted delivery. The Humboldt features Oak & Oscar’s natural plan language, and it comes outfitted with a 12-hour bi-directional bezel for following an extra time region. Another first for the brand, the Humboldt comes matched with a treated steel arm band. The watch is rated to 20 ATM, has a twofold domed sapphire precious stone, and is fueled by a Swiss-made ETA 2892-A2, a proven workhorse.

To study Oak & Oscar and the Humboldt (presently accessible for $1,450 on lash and $1,650 on wristband), click here .


Fratello Watches; “#TBT Seiko SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver – Crazy Accuracy in a Familiar Case”

Our companions over at Fratello Watches as of late expounded on a truly special and mostly secret Seiko plunge watch: the Ref. SBCM023 Perpetual Calendar Diver. While it might simply resemble a proven SKX007 (or one of its numerous branches), this ISO-rated plunge watch, first presented in 2003, is really fueled by an impressive unending schedule quartz development accurate to 20 seconds every year. This watch was to a great extent a JDM discharge, and following a long term run it was ended in 2010. As you may expect, this is rapidly becoming a collector’s thing, and Fratello has the full rundown.

Click here to peruse more.

Affordable Vintage: Enicar Seapearl 600

“Most prepared watch gatherers are knowledgeable in the association between renowned wayfarers and their watches. Companies like Rolex, Omega, and Jaeger-LeCoultre are only a portion of the notable brands to send their watches on great undertakings and afterward money in on the subsequent notoriety with promoting. On the off chance that you read our article on the Croton Nivada Grenchen Antarctic , you’ll realize that it wasn’t simply the greater players participating in this; more modest brands were likewise making the most of this showcasing opportunity. One of the lesser realized Swiss brands to do so was Enicar.”

Click here to understand more.


The New Yorker; “Edward Gorey’s Enigmatic World”

“Many Gorey books are minimal in excess of thirty pages in length: a progression of illustrations, one for every page, accompanied, at the lower edge or on the confronting page, by possibly a few lines of text, now and then stanza, here and there prose.

In the void area that remained, Gorey felt, mind had space to bloom. A lovely model is his initial book “The Doubtful Guest” (1957). Here, individuals from a good Victorian family are remaining around one evening, looking exhausted, when their doorbell rings. They open the entryway and locate nobody. Be that as it may, they scout around the yard, lastly, on the highest point of a urn at the finish of the balustrade, they see something curious. It kind of takes after a penguin. Then again, it has hide and wears white shoes. Regardless, by the following page it is remaining in the family’s hall with its nose to the backdrop, looking terrified however unshakable, while they cluster in the following room, attempting to sort out what to do. By the morning, the creature has made itself at home. An illustration shows us the family at the morning meal table, in their tight-fitting clothes, going about like all is totally great, while the Guest, seated among them, and having completed what was on its plate, has started eating the plate.”

Click here to peruse more.

 GQ; “Miracle at Tham Luang”

“Six days after the miracle, when the young men were cased in a sterile medical clinic and the jumpers had flown home and practically the entirety of the columnists had scattered, individuals went to the cave once more. There were residents from the flatlands beneath the Doi Nang Non, the mountains that ascent among Thailand and Myanmar, and there were volunteers, many them in their lemon yellow shirts and sky blue covers, who had been there for the majority of the 18 days the miracle had required. There were priests, as well, at a stopgap dais on the footpath to the cave, and there were dignitaries—local specialists, the groups of the young men who’d been honored by the miracle—in columns of seats under a long tent.”

Click here to understand more.


DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal

High-quality videography has become more open gratitude to companies like DJI. The brand’s latest is the Osmo Pocket Gimbal, a clever little instrument that’s sure to cause your home films to feel more cinematic than any time in recent memory. With the entire unit weighing a little more than four ounces and featuring 3-pivot stabilization, an inherent 4K camera fit for shooting 60 fps at 4K and crude stills, the Osmo Pocket Gimbal will be your new go-to bits of pack for everything from vacations to that school recital.

$350—Preorder here

Small Batch L.L.Bean Boot, 8″ (Leather and Chamois-Lined)

Bean boots are an American work of art. They’re for all intents and purposes impenetrable—courtesy of the hardwearing elastic base and thick leather uppers—so they’ll take you through fall and directly into winter. The way that the plan has remained generally unaltered since 1911 is a demonstration of their quality and unmatched utility, they’re still made in L.L. Bean’s production line in Brunswick, Maine.

Bean boots come in various arrangements, and this little batch form features maroon leather uppers lined in wool chamois material for somewhat additional glow down the line.

$160—Shop here