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Video Interview: Jörg Schauer of Stowa

Video Interview: Jörg Schauer of Stowa


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A long-lasting top pick of our perusers, Stowa has adopted a deliberate strategy to 2020, for certain outstanding yet unpretentious augmentations to their Partitio and Marine assortments. We had the delight of meeting Jörg Schauer, Stowa’s current proprietor about the most recent news from the brand, just as to give some verifiable setting of how he got engaged with the brand by any stretch of the imagination. There’s something here for even the most enthusiastic of Stowa supporters, as we even educated some things ourselves about Schauer’s origins. 


notwithstanding Stowa’s history, we likewise get a gander at another watch, the Flieger Bronze Vintage, which delivers the exemplary 40mm flieger case in an exquisite shade of bronze. The new watch can be had in your decision of programmed or hand wound setup and offers a welcome interpretation of an immortal plan. Appreciate this and more in the video beneath, just as a display of pictures that feature their offices and history.