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Video Interview: Formex CEO Raphaël Granito

Video Interview: Formex CEO Raphaël Granito


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Formex have restored their image this year with new marking and item plan course, and we see the principal products of these endeavors in the Reef plunge watch, which we audited here. With this watch, the brand seeks open new streets for themselves, and we plunked down with Formex CEO Raphaël Granito to examine how. Granito uncovers their assembling ability and how they had the option to make a watch like the Reef to such demanding standards. 

Some of the subtleties of this watch may astound you, for example, the fasten component which considers simple change, or the dial tone and surface, which experienced numerous varieties to get perfectly. This is a welcome move from Formex, and Granito reveals insight into their interaction to give this quality at open costs. Appreciate the video beneath!