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Video Interview: Farer Co-Founder Paul Sweetenham

Video Interview: Farer Co-Founder Paul Sweetenham


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We’ve seen some astonishing deliveries from Farer this year, from the GMT Bezel assortment to their most recent triplet of exceptional Pilot watches . Farer isn’t hesitant to stretch the limits innovatively, and thus their watches are extraordinarily their own. We plunked down with Co-Founder of Farer, Paul Sweetenham to examine their cycle, and how they approach making a particularly unmistakable tasteful for every one of the watches inside each of their releases. 

Paul opens up about the historical backdrop of Farer and how they tie in recorded importance to their assortments as delivered as their accounts for each delivery. On the off chance that you’re not as acquainted with Farer or are only inquisitive to reveal a greater amount of their set of experiences, this is an absolute necessity observe directly from the greatest character behind the brand. Appreciate the video beneath and get familiar with Farer here .