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Video Interview: Etienne Malec of Baltic Watches

Video Interview: Etienne Malec of Baltic Watches


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Baltic has been presenting some great watches this year at their standard value focuses, which means open to all. In the event that you’re a W&W ordinary, you’re without a doubt acquainted with the watches, however what you may be less acquainted with is the story behind their plans. We plunked down with the brand’s originator, Etienne Malec, to uncover his motivation. The source may amaze you, and it addresses the immortal characteristics present in every one of his watches. 

To finish off 2020, Blatic is delivering another line of GMT watches, the  Aquascaphe GMT. Including special shading plans and exemplary plan signals, these watches figure out how to discover new ground in the grounded type. All the Baltic appeal is still there, and obviously, they are agreeable as ever from a size and value point of view. Make the most of our meeting with Etienne beneath and study Baltic here.