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Tutima’s New Chronograph is a Celebration of the Flieger Friday Hashtag and a Modern Reinterpretation of a Classic

Tutima’s New Chronograph is a Celebration of the Flieger Friday Hashtag and a Modern Reinterpretation of a Classic


We’ll be an entire four years eliminated from the primary “Speedy Tuesday” Omega Speedmaster Limited Edition once we hit January, and it’s sort of astounding how the web has changed the watch world simply in that limited capacity to focus time. Obviously, discussions, sites like our own and a large group of others, and the development of Instagram were all doing their thing a long time before that specific watch hit the web, however venture back a smidgen and consider what we saw unfurl in January of 2017: another restricted version Speedmaster was dispatched on the strength of the prominence of a specific hashtag (a web innovation that my folks actually don’t comprehend) and it sold out very quickly. This second, by and large, appears to be a really serious deal in the progressing story of the watch business coming to terms with the web. Presently, in this post #speedytuesday world, we have an entire bundle of comparative hashtags, for which watch fans bring out specific brands, lashes, and watches of particular styles and shadings for the sole reason for being snapped for Instagram. The #fliegerfriday hashtag is one such pattern to arise as of late, and puts a focus on outdated pilot’s watches. Today sees the dispatch of the “Flieger Friday” Limited Edition chronograph from Tutima, and we need to ponder: will all the hashtags have their day? 

That question will be replied in due time, yet for the time being, let’s center around the current matter, which is an attractive pilot’s watch from a brand we respect in a very restricted version. The watch, enlivened by Tutima’s unique Flieger Chronograph which bowed in 1941, will be made in a release of only 25. The first watch is by and large what we have come to think about when we consider the exemplary flieger – an unadulterated apparatus in a nickel plated metal case with a conspicuous fluted pivoting bezel. The new Flieger Friday release has a large part of the equivalent tore from-the-instrument-board feel, yet with all the accommodations of present day fabricating processes. 

The new watch is really a beautiful strong resemblance for the variant from the 40s, and has a similar 38.5mm distance across. The case is in hardened steel and has been given a non-intelligent glossy silk finish, and the turning bezel holds Tutima’s exemplary red reference marker for simple planning on fly (pardon the joke) and the mark fluted plan. The house of prayer hands and typeface of the Arabic numerals have been coordinated to the first as well. 

Modern upgrades are actually what you’d anticipate: a sapphire gem, 100 meter water obstruction rating, and the vigorous hand wound Valjoux 7760 ticking endlessly inside. The type has been brightened with a gold plated connect highlighting some custom Tutima etching, which normally is obvious through the presentation caseback. There’s likewise a lot of Super-LumiNova applied to those huge hands and numerals, guaranteeing readability in obscurity, regardless of whether you’re in the cockpit or simply your own living room. 

The Flieger Friday Chronograph Limited-Edition is accessible right now from Tutima at a cost of $3,450, and as we said up top, it’s extremely restricted with just 25 being made. Submit a request here .