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Titanic Victim’s Pocket Watch Sells for over $50,000 at Auction

Titanic Victim’s Pocket Watch Sells for over $50,000 at Auction


34-year-old Sinai Kantor was on board the Titanic with his significant other, Miriam, when the bound boat hit a chunk of ice on its launch and soaked in 1912. The two were from cutting edge Belarus and made a beeline for New York City to begin new lives, however Sinai kicked the bucket that evening, one of 1,503 travelers who died in the freezing waters of the Atlantic. Miriam, who was guided to a raft before at night, survived.

Sinai didn’t have much on him in his last hours, yet among his belongings were a little telescope, wine tool, note pad, and a pocket watch. His body was recuperated from the water eight days after the fact, and when Sinai was covered the entirety of his own possessions had disappeared. Miriam had the option to recuperate them the next year, including the pocket watch.

Miriam, who later remarried, clutched the watch as a memento throughout the long term. As of late, an immediate relative put Sinai’s watch available to be purchased through Heritage Auctions. Internet offering began early and came to $22,000 before the in-person offering started. The watch was at last bought for $57,500 by John Miottel, a California gallery proprietor who gathers watches from the Titanic.

This wasn’t the principal pocket watch from the Titanic to go up on the sale block. Back in 2008, the pocket watch of the ship’s top of the line steward, Edmund Stone, was sold for $154,000.

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