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The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 104: Ming Thein and Praneeth Rajsingh of Ming Watches

The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 104: Ming Thein and Praneeth Rajsingh of Ming Watches

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Only two years prior, Ming Watches hit the scene and were a short-term sensation. That previously restricted assortment, named 17.01, sold out in a matter of moments, which wasn’t that a very remarkable astonishment on the grounds that the watches were acceptable — like great. What’s more, they were forcefully estimated, as well, at just $900 a pop. At that point a couple of months after the fact, Ming put out their sophomore delivery, this time a very good quality piece with an insane 100-hour development by Schwarz-Etienne. The new watch, almost multiple times the cost of its archetype, followed a portion of the fundamental plan signals of Ming’s first watch, however the execution was unadulterated extravagance. It was an energizing delivery, yet in addition one that propelled discussion with its driven sticker price. Ming’s proceeded with that direction, delivering both rich watches and equitably estimated ones — at the same time keeping an extraordinary stylish and adherence to quality that’s found various fans.

On this week’s scene of The Worn & Wound Podcast, Zach and Ilya are joined by Ming Thein and Praneeth Rajsingh of Ming Watches. The two halted by Worn & Wound HQ half a month back, and we were eager to snatch the mics and discussion about their image and watches.

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Show Notes

  • Ming’s wrist check – Ming 17.06 Monolith
  • Praneeth’s wrist check – Ming 19.01
  • Zach’s wrist check – Sinn 556i
  • Ilya’s wrist check – Seiko SRP777
  • Ming Watches
  • Ming Watch’s Instagram
  • Schwarz Etienne
  • Ming 17.01
  • Ming 17.03 GMT audit
  • Ming 19.02
  • Ming’s photography
  • Hasselblad