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The Sinn U50, Tudor BB 58 Blue, & Seiko SPB149 Walk Into A Bar…

The Sinn U50, Tudor BB 58 Blue, & Seiko SPB149 Walk Into A Bar…


Among the numerous incredible watch arrivals of 2020 there are 3 plunge watches specifically that stand apart as praiseworthy: the Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue, Sinn U50, and Seiko SPB149. Each is a leading figure for the brand’s style and ethos, and each addresses inescapably wearable articulations of what a plunge watch can be. They do as such in an exceptional yet agreeable style, and coincidentally among the W&W staff are proprietors of every one of the three. It’s just capable, at that point, to assemble each of the three for certain snaps and impressions from their separate proprietors. Since, why not?

Handling every one of these watches independently will invoke an abundance of descriptors from the watch analysts collection. Words like “wearable”, “legible”, “sublime”, hell even “perfect” have all been utilized to portray these three. What’s more, as it should be, they are extraordinary watches no doubt. Notwithstanding, taking care of them all together, delivers some new sentiments, and spots them in a setting outside of the ideas you’d find in their surveys (which, for the record, you can peruse here: Sinn U50 , Tudor BB 58 Blue , Seiko SPB149 ).

Same, But Different

Broadly talking, these are competent plunge watches that address the broadness of diversity in the class. They include programmed developments, pivoting bezels, at any rate 200m profundity evaluations, and compelling sprinkles of shading. Each are 40mm in distance across and 47mm drag to carry, plus or minus relying upon which. Wristbands are accessible for every one of the three (however just one at any point gets worn on it), and keeping in mind that they are all steel, they are extraordinary in tone and surface.

The Sinn U50 stands separated from the others for its advanced, severe interpretation of a plunge watch, addressing the German interpretations of the brand in their most effectively absorbable structure. It’s additionally the one in particular that doesn’t get an in-house development. What it offers is that extraordinary Sinn tasteful close by their restrictive solidified steel (however the bezel, for this situation) and at simply 11mm thick, it’s the most slender of the bundle while offering the best profundity obstruction at 500 meters.

The Seiko and Tudor each address a cutting edge take on a legacy plan from their image. While neither promptly read as “vintage inspired” because of the absence of any artificial maturing, the general plan impact is clear. These are all the more customarily attractive plunge watches that structure the set up standards of the class in the most ideal manner. They ride a scarcely discernible difference among useful and functional. 

Prices range from simply more than $1,000 for the Seiko, about $2,300 for the Sinn, and $3,700 for the Tudor (on bracelet).  That huge delta isn’t in every case promptly evident, yet holding each while fitted to their arm bands and it’s clear the Tudor is the priciest of the pack. It likewise gets the most great of the developments here and ostensibly has the most brand esteem addressed on the dial. All things considered, the other two don’t feel a long ways behind in one or the other structure or execution. One thing is clear, there’s no turning out badly with both of these watches. To get more viewpoint on each, here’s a word from their proprietors.

On Ownership

Blake Buettner – Sinn U50

It’s been around a half year since getting the Sinn U50 and it’s been a welcome expansion to my pivot from that point forward. I’ve consistently adored the plan language Sinn has created throughout the long term, however it’s never been bundled in a way helpful for my wrist or general style. That changed with the U50, obviously, and I think this watch has been a door for some authorities with comparative sentiments. It’s easy to wear on account of the 47mm drag to carry and 11mm thickness, besides, changing lashes is a huge load of good times for how well it takes them. 

Seeing the Sinn close to the Tudor and Seiko truly places it into the setting of more customary plunge watches and it some way or another feels significantly more peculiar than it as of now is. I consider that to be something to be thankful for as I’ve previously got conventional plunge observes basically canvassed in my assortment, however there’s no uncertainty the Seiko and Tudor present a compelling suggestion. The dial of the Seiko is really lovely, with a complex blue dial moving relying upon the light. I likewise truly love the look and feel of the bezel on the Seiko, it’s like Dude’s mat, integrating everything impeccably. Taking a gander at the Black Bay 58, this is a watch I could wear regularly without even batting an eye. It’s that good. 

to put it plainly, I’d welcome every one of the three of these watches into my watchbox, and don’t question briefly that each would get sufficient wrist time. I just expectation we’re so fortunate in 2021 with such solid jump watch discharges.

Blake Malin – Tudor Black Bay 58 Blue

I got the Black Bay 58 Blue trusting it would opening into my assortment as one of those staple pieces you go to again and again. In light of the quantity of remarkable Worn & Wound restricted versions that fill my assortment nowadays, I’m feeling less slanted to clutch “once in a while” watches. Up until now, I think the Black Bay 58 has filled that need. For all the reasons that Blake B shared over, the Black Bay 58 is remarkably wearable, inconspicuously a la mode, and, even as the most costly watch of the gathering examined here, a considerable measure of value for your money. Also, in spite of the fact that I’m still going back and forth with respect to whether I lean toward the blue or the dark, it’s verifiable that the Black Bay 58 is a damn close to consummate every day driver.

Looking at the Black Bay 58 close to the Sinn U50 and Seiko SPB149, I can see myself possessing both of the other two watches eventually, conceivably in lieu of the 58. While I don’t think they’re elaborately compatible by any stretch of the imagination, they do all offer that regular wearability I’m searching for. Of the Seiko and Sinn, I think I’m generally attracted to the Sinn U50. I’ve since a long time ago been interested about the Sinn U1 line, yet at 44mm x 14.7mm, they are simply too huge for my taste. I, in the same way as other of you, was eager to see Sinn size things down with the U50. Perusing Blake B’s writeup above, I was really stunned to discover that the U50 had both the best profundity rating and the most slender case. That says a ton regarding Sinn’s abilities and the amount they have the right to be in the discussion with family unit brands like Seiko and Tudor.

Zach Weiss – Seiko SPB149

Sitting here with the three best jump watches of 2020 before me, I am by and by struck by exactly how diverse this stage can be. The Black Bay 58 Blue is exquisite and easy. Really a gentleman’s sport watch. The U50 is rough and specialized. Unquestionably the watch best for a genuine experience. What’s more, the SPB149 dribbles with character, riding the line among astounding and artfulness. While the BB58 may at last be the most wearable, and the U50 verifiably the best for really plunging, the SPB149 actually has my heart. It’s exemplary, yet uncommon, combining vintage and current components with an unpretentious dial resonance that simply keeps my look mesmerized. While the chunkiest of the gathering, it actually is a simple every day wear, one that fits consistently into my style of dress.

Lastly, it’s the most moderate of the gathering by a respectable edge. What’s more, however it’s not a chronometer, nor evaluated to 500 meters, it actually offers a compelling bundle of in-house mechanics, remarkable completing, a strong history, and Seiko’s dia-shield covering, which should keep it sparkling simply somewhat more. While individuals keep on kvetching about Seiko’s expanding costs, I at no time have felt like the 149 wasn’t worth each penny I paid for it. My lone inquiry is, will 2021 present a watch that will unseat the 149? I by one way or another uncertainty it.