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The Seiko 62MAS Family – Three Generations Compared

The Seiko 62MAS Family – Three Generations Compared


This is likely the third or fourth time I’ve recounted this little story, however for the individuals who missed the past articles, when Seiko reported the 55th Anniversary jumper set of three recently they covered the lede. Close by that set of top of the line restricted versions was a more reasonable watch, the SPB149, which was an advanced reevaluation of Seiko’s first jumper, the 62MAS. While not as colorful as those different watches, it was possible, and apparently from subtleties, a victor (which I later affirmed in my survey ). While a restricted release itself, its very presence likewise proposed that it very well may be the beginning of another group of watches. That was affirmed as well.

The arrival of the Seiko Prospex SPB14X watches came as somewhat of an unexpected not on the grounds that the watch or plan itself is that extraordinary, but since Seiko had delivered a watch that, on paper in any event, was intended to accomplish a similar objective only a few of years earlier – make a reasonable, present day translation of the 62MAS. Those watches, the SPB05Xs , were swarm top picks too. This carries me to the reason of this article, a comparison of three present day Seikos dependent on the famous 62MAS: the SPB149, SPB053, and the SLA017.

Three you say? Indeed, while the most important comparison is between the 149 and the 053 as they are contemporary competitors in Seiko’s line up, the 017, which is emphatically more costly and better quality (by Seiko principles) fills in as a decent contradiction, as it’s the “truest” diversion of the 62MAS in the gathering. Let’s kick this little exercise off with the cases, similarly as with Seiko, the cases will in general make the watch.


With its thickset, made right hauls, slender bezel, and three o’clock crown, the 62MAS is a lot of a jumper of its period. Presumably the most “normal” glancing case in Seiko’s jumper history (intellectually compare it to Turtles, Willards, 6159s, Tunas…) its skin-jumper style is charmingly retro to an advanced eye. With the three watches being compared, you have the conservative with the 017, as it remains nearest to the original’s plan and extents however comes in bigger at 39.9mm. The 053 is the tank of the gathering, with a commanding 43mm distance across. The 62MAS DNA is as yet present, however more far off. The 149 is the cutting edge. It bears an initially likeness to the 62MAS and is humbly measured at 40.5mm, yet contrasts from various perspectives as well.

For the 017, Seiko remained exceptionally near to the first however added 2mm in width, carrying it to a still adequate 39.9 x 47 x 14.5mm, with a crate sapphire gem representing a portion of the tallness. The extents and general calculation seem to have continued as before. The bezel is still quite dainty and the sides are completely level pieces, however they tighten in marginally. The crown at three seems monstrous in comparison to the case too. What makes the 017 truly hang out in the gathering is the nature of the wrapping up. While none of these watches are slumps, the brushing on the top surface of the case is particularly beautiful, and the case edges are dangerously sharp. One detail significant is that the more drastically formed box sapphire precious stone on the 017 additionally makes the most mutilation of the group.

The bigger 053 comes in at 43 x 49.7 x 14mm. Numerous distinctions are quickly obvious however a similar major outline actually exists. The crown is still at three, the bezel is flimsy ish however relatively thicker, and the drags are gotten down to business. Something somewhat inquisitive about this watch is that in spite of the breadth, Seiko went with a 20mm carry width (the 017 is 19mm). The outcome is a more sensational shape to the carries that puts forth the defense feel practically elongated at its broadest point. With the 053 Seiko likewise dumped the completely chunk sides for a more voluptuous (and regularly Seiko) profile with angles and undermines, giving it an advanced appearance.

The 053 parades exquisite case lines The high-cleaned piece sides of the 017 The even 149

The 149 is kind of in the middle of the two, yet it’s truly a lot nearer to the 017 than the 053 at 40.5 x 47.8 x 13.9mm. By and by, the in general blocky shape is available with the thickset drags acquiring some weight over the 053’s because of the extent of the width to the 20mm carries. In a checked change, the bezel is a lot more extensive than that of the 62MAS or its cutting edge kin. Despite the fact that a questionable move, it ensures that the 149 isn’t only an amusement, yet rather its own watch. It likewise gives it a more present day and forceful look. Like the 053, the sides of the case highlights slants and undermines, yet in addition has a marginally more articulated level part, making it somewhat chunkier overall.

While the 017 is the victor in the completing office, it’s significant that the 053 and 149 are quite amazing also. I review the completing of the 149 truly striking me upon first eliminating it from the crate, however to be straightforward, the 053 is comparable. The last was considerably more astonishing to me as I found the SPB077, which is an entire diverse model yet of a similar age as the 053, not exactly remarkable. In any case, the two models highlight pleasantly finished brushing and clean cleaned bevels.

Dials, Hands, and Bezels

Following the subject of the cases, the dials and bezels of the three watches all draw on the 62MAS (as ostensibly most Seiko jumpers do) with changing levels of likeness. As you’d surmise the 017 stays consistent with the first. The 149 and 053 both work really hard at indicating the first plan however have some remarkable varieties that consider their sizes just as their more contemporary aims, with the 053 wandering the furthest.

As the watches get bigger, the markers seem to acquire a shape, prone to assist offset with trip their separate case sizes. In this way, the 017 has rectangular markers, however some have marginally tightened lume plots. The 053 highlights bigger significantly more drastically tightened markers, save at 6, 9, and 12. Given the bigger width, had they all been rectangular, the markers may have been overpowering. All things considered, the tightening is sufficiently emotional to truly change the general look of the dial. The 149’s markers are almost a similar size as the 017’s yet includes less metal and a more obvious shape, save at 6, 9, and 12, holding more similarity.

The 053 is the lone watch of the three to highlight a part ring. A little part, it improves things greatly on the dial, and keeping in mind that an unmistakable takeoff from the 62MAS, bodes well on the 053. To keep a generally flimsy bezel, they need to make the dial gap very wide. Given this bigger breadth, the section ring helps compress the dial a piece, which might have been overpowering had it run right to the edge. It additionally gives the watch a sleeker and current look, which all in all it appears to be the 053 was going for.

The SLA017 remains genuine The SPB0153 Takes the most freedoms with some cutting edge dial includes The SPB149 combines a genuinely faithful dial with another bezel course

While the dial plans are genuinely close, the handsets of the three watches are very unique. By and by, with regards to the 62MAS, the 017 has rectangular hour and moment hands with slight features and adjusted corners, and a stick seconds with a lume filled square shape. Despite the fact that basic, they are delightfully wrapped up. The 053 goes a completely unique and present day heading with a huge bolt hour hand, straight sword minutes, and stick seconds with stabilizer lume. A questionable handset, it plainly expresses that the 053 is just implied as a free translation of the 62MAS.

Once once more, the 149 comes in to find some middle ground with a handset that is both current yet obviously identified with the first. The hour and moment hands are fence post style with shallow focuses, and highlight split clean and matte wrapping up. In spite of the fact that not the square shapes found on the 62MAS, they are nearer in structure and scale than the 053’s hands, which bear no similarity. The seconds hand is then almost indistinguishable from that of 017.

All three of the bezels have a similar general design rotating runs with numerals and little specks. The typography of the 017 and the 053 is comparable with wide numerals and marginally squared zeros, however the 053 plainly utilizes the striking text style. The 149 goes for a tall and limited sort that feels sufficiently diverse to be an entire distinctive typeface. In spite of the fact that another takeoff, it functions admirably with the more extensive bezel insert.


Three watches, three developments. The 017 is a better quality Prospex model, empowering it to utilize Seiko’s 8L35 development. Planned explicitly for plunge watches, the 8L35 is firmly identified with the Grand Seiko 9S55, however it comes up short on the GS’s top of the line completing and guideline. The 8L35 highlights 26-gems, hacking, hand-winding, date, 50 hours of force hold, and a recurrence of 28,800bph.

The 053 highlights the 6R15, while the 149 highlights the 6R35, two ages of one development design. Both are automatics with date, hacking, and hand-winding. The 6R15 has a couple of variants, with one or the other 23 or 24-gems, all with 50 hours of force hold. The 6R35 has 24-gems and 70 hours of force hold, with this last detail probably being the primary selling point.

On The Wrist

As an aficionado of more modest jump watches, and watches all in all, it ought to be of nothing unexpected that the 017 and 149 fit my 7” wrist decently preferably, by all accounts. Thus, let’s investigate the 053 first, as at 43mm, it’s outside of my average comfort zone. Seiko’s planners truly are equipped for doing something amazing with bigger cases, as the 053 actually wears pleasantly. It’s distinctly bigger and bolder, yet not overpowering or uncomfortable. If I somehow managed to compare it to another watch, it feels strangely like a Speedmaster in scale. The lone issue I could see having over the long haul would be with the crown at three, as it delved into my wrist on occasion.

The 053 is the greatest, however is still astoundingly wearable The 149 combines vintage style with present day measuring The 017 wears well indeed and packs more presence than you’d expect

The 017 and 149 wear correspondingly. Both floating around 40mm, they don’t look or feel little, regardless of whether they are on the little side for current Seikos. Truth be told, I’d venture to such an extreme as to say both actually have strong wrist presence, and air in favor of present day in scale and appearance (or, in other words that to the undeveloped eye/non-Seiko fan, their vintage DNA probably won’t be promptly evident). In spite of the fact that being the more modest of the two, the 017 really feels somewhat bigger, which I property to the dial being bigger compared to the bezel, and the harsher lines of the case. The angles of the 149 relax its appearance from above marginally, pulling in the case.


Three watches, all with a similar verifiable inception, executed in three distinct ways. The 017 is implied as current copy, and it accomplishes this. It has the looks, yet feels and wears especially in an advanced style. It likewise flaunts more lavish completing and a better quality development, raising the plan from a once basic device watch to an image of the brand’s accomplishments in the 50+ years since. And keeping in mind that not, at this point accessible at retailers, Seiko really delivered three watches with a similar arrangement this year: the greetings beat SLA037 and the blue-dialed SLA043J1, the two of which highlight “ever-brilliant” steel cases, just as the Seiko x Beams LE , which includes a dark dial for the most genuine 62MAS look yet, and the most un-made at 300 units.

The 053 and 149 are then otherworldly replacements intended to take the thought in various ways. The DNA is available, yet blended in are groundbreaking thoughts and objectives. They feel more youthful – like the formation of an alternate age. They are unmistakably the grandchildren. And keeping in mind that comparable somely, extraordinary enough in the ways that check to be their very own lot watches. I’m interested to see with the appearance of the 6R35 if the 6R15 will keep on being delivered any longer, and if not if models like 053 will be resigned too. Assuming this is the case, the 053 may be a fascinating watch to add to your assortment to stamp a momentary time in Seiko’s current plunge watches. Seiko Prospex