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The Barrelhand Project 1, an Innovative 3D Printed Piece of High Horology, is Now Available

The Barrelhand Project 1, an Innovative 3D Printed Piece of High Horology, is Now Available


Three years prior, we reviewed an energizing project with Silicon Valley roots from an upstart independent watchmaking brand called Barrelhand. Their Project 1 watch had an imaginative showcase for telling the time, cutting edge looks, and bore the impact of plans from Urwerk, HYT, and different brands addressing the vanguard of top of the line, autonomous watchmaking. The key distinctive element of the Project 1 is in the idea of its production: components are created through different sorts of 3D printing strategies. As per Barrelhand, the utilization of 3D printing lessens R&D costs drastically, and permits them to make parts that would not have been conceivable something else. With the Project 1 at last accessible for intrigued clients to save, we thought we’d look again at a watch that really tests existing known limits.

Barrelhand Project 1

  • Case Material: Titanium
  • Dial: Open, with Geneva Jump Hour and straight moment shows
  • Dimensions : 44 x 15mm
  • Crystal: Sapphire        
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM
  • Crown: Binder stream steel/titanium crown discharge system                   
  • Movement: Manual breeze development with in-house bounce hour instrument, 50 hour power hold
  • Strap/bracelet: Leather 
  • Price: $30,000
  • Reference Number: n/a
  • Expected Release: Reservations now open 

When we talk about 3D imprinting with regards to the Project 1, what we’re truly alluding to is best in class innovation that takes into consideration the limiting of powdered metal at incredible exactness. “Metal Binder Jetting,” the interaction used to make a significant part of the Project 1, is a few stages further developed than the 3D printing innovation as of now accessible at the shopper level. As per Barrelhand, it’s fit for a degree of accuracy that’s multiple times more slender than a human hair, which permits the brand’s configuration group a degree of adaptability that is basically unthinkable with customary strategies. Among the developments refered to by the brand is the world’s first practical 3D printed development connect, an accomplishment that wouldn’t have been conceivable even a brief timeframe ago. 

The Project 1 has a cutting edge look that pleasantly complements the high level tech behind its creation. It’s clear from looking at the dial that it’s anything besides customary by they way you tell the time, yet it’s likewise not completely past our range – for a non-conventional time show, it’s very natural. The current hour is perused with a hopping component at the highest point of the dial, and the minutes show is situated at what might regularly be 6:00. While the hopping hour is a customary complication in traditional watchmaking, the direct minutes show utilized in the Project 1 is more novel. The plan is enlivened by the turn of a vinyl record, with the base dial making a full revolution once consistently. There’s a cam way cut into the dial, which is followed by a needle as it pivots. This pivot controls a pointer all over, which takes into account the perusing of the minutes. A roundabout pointer at the lower part of this minutes section advises the client which side to peruse (the descending direction shows minutes 0-30, up is 31-60).

There are numerous other specialized developments in the Project 1 that will have designing geeks energized. For instance, in light of the wide measurement of the turning dial, a leveling framework was intended to secure it against impacts. Ruby direction have been used around the border of the dial, permitting it to turn unhindered while giving a degree of protection from stun. Indeed, even the hop hour, maybe the most conventional single component of the watch’s configuration, has been changed by Barrelhand to bring to the table more prominent usefulness and unwavering quality. The Project 1 highlights a “Geneva Jump Hour,” which can be set advances and in reverse while utilizing less absolute components. Like the leveling framework, the Geneva Jump Hour makes the Project 1 more hearty generally speaking, guaranteeing that it’s really wearable in reality, and not just a presentation piece, or an anomaly. This instrument was planned in-house by Barrelhand, utilizing components made with the cover flying strategies they’ve adopted. 

This degree of development doesn’t come modest: the Project 1 has a retail cost of $30,000. All things considered, Barrelhand gauges that a comparable watch, made with conventional prototyping instruments and not the very good quality 3D printing tech seen here, could undoubtedly cost more prominent than $300,000 in R&D. Barrelhand’s capacity to decrease the expense of every model to under $1,000 each significantly affects the last cost of the Project 1.

The Project 1 will be made in a restricted version of only 20 numbered watches, which are accessible to save now with a 10% store. Barrelhand