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Speedy Tuesday – Omega Speedmaster 125 Production Number Update

Speedy Tuesday – Omega Speedmaster 125 Production Number Update

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When RJ and I talked about the point during the current week’s Speedy Tuesday I had no clue about how opportune this is. It couldn’t be any more obvious, for somebody who loves vintage Omegas and particularly chronographs (Seamasters and Speedmasters the same) the Speedmaster 125 is consistently in the rear of their psyches. It’s an oddball positively for such countless reasons. Reasons which we will discuss beneath. So after our conversation, I said to myself; We’ve covered this watch production line various occasions, not certain if there’s whatever else left to say. All things considered, when I thought back in our chronicles I understood that the last article about the Omega Speedmaster 125 is from 2013. Furthermore, that chiefly concerns  Adrian van Hooydonk BMW Group’s plan chief and his 125. One could contend that there isn’t a lot of new to say about vintage watch processing plant there are still some new disclosures we come across once every blue moon.

Speedmaster 125 Recap

Just to update everybody with respect to the Omega Speedmaster 125 (178.002) here are current realities. The watch manufacturing plant turned out in 1973 denoting the 125th commemoration of the brand – Then 23 years of age Louis Brandt, the dad of the brand, set up his workshop in June 1848. While it was by all account not the only exceptional model that Omega delivered to commemorate this uncommon event, it is the one the greater part of us partner with the occasion. At the time the Speedmaster 125 was an exceptionally reformist watch industrial facility both in fact and plan shrewd. It fused many bleeding edge highlights. In the first place, the case is thick, cumbersome and substantial in any event, for the 70’s. It includes an incorporated arm band, something not very numerous Omega chronographs from that period had (like the Omega Lobster 188.001).  Staying with the case, the Speedmaster 125, much the same as the Mark IV , likewise has a two-piece case.

Does it look natural? – The picture Omega utilized on their Speedmaster 60th Anniversary poster


What it implies is that the case comprises of two sections; the external edge which gives the Speedmaster 125 a square shape and holds the arm band. It additionally has an inward round case, which houses the development. This more modest round watch manufacturing plant case can be driven into the square case outline where an o ring/gasket holds the case set up. The dial format is by and large equivalent to the Omega Speedmaster Mark IIIs. Clearly, the name is extraordinary. Here, the Omega logo and phrasing, just as the “125”, are applied steel, while the “Speedmaster” is painted. The remainder of the design is the equivalent: date at 3 o’clock and 2 subdials at 6 and 9. The 6 o’clock subdial has the 12-hour pointer. The sub at 9 has the 24-hours pointer circle and the constant seconds hand. The hands are additionally indistinguishable from the Mark III.


What the greater part of us think about the Speedmaster 125, I assume, is it is an exceptional development. A 17-gem type with 28800 A/h and 44 hours of force save. The Omega type 1041(ticking inside the Speedmaster 125) is fundamentally an improved rendition of the Omega type 1040. That is a Lemania subordinate since the base type is Lemania 1340 for certain progressions like the 24-hour marker. Presently the 1041’s base type is the Lemania 1341. What is intriguing about this development is that it is the World’s first chronometer guaranteed, programmed, chronograph development. There may have been chronometer guaranteed chronograph developments previously, however that was not programmed. There may have been programmed chronograph developments that were not chronometer affirmed. In any case, 1041 is the first where these credits are available. Moreover, Omega just utilized this type once, during the creation of the Omega Speedmaster 125.

It is likewise worth referencing that the type 1040, 1041. Moreover, the 861 and even the 321 are on the whole the subordinates of a similar Lemania type. This 27mm chronograph development turned into the incredible 27 CHRO C12 that numerous vintage Omega (and Tissot among others) watch industrial facility utilized in the 1940’s onwards. Another watch plant public assistance declaration associated with this point is the chronometer affirmation that individuals regularly call it COSC certificate. The Swiss organization COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) was established in 1973 the very year as the Speedy 125 came out. Which implies that early Speedmaster 125s couldn’t have had COSC affirmation. Afterward, in any case, COSC confirmed the 1041 developments inside the Speedmaster 125 watch processing plant The long creation range made this conceivable. More about the genuine creation dates I’ll examine below.

Are There Really Only 2000 Pieces?

Seasoned vintage Omega fans will cause a stir now. “What might be said about the impediment of 2000 pieces? That is additionally a novel component of the watch.” – Yes, this is the way we considered it well. Up to this point, that is. Allow me to clarify. There’s constantly been a discussion about the precision of this data. Too many watch manufacturing plant are available to be purchased at some random time. Also the quantity of parts, administration cases and wristbands gliding around the web. You can discover a significant number of the watch plant and additionally parts on eBay, Chrono24 or your #1 watch production line gathering. This recommends that either the watch processing plant was disliked to such an extent that a great deal of those 2000 pieces are as yet searching for new proprietors. Or then again, that a lot more than the above number came around during the 70’s in Biel. Andy K from as of now hypothesized about this on this extraordinary .


The official communication for a long time was that lone 2000 pieces were delivered by Omega of the Speedmaster 125. It was additionally regularly said that while the watch plant is restricted in numbers the pieces are not set apart at all. This implies that the watch plant had not XXXX/2000 numbering or “Restricted Edition” markings on them. The 2000 pieces restriction, in any case, was even communicated in early Extract of Archives that the Omega Museum gave to Omega Speedmaster 125 proprietors who mentioned these. It explicitly said: Special Edition of 2,000 models (see photograph beneath). Note that in the event that you see any new concentrates of the Speedmaster 125 model this part (at the lower part of the page) is absent. It just expresses that said watch manufacturing plant is a unique release for the commemoration. This is along these lines, on the grounds that – supposedly – the number is a lot higher than 2000 pieces.

Information from the Museum

Contrary to mainstream thinking the Omega Speedmaster 125 was created substantially more than 2000 pieces as it were. We asked the Omega Museum for explanation and they were glad to reveal some insight into the case for us. While they can’t (yet) affirm the creation number as they are as yet investigating the matter they disclosed to us a couple of intriguing things. As per the information assembled for creating the Extract of Archives, a help that customers can request, the principal creation date of the Speedmaster 125 is June 1973. The last date is pretty much as late as November 1977. This appears to point into the bearing that for sure more than 2.000 bits of this watch industrial facility created.

Museum Curator Petros Protopapas with the representation of Louis Brandt

World Congress

Another piece of random data associated with the Speedmaster 125 is the occasion where Omega really presented the watch. Precisely 125 years after Louis Brandt opened his workshop, between the 17th and the 21st June 1973 Omega coordinated a World Congress in Montreaux, Switzerland. In excess of 1300 visitor were welcomed from everywhere the world. Specialists, sellers and different visitors came from more than 160 nations. Entertainingly among the welcomed guests was one of the primary Bond young ladies, Ursula Andress. The Swiss entertainer who played Honey Ryder along Sean Connery in the first since forever James Bond film Dr. No, in 1962. Later she showed up in a second – though informal – Bond film, Casino Royale in 1967 depicting Vesper Lynd. This was the occasion where the brand formally declared the Omega Speedmaster 125.

Image (C)

Still Sought-After

Regardless of the creation number the Omega Speedmaster 125 is as yet quite possibly the most fascinating and adored watch production line from Omega’s insane 1970’s line up. It is an immense watch and doesn’t accommodate everybody’s wrist without a doubt, however it is likewise a huge model for Omega’s set of experiences and specialized turn of events. The explanation is additionally a sign that brands like Omega do think often about their legacy and generally view of their after deals. Doubtlessly, in the same way as other different companies, they take motivation from former models. Be that as it may, thinking often about vintage Omega watch processing plant ranges over this. It is likewise essential for Omega to see their past unmistakably. To comprehend what they are used to figure out what direction they need to push ahead. With the assistance of the Omega Museum, we presently began to unfurl the account of the Omega Speedmaster 125. We addressed another little piece of the vintage Omega mystery.

I might want to say thanks to Omega Museum and Mr. Petros Protopapas for his assistance and support.