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So, You Want to be an Astronaut? A look at the Forstner Komfit Bracelet, a Speedmaster Accessory for the NASA Enthusiast

So, You Want to be an Astronaut? A look at the Forstner Komfit Bracelet, a Speedmaster Accessory for the NASA Enthusiast


It’s something of an axiom that with regards to sports watches, there are arm band folks, and there are tie folks. We see the separation here on the Worn & Wound group, and I wager numerous perusers have solid conclusions whichever way about the suitable mount for Speedmasters, Submariners, and such. As a rule, I will in general fall on the wristband side of things. On the off chance that a watch comes mounted on an arm band, I will in general locate that the plan group understood what they were doing, and it’s quite often more effective on steel than it is on calfskin (or texture, yet that’s an entire other pot of fish). The Speedmaster is a peculiar exemption, however. While it is surely a “bracelet watch” in the eye of our mainstream society, watch devotees have come to comprehend that it looks similarly incredible on ties. Complicating matters a piece is the skeleton in the closet of current extravagance watches: the Speedmaster wristband (in any event those that transported with the now dead 1861 type Speedy) isn’t excessively acceptable. That is to say, it’s wearable, sure. Yet, it doesn’t have a completely flexible fasten, it’s thick and hefty, and an agreement appears to have arisen that it’s basically not truly comfortable or attractive. So what’s an arm band fellow to do?

Fortunately for individuals like me (and like you – we’re generally in the same boat) there’s a house industry around reseller’s exchange Speedmaster wristbands. In the event that you’ve invested any energy whatsoever on Speedy Instagram, you’ve seen them. You’re probably being served an advertisement for one at the present time truly. As a moderately new second-time Speedmaster proprietor, I concluded that this time around I’d jump into the post-retail arm band game. I had heard from many similarly invested devotees that they’ve come far since I last claimed a Speedmaster, and there was one specifically that grabbed my eye for a couple of genuinely explicit reasons: the Forstner Komfit bracelet. 

The Komfit, basically, is a dainty cross section wristband with a remarkable limited profile that gives your Speedmaster (or some other watch you decide to wear it with) a striking look. Lattice arm bands have encountered something of a resurgence in fame as of late and I will in general think it’s to a great extent a consequence of the phenomenal Apple Watch “Milanese” wristband that was presented right back with the original variant of the now pervasive savvy. Fans have cherished them for a very long time, however there’s no uncertainty they’ve been springing up in more standard spots in the last half decade. They have an energetic yet refined stylish, and by and large find some kind of harmony among comfort and solidness, settling on them an extraordinary decision for genuine games watches. 

While Forstner isn’t actually an easily recognized name, it may ring a bell for a vintage fan who has assumed the exhausting assignment of guaranteeing they can coordinate a period right arm band to their vintage watch. The company’s attaches date back to 1920, and all through the center bit of the twentieth century they were a conspicuous producer of arm bands in an assortment of styles, including the Bonklip, which Blake canvassed in his audit of the Serica 4512 . Forstner ultimately vanished, yet was reincorporated under new proprietorship in 2019, and from that point forward they’ve presented a progression of vintage style wristbands that can guarantee probably some peripheral genuineness given the memorable brand name. 

The Komfit is exceptionally compelling to me due to its connections to the space program. We as a whole know at this point that Omega’s Speedmaster was flight qualified by NASA, yet that confirmation doesn’t reach out to a specific arm band. In the beginning of the space program, space travelers regularly provided their own groups and lashes, and the individuals who flew on the Mercury missions habitually picked the Komfit on the grounds that it fit over their space suits. By 1964 (when the Speedmaster was picked to be the watch given to Gemini and Apollo flight groups) NASA was buying Komfits (which had been rebranded as “JB Champion” arm bands after the company was purchased by Jacoby-Bender) for use on Gemini and Apollo missions. On the off chance that you take a gander at photos of space travelers and NASA work force from the time frame, the unmistakable, limited cross section arm bands are genuinely universal. They’ve become a genuine piece of NASA history.

When you purchase a Komfit wristband from Forstner today, you have a couple of various choice focuses. To begin with, there’s a wide form, and a standard adaptation. The two renditions join to the watch with end pieces that compress, so the Komfit can fit watches with haul widths somewhere in the range of 19 and 22mm. The wide form (the one I decided for myself) is 18mm, with the standard adaptation estimating 2mm smaller. Being somewhat bigger wristed, I figured the more extensive arm band would look more proportionate, and I think I was correct (we’ll get  to the wearing experience soon). 

The other decision you’ll make when choosing which Komfit is ideal for you comes down to those end pieces. You can pick a “horned” style, which impersonates the arch of the case, or a more serious (and obviously more generally utilized among NASA society) straight end piece. For my wound carry Speedy Pro, I settled on the choice to go with the horned end pieces, however both work in the very same way – they take a standard spring bar, and fit between the hauls subsequent to being compressed. Forstner supplies a tab of small cushions that are intended to shield within your hauls from scratches, but since risk is my center name, and I couldn’t envision Neil or Buzz carefully joining these little stickers to their watches, I’ve chose to go without. 

something pleasant about the Komfit is that it’s basically boundlessly flexible. To wear it, you move a little lock in and down the lattice subsequent to connecting the watch to the case. This clasp is the thing that joins to the catch, which itself is connected to the furthest limit of the lattice chain. You slide the watch on over your wrist, pull the wristband educated from the catch end, and afterward join the fasten to the clasp. On the off chance that you’ve set the lock in the correct recognize, the Komfit is very comfortable, however it can take some experimentation to dial it in accurately.

Esthetically, the Komfit is retro in the extraordinary. It doesn’t resemble some other current wristband – it resembles being excessively little for the watch (even on my 18mm wide Komfit) and truly highlights the state of the case. It’s the backwards of the coordinated wristband style that’s right now unimaginably mainstream. Rather than the lines of the case fitting impeccably with those of the arm band in a consistent style, the Komfit fits to the case regardless of it. It’s a touch of jostling from the outset and causes you to acknowledge how even current arm bands that aren’t genuinely coordinated are intended to be completely coordinated to their case.

To be straightforward, I’m not certain in the event that I really like the manner in which the Komfit looks. At the point when I check the time, I don’t ponder internally, “Damn, I’ve picked shrewdly today,” or “This is an excellent object!” It’s more like, “Maybe I am the strange one,” or even only a directly up “LOL.” But it’s particular, and I love seeing it on the wrists of space travelers when I watch a narrative, or flip through my duplicate of Moonfire . As a NASA over the top, it has a positive charm. 

The best component of the Komfit without a sad remnant of an uncertainty is the manner in which it feels on the wrist. This wristband is unimaginably light and comfortable, especially when compared to the stock arm band on the cutting edge Speedmaster. In that manner, perhaps the Komfit is somewhat similar to that old hooded sweatshirt that’s been with you for quite a long time. You know the one. Its school logo has everything except completely blurred, it’s frayed in spots, and you don’t wear it outside or in open as a result of the undeniable meatball stains down its focal point. It’s something you toss on the grounds that it’s simple and feels like a subsequent skin, regardless of whether you realize that on the off chance that you appeared at the workplace wearing it, you’re going to be scorned and chuckled at. My office is clearly loaded with watch geeks, so the similarity separates here, yet I think you comprehend what I’m getting at.   

It took me some effort to warm up to the Komfit, an interaction that stays continuous. However much I love the manner in which it wears, and am getting comfortable with it tastefully, it has some useful difficulties that merit bringing up. I said up top that I view myself as an arm band fellow, and in huge part that’s on the grounds that a wristband has a convenience to it that is interesting to me. They’re simple on, simple off, and once you have them estimated (ordinarily when you buy the watch) they’re great to go for the term, especially on the off chance that you have a catch with miniature change capacities. The Komfit requires somewhat more work. I discover it to some degree interesting to mount and unmount, even with a decent spring bar device. Since the end pieces and spring bars both compress, you must be truly exact when fitting this to your watch. Generally baffling, be that as it may, is the fasten connection. Forstner appears to realize that this will be a test, and they’ve gave a helpful video instructional exercise and explainer on their site. The fasten appends to the clasp by sliding onto a flimsy tube shaped bar, and to be fruitful in connecting it you’ve had the opportunity to approach at the perfect point and apply the perfect measure of pressing factor. While it was decidedly chafing for my initial 15 minutes of proprietorship, I’m now at where it’s arrived at the level of a simple minor disturbance. A positive improvement, yet in the event that putting on the Komfit were an Olympic game, I’d never make it out of the passing stages. 

Regardless of a portion of my reservations, I’m happy to possess the Komfit. At $125, it’s situated at a similar value purpose of a great deal of decent ties, and I think numerous who get it will appreciate wearing it for a while and trading it out for calfskin, or something different, and afterward getting back to it down the line when the state of mind strikes. At the end of the day, for me this is definitely not a lasting wristband answer for my Speedmaster, yet I need to say that I see myself wearing it more every now and again later on than Omega’s arm band. Also, if you’re a miserable space program doofus like me, we know the bracelet’s blames truly don’t matter a ton. Additionally, when summer moves around, the lightweight idea of the thing will be extremely engaging. Furthermore, simply think, I’ve got this opportunity to work on putting it on among occasionally. Before long I’ll be a genius. Forstner