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Seiko Starts a Big Anniversary Year with a Tribute to a Much Admired King Seiko from their Past

Seiko Starts a Big Anniversary Year with a Tribute to a Much Admired King Seiko from their Past


Seiko is set to commence their 140th commemoration year in 2021 with another delivery that as of now has fanatics of the brand and vintage devotees humming. The Seiko 140th Anniversary Limited Edition Re-Creation of King Seiko KSK (the watch’s official moniker) is a delightful model Seiko’s interesting twist on mid-century watch plan, and the motivation is culled straight out of a significant piece of the brand’s history. This one makes certain to be famous with new and old fans the same, so let’s get directly into it. 

The narrative of King Seiko is genuinely notable at this point among lovers, however with this delivery Seiko is effectively telling this part of their company’s story to a lot more extensive crowd. On the off chance that you haven’t as of now read it, make certain to look at Christoph McNeill’s superb segment on the watch that filled in as the reason for this new restricted version, the King Seiko 44-9990. There you’ll discover photographs of a unique vintage model, and can clearly perceive how close the new form comes to the old (for certain key changes, that we’ll cover momentarily). 

You could put forth a defense that the King Seiko piece of Seiko’s long history was key in getting the brand to where they are today. The line has its foundations in 1959, when the line was dispatched to compete with the at that point new-to-showcase Grand Seiko. It was felt that competition would drive both product offerings (which were autonomously delivered) to improve, and that’s basically what occurred. All through the 1960s, Seiko made a portion of their generally inventive and finely completed watches under the King Seiko and Grand Seiko pennants. In the long run, Seiko covered the two lines, with Grand Seiko arising indeed quite a while later, and we as a whole know the remainder of the story. King Seiko, while never genuinely failed to remember among fans, doesn’t have a similar social store as Grand Seiko, and Seiko seldom references exemplary King Seiko references in their watches explicitly. 

That changes with the King Seiko KSK, which by all appearances is by all accounts a caring accolade for a watch (truly, a whole line of watches) that’s a genuine sleeper. As a somewhat more than easygoing Seiko fan, it’s extraordinary to see a focus on King Seiko, and the new watch is especially in the soul of the old. By that I just imply that it seems, by all accounts, to be incredibly all around made, utilizing the best creation strategies and materials as of now on proposal from Seiko, to make something exceptional that truly stands out. 

The most conspicuous plan highlight of the KSK is likely the profoundly rakish carries, which have been given a full zaratsu clean on this re-creation. Drags like these are a characterizing highlight of Grand and King Seiko, with wide and level slants that, when mirror cleaned, have an eye popping sway that is hard not to take a gander at. The dial highlights faceted markers, including a twofold marker at 12:00, and sharp faceted hands. At 38mm, this watch is just somewhat bigger than the first, which estimated about 36.6mm in measurement. It’s somewhat thicker than the hand wound 44-9990 also, at 11.4mm, however houses Seiko’s superior, 6L35 type. This development is generally new in Seiko’s setup, and has for the most part been seen in better quality Presage dress watches requesting a more slender profile. Its utilization here is by all accounts an endeavor to find some kind of harmony between coming as close as conceivable to the wearability of the first while as yet utilizing one of Seiko’s better present day programmed calibers. 

One bandy that some may have is the mix of a date window at 3:00 where the first was time as it were. I can see the purpose of any individual who might lean toward a dateless dial, however I think the compromise having the thin 6L35 development is great on the KSK, if truth be told you intend to wear it consistently (perhaps you’re not – this version is restricted to 3,000 pieces and may qualify as a “special events only” watch for certain authorities). Besides, the date wheel is coordinated to the dial and is not any more prominent than on some other Seiko dress watch, so while it’s absolutely a freedom that has been taken with the first, it’s barely a wrongdoing against watch plan, in any event in my estimation. 

The Seiko 140th Anniversary Limited Edition Re-Creation of King Seiko KSK (can we simply concur it’s the KSK for short?) goes at a bargain in January through Seiko retail channel. Retail cost is €3,400. Seiko