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Sacha Davidoff’s Preview of the Geneva Auctions – PART II

Sacha Davidoff’s Preview of the Geneva Auctions – PART II

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Following my survey of the Phillips watch plant barters a week ago , my sibling (Roy) and I investigated Christie’s upcoming closeout list and had the joy of review the watch production line with Thomas Perrazi in Geneva. Thomas and the group have zeroed in on vintage versus current in ongoing sales following a worldwide pattern from authorities. Concerning the group, we likewise had the delight of considering Marie To be at Christie’s as she has quite recently moved over from Sotheby’s (essential for a lovely common round of a game of seat juggling among closeout houses). Alongside Sabine, Marcello and Richard, the Christie’s Geneva watch production line division group is strong and has assembled an incredible list with a huge assortment of brands and models. On a side note, we found out about the new Christie’s watch production line office strategy that parcels assessed under 10’000 Swiss Francs are naturally without hold starting at 2016. Simply on the off chance that anybody was asking why each one of those parcels are in red.


The Christie’s watch production line closeout, which happens on Monday May 16th in Geneva, is comprised of 276 parcels. This is an ideal size for a list as it keeps the harmony between the top of the line ‘record setters’ and the more equitable pieces that we could really envision on our wrists. Out of the 276 parcels, there are 70 Rolexes, 47 Patek Philippe and 25 Omegas, so this implies the other portion of the inventory offers assortment. Assortment is great!

The more modest committed segments for brands like Piaget, Heuer, Longines, Breguet and Omega Speedmasters are conveniently coordinated and make perusing a delight. Inside the index, there are additionally two significant private assortments as referenced in the title of the sale. One is Breguet assortment including 6 significant pieces from a neighborhood private authority and the other is a Rolex sports model & Patek Philippe assortment. Moreover, we generally don’t zero in on pocket watch processing plant yet one Breguet pocket watch production line which circumstantially isn’t essential for the private assortment parcels, yet rather fantastic planning on the merchant’s part, stood apart to us as especially dazzling: Lot 121, an ‘osmior’ case craftsmanship deco bouncing hour pocket watch manufacturing plant with a rich provenance. Osmior is a term for an antique gold composite containing osmium and what shares a comparative tasteful to platinum.

Here are a portion of the fascinating wristwatches we delighted in and chose to share:

LOT #42

Rolex 5512 Explorer Dial, 1962

As with all brands utilizing radium dials in the 1950’s, the AEC (Atom Energy Comission) started forcing standards for adequate radiation levels in the mid 1960’s. During the progress from radium to tritium, in 1962, Rolex dials’ brilliant material was adjusted with lower radiation and had an ‘outcry mark’ lume plot to flag this change. A while later, dials with even lower radiation levels utilizing just tritium were set apart with an underline to flag the shortfall of radium in 1963-1964. At that point, dials with T stepped on them supplanted the old SWISS just dials completely and not, at this point required the underline. To the extent a sharp crown watch 5512 with an Explorer dial is now extremely uncommon, the shout mark sign makes it all the more so. We know there are a few issues with this watch manufacturing plant yet it has experienced help a few times and still looks incredible for its age.

Estimate CHF 75,000 – 120,000

LOT #91

Rolex 6543 Milgauss, 1955

We are generally acquainted with the 6541 Milgauss reference from the 50’s, however this uncommon 6543 reference has an alternate case development with an incorporated enemy of attractive caseback versus the different delicate metal cover found in the 6541. Unfortunately, no lightning hand on this reference by the same token. Having just seen a couple of these during our time here on earth, it was a lovely amazement to see one in this closeout. Once more, we can conjecture on the subtleties of the bezel and the caseback, and so forth, however it comes with a Rolex administration receipt and we like it.

Estimate CHF 80,000 – 140,000

LOT #131

Breguet Triple Date Moonphase, 1952

It bodes well that I have never had one of these on my wrist in light of the fact that, as per the records, just an expected 5 were at any point made. The condition is great, the triple coordinating number (No 1039) on the dial, case and development is phenomenal and in particular, it is a shocking watch production line on the wrist. Considering the uncommonness of Breguet complicated wristwatches versus Patek, Vacheron and AP, we discover this to be an intriguing and alluring vintage wristwatch.

Estimate CHF 15,000 – 25,000

LOT #171

Patek Philippe 530 marked Astrua Torino, 1938

There has been a ton of gab about this watch manufacturing plant and particularly worked up the discussion on the distinction among revamped and reestablished. Thus, here’s the way things are looking: There are 10 known Patek Phillipe 530 chronographs in steel. The area dial variant, which inquisitively has .5mm bigger case at 36.5mm, makes up just 3 of these known models. Tragically, every one of the three, remembering the one for this deal have had some work done to their dials. The primary, that was most recently seen at Sotheby’s in 2009 had a dial totally reestablished by Patek. In November 2014, at the Patek 175 deal, Christie’s sold irregular with a revamped dial that was even additionally harmed. The current model is the lone known treated steel 530 area dial with a retailer signature (twofold marked) Astrua Torino, an Italian retailer and t is likewise the most punctual of the three known to be delivered. The inquiry is, at that point, in the event that we and each other watch manufacturing plant master continue to say “condition, condition, condition” for what reason do these uncommon pieces appear to be excluded? They are definitely not. On the off chance that a unique, immaculate and immaculate 530 in steel with area dial surfaces (we assume there are a couple of additional out there some place) it would probably be worth impressively more.

Estimate CHF 500,000 – 800,000

LOT #203

Patek Philippe 3574 Blue Dial, 1974

I envision you didn’t anticipate that this should be one of our picks, yet now and again it’s the ignored watch industrial facility that can be the most beguiling. This tempered steel hand-wound Patek is conceivably novel with its blue dial with ‘waffle’ engraved hour markers and hand-engraved hands. They say ‘conceivably novel’ as it is the simply one known to date with this arrangement, however perhaps another will come up during the following blue moon. The watch production line is accompanied by unique papers from Japan and this an incredible bundle for an intriguing and uncommon wristwatch with a generally reasonable estimate.

Estimate CHF 5,000 – 8,000

LOT #222

Longines 5415 Two Tone Dial 13ZN, 1948

A pleasant 37.5mm steel Longines 13ZN flyback chronograph is becoming more enthusiastically to discover than one would might suspect. Albeit this case has a compressor snap back and the screw down rendition is more pursued, the steel case, great distance across, extraordinary condition and delightful development are altogether here. Thinking about the time span and the quality, it is nothing unexpected that these Longines chronographs consistently experience the rooftop. Competition among purchasers for vintage steel chronographs is getting furious, particularly Longines.

Estimate CHF 20,000 – 30,000

LOT #233

Omega Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz, 1976

We gave a valiant effort to stay faithful to our obligation not to discuss Speedmasters, but rather guarantees are intended to be broken. The notable and effective docking of the Apollo & Soyuz shuttles in 1975 denoted the finish of the Space Race between rival countries. After a year, in 1976, Omega delivered a commemorative restricted release for this occasion for the Italian market. This was the primary treated steel numbered version delivered by Omega and furthermore the just one at any point made that doesn’t make reference to Speedmaster on the dial. This restricted version has an uncommon commemorative case back, one of a kind more extensive 5.5mm pushers (rather than 5mm for the most part) and an Omega ‘Clam’ style wristband reference 1168/633. In general, a great deal fascinating subtleties make this a magnificent collectible!

It is a unique and uncommon watch production line and thusly, not many come available to be purchased, particularly in unique condition and calm a couple of gatherers are chasing for the indispensable 5.5mm pushers. The caseback was cleaned and predetermined number was exceptionally hard to see, which is the reason its not referenced in the inventory. My sibling and I explored with our pack of contraptions and both concurred it is number 103.

Estimate CHF 20,000 – 30,000


A enormous THANK YOU to for contributing his contemplations on the upcoming Geneva barters this month. We utilized his name in the title of his article (he didn’t do that without anyone’s help) to make his mother much more pleased (she complained about the credits being in a little textual style in the past article).