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Review: Zelos Mako 500m Bronze Diver

Review: Zelos Mako 500m Bronze Diver


Notwithstanding the different shows a plunge watch should cling to, the Zelos Mako figures out how to remain altogether eccentric. What’s more, it’s not simply the bronze case and bezel that separates the Mako; it’s the fine-grain details—some scarcely intelligible at arm’s length—which incorporate so well with the bronze, particularly once it tarnishes.

When I hauled the Mako out of the counter oxidation pocket it dispatches in, the watch shined like cleaned gold. It looked disconnected, packed, and exaggerated. The degree of detail was remarkable—from the winding engraved anthracite dial to the super fine section ring markings and the lume-filled marked crown—but the watch just didn’t adhere. I was additionally befuddled by the Mako’s specs. Why prepared a flickering 40-millimeter watch I’d consider wearing to a wedding for 500-meters of skull-pounding water profundity? Why max out the readability with green-colored C3 and BGW9 lume? Why make this extravagant thing so tough that it welcomes misuse? I just didn’t get it.

Then the Mako tarnished—really quick. Climbing around the colossal wonders about Storm King Sculpture Park in The Hudson Valley on an especially hot and moist day, I was soaked in perspiration for quite a long time. By 11 AM the bronze had dulled; by 2 PM I was seeing hints of green, dark, and charcoal dark; before the day’s over the  Mako’s CUSN8 amalgam had matured from Dressy Bronze into BADASS BRONZE.


Review: Zelos Mako 500m Bronze Diver

Case Bronze Movement Sellita SW200 Dial Anthracite Lume Textured with C3 and BGW9 lume Lens Sapphire, 2.5mm thick vintage style ‘Box’ precious stone Strap Tropic Rubber Strap Water Resistance 500 meters Dimensions 40 x 46mm Thickness 16mm Lug Width 20mm Crown Screw down bronze with lume-filled logo Warranty Yes Price $799

Now the anthracite dial looked Army green, its twisting etching appearing to reach past the gem onto the recently discolored bezel and mid-case. Flawless shades of charcoal dark showed up on the multi-faceted drags and pin clasp, consummately coordinating the dark elastic lash. The cleaned gold hands and pointers with that greenish lume jumped off the dial with uncommon neatness, and the faultless markings on the moment track and quarter-second part ring came into sharp core interest. Indeed, even the hearty specs appeared well and good: the Mako wasn’t simply tough; it was beseeching me to mishandle it, discolor it, and make it mine.

I’d heard so many promoting routines about the novel, individual patina of bronze watches that I’d sort of excused the wonder. I’d read that no two could at any point be the equivalent, and I’d seen Instagram photographs of insane looking turquoise Oris Divers Sixty-Fives and coal-shaded Tudor Black Bays. What I hadn’t experienced, nonetheless, was the individual association that arises pair with the patina. This was my patina, fashioned from my own body’s synthetic yield. Call me nostalgic, however that compound response was taking on full allegorical significance, each oxidized particle entwined with my body’s synthetics as well as with my brain’s as I produced enduring memories.

Watching the patina arise was undeniably more fulfilling than anticipated.

Oddly, however, one can clean all that mental helper patina off with straightforward family unit stuff like ketchup and vinegar. I’m not certain what to think about the reversibility of bronze patina. Do you tell your child they can begin once again when you hand it down? Do you clean it off on New Year’s Day as an image of your goals? Could an awful encounter rouse you to plunge it into vinegar and salt like some horological shaman playing out an expulsion? As far as I might be aware, you need to ensure a bronze watch when eating fries. I get that patina is about fleetingness, yet what to think about temporary patina?

Of course, discolored bronze isn’t the entire story of the Zelos Mako, as there’s much else to adore about it. Most importantly, bronze is substantial, and I love a hefty watch. At only 40 millimeters across with an unobtrusive haul range of just 46 millimeters, the Mako appreciates huge gravitational draw without hoarding a huge load of land. At 16 millimeters thick to the highest point of the domed box sapphire gem, the Mako stands up tall, yet extents are superb. Thought about exclusively regarding its size, the Mako breezily rides the line between a dressy jumper and a device watch.

The Mako’s date window assists with getting its balance on the dressy side, and however I will in general lean toward my dials without date, I think the Mako profits by it. Here’s my thinking: the date recommends that this watch isn’t only a plunging device, yet a watch to be worn for any event where the date may be helpful—maybe at the workplace, while voyaging, at an occasion, or simply during every day wear. The Mako’s date opening is an attractive trapezoid that sits at six o’clock, discreetly adding a dash of refinement.

The Mako’s development is a Sellita SW200, a unit found in numerous exceptionally respected watches. With 26 gems, 38 hours of force save, and a pace of 28,000 bph, the Sellita SW200 is an inexorably mainstream substitute for the ETA-2824 .

The Mako’s bezel clicks multiple times around the dial, and I can’t recognize any play or arrangement issues. The activity is not difficult to hold and go because of the bezel’s coin edge, however obstruction is all that anyone could need to be completely reliable while plunging. ( I once really utilized a mechanical watch to escape a dilemma while SCUBA jumping, so I earnestly care about this. )

Zelos naming this watch after the Mako shark appears to be great. Like the shark, the watch is little, prepared for the most tiresome of submerged anxieties, and is remarkably delightful. At the point when delivered in steel with blue dial and bezel embed, the Mako watch assumes the brilliant look of the Mako shark. That shark-skin sheen endures on the bronze models somewhat, also. There are number of compelling colorways to picked from—so compelling that they will in general sell out.

The case back is steel, liked here on the grounds that bronze can stain your skin. It sports a cleaned Mako shark in alleviation against dot shot steel with humble etching, including singular chronic numbers. This is one of the better looking case backs I’ve as of late come across.

The crown is somewhat on the little side. It looks incredible, however it’s somewhat finicky to tighten and out. On the potential gain, when the crown is gotten inside its bended gatekeeper, it would take something I can’t even consider to unintentionally unscrew or harm it. Strings are rich smooth, and the crown’s mark is loaded up with lume for an unexpected—and I assume useful—pop in the dark.

My just other protest is that both the red recycled tip and the red water obstruction text are indecipherable against the anthracite dial. However much a little red content on a jump watch can make me faint, I’d most likely have favored something more decipherable on this particular dial.

The Mako ships in a wooden box with a watch roll, a lash evolving apparatus, both an elastic tie and an earthy colored calfskin one, and, in conclusion, a punctured metal guarantee card. This bundling is not kidding pack, and I’d recommend the Mako as a present for pretty much anybody, jumper or otherwise.

I’m glad to see Zelos investigating the subtler side of bronze with the Mako. For a really long time it appeared to be bronze watches were steam-punky behemoths noticing back to the jumping caps (or copper caps) of days gone by. Presently, alongside brands like Oris, Montblanc, and Zenith, Zelos is making me reconsider this quick discoloring combination as a component of a more extensive and suffering plan jargon. I envision any individual who has appreciated watching bronze build up its patina direct would probably concur. Zelos