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Review: Visitor Watch Co. Duneshore Shallows

Review: Visitor Watch Co. Duneshore Shallows


Visitor Watch Co. is a brand that is unafraid to simply act naturally, absolutely proudly. Acquiring components from calligraphy and pen configuration, just as, with the new Duneshore Shallows, components of imagination, sci-fi, and hefty metal, the brand genuinely satisfies their “Offbeat Timekeepers” marking. It’s uncommon to come across a watch that is so unmistakably planned by somebody with a great deal of different interests. As a watch aficionado who himself has numerous different interests well external the domain of watches, it’s satisfying to see somebody joining the entirety of the other “stuff” that they’re into in a watch. A Visitor watch is, nearly by definition, not going to be for everybody, except if the appeal deals with you, it’ll truly work on you. 

I should bring up, I truly have no clue precisely what the particular plan motivations are behind the Duneshore Shallows, other than the calligraphy point, which is all around recorded and something we’ll get to. In any case, I sort of like that this watch welcomes the wearer to carry their own understanding to it. Despite the fact that expounding on watches and giving them a ton of thought is our main event here at Worn & Wound, it strikes me that we don’t frequently consider watches in this interpretive manner – you’d never get some information about the creative articulation of a Tudor Pelagos, for instance. In any case, there’s a particularity and a hidden secret to the Duneshore Shallows that welcomes this sort of reasoning. It’s an actual article that appears to be not entirely clear similarly as a Charlie Kaufman film, or a King Crimson record, or Moby Dick

And look, I’m not saying this watch conveys with it the significance of one of the best and generally complex of American books, however in the event that you’ve read Moby Dick , and invest a decent piece of energy wearing this watch, I oppose you not to envision yourself as some sort of current Captain Ahab on a deranged, mythic mission. It doesn’t hurt that the fall of 2020, whenever I got an opportunity to invest some energy with the Duneshore Shallows, is perhaps the most unusual time of American life any of us have experienced, and has me in a particularly thoughtful temperament. The way that the name of this watch could serve as a Game of Thrones scene title is likewise presumably playing a role. 

So, with that, let’s get into the Duneshore Shallows in somewhat more profundity, starting with its most clear separating highlight, an amazingly abnormal and mathematically complex case. 


Review: Visitor Watch Co. Duneshore Shallows

Case Stainless Steel Movement Miyota 9039 Dial “Sharkside” Gray Lume Yes, hands and hour/minute markers Lens Sapphire Strap Stainless steel arm band, elastic Water Resistance 200 meters Dimensions 44 x 51mm Thickness 15.6mm Lug Width 22mm Crown Screw down Warranty Yes Price $775


As we generally do in these surveys, I’m going to give you a few estimations that portray the components of the instance of the Duneshore Shallows. In any case, that’s not actually going to give you a decent impression of this case’s development, or even how it wears. That will be more troublesome, and I’d oblige perusers to contemplate the photos contained here cautiously, and to search one of these out to take a stab at and find face to face on the off chance that you can, in light of the fact that it’s hard to contextualize it with different watches. However, here at Worn & Wound, we go ahead, and endeavor to do the troublesome things, so I’ll do my level best to give you the most precise impression of this case as possible. 

regarding size, it’s large in an exceptionally evident way. The Duneshore Shallows estimates 42mm across, from the 9:00 side to the 3:00 side, barring the crown, and 44mm from 12:00 to 6:00. As those measurements would recommend, the case can’t truly be portrayed as roundabout – it certainly has a made right appearance, but since of the complex development and blending of cruel points with milder lines, it holds a practically natural, common inclination. Of specific note is the bended section cut on each side of the dial, which advances into the emotional, jewel molded features of the case band. The region between these features and the turning jump bezel is given a high clean, which gives the most sensational completing impact on a watch you can undoubtedly portray as essentially brushed.

At 15.6mm thick, you wouldn’t portray the Duneshore Shallows as slim in any capacity, yet there are some flawless plan stunts to cause it to feel more slender than the numbers would propose. My #1 stunt, and in fact my single most loved plan component of this watch, is the dainty band of tempered steel that runs at the edges of the case, associating those precious stone like areas at every quadrant. This piece of the mid-case appears to expand outward from an enormous slanting angle, giving you the figment that the watch is dispersing at what ought to be its chunkiest point. It’s something contrary to the feared “slab sided” impact that makes such countless watches have all the earmarks of being thick clunkers when seen from the side. Here we have a watch that is, regarding its estimations and haul, a genuine thick clunker, yet it seems and looks like something undeniably more streamlined and stylishly interesting. 

Also worth referencing, as long as we’re discussing things that cause the watch to seem more slender, is the situation back. I won’t be bashful about it: this watch has an etching of a legendary ocean animal on its rear. It’s an ocean lion (the head and mane of a lion, the body of an ocean vertebrate), and it’s incredibly inventive, fun, and all the things that are absent from undeniably more genuine watches at ordinarily the value, Omega’s hippocampus excluded. 

But no, the watch doesn’t seem more slender just on the grounds that there’s an ocean beast or some likeness thereof engraved working on this issue back. The case back itself is really bended toward the dial side, which distinguishably affects the wearing experience, and permits the watch to sit low on the wrist without being unduly propped up by a thick piece of steel. The complete thickness of the watch at the most slender point, close to its middle, is about 13mm, so it gains generally 2.5mm as you move to the outside of the case.

We should note here that regardless of this unordinary case back, the Duneshore Shallows keeps a water obstruction rating of 200 meters. This is 100 meters more water safe than Visitor’s past Duneshore watch, yet comes up shy of what many consider to be another norm of 300 meters.

Let me be the first to say, on the off chance that it even should be said: it totally doesn’t make any difference that this watch is “only” 200 meters water safe. On the off chance that that additional 100 meters was the compromise for this wild caseback, Visitor settled on the correct decision, and I’d advise them to do it again, and again, at whatever point they come facing a choice to over specialist something for a reason that basically none of their customers will at any point experience, or accomplish something truly innovative. We have enough watches out there that are either genuine expert instruments or market themselves as such to speak to typical individuals like me, and presumably you. I’m calmed and invigorated to experience a jump watch that isn’t attempting to be an apparatus, and accepts a tone that’s more easygoing, even eccentric. The ocean animal looking into it back is unadulterated gravy. 


The Duneshore Shallows is accessible in four dial variations: “Seal Teal,” “Tangerine Fission,” “Iron Jade,” and “Sharkside.” My survey unit is the “Sharkside” variation, which is a level dark shading that is persistently unbiased and elusive significant flaw with. In photos, the entirety of the dial tones seem, by all accounts, to be professional and have various charms about them. Dark is an extreme dial tone to pull off, yet here I think Visitor has for the most part gotten the tone right. My lone potential bandy is that the green lume material, which helps me dubiously to remember pea soup, doesn’t give the most satisfying differentiation. I’d have favored a distinct white here, yet it’s not a hostile plan choice as I would see it, simply not completely to my taste. 

Here’s where we begin to see some of Visitor’s notable plan motivation come to fulfillment, as the hands have been specially crafted to impersonate the nib of a wellspring pen. Presently, I’m not a wellspring pen master using any and all means, but rather what this implies in a useful manner is that each hand has a minuscule round “ball” limb at its tip, which has been lumed independently. Stylishly, I truly like this – it’s a detail for having a detail, and there’s nothing amiss with that. It gives the hands a good old resplendent feel that’s engaging too, particularly as a differentiation to the fairly more brutish kind of the case. This is a territory where Visitor’s impacts blend in a fun and energizing manner to make a look that’s some way or another still durable. There’s an intense steampunk reasonableness here, blending the conventional, with the cutting edge, with the fanciful.  

A component of the dial that’s a piece undersold is the way that it’s really a sandwich development, with lume material sitting under the surface and unthinkably little openings at every moment allowing it to radiate through. This is done in a particularly inconspicuous manner that you’d be excused for not seeing on a first or second pass, yet alongside the thick applied hour markers, it adds barely sufficient profundity to a generally level dial. A crosshair design in a slight dark layout isolates the dial into quadrants, and the “Visitor” signature, the solitary content present on the dial, sits between the 2:00 and 3:00 hour markers.

Straps and Wearability

The Duneshore Shallows is accessible in a couple of various designs. The most ideal alternative, as I would like to think, is the wristband, which is somewhat of a combination of cross section and a dots of-rice style. It utilizes straight end joins for simple lash exchanging, and is entirely comfortable on the wrist, yet the explanation this wristband wins the day is really the completely crazy, specially crafted clasp. 

This is a double trigger, butterfly catch with an enormous portrayal of the Visitor logo. The catch has an emblem like shape that imitates the framework of the actual watch, and it’s huge and really very much machined. I estimated it about 34mm in measurement. Perusers, I have vintage watches in my assortment that are not essentially bigger than this catch. It’s actually a piece of gems unto itself, and it loans the entire bundle something of an elaborate quality. Once more, this is probably as far eliminated from an apparatus watch as you’re prone to get in a worth situated jumper, and a sign that Visitor left nothing on the table in standing of meeting their imaginative vision for this piece. 

My survey unit showed up with two extra elastic lashes that I discovered to be very comfortable. They are long – I figure they may be measured for the ocean animal working on this issue back. Be that as it may, they’re delicate and flexible, and the dark tie specifically is quite adaptable and a pleasant counterpart for the dim dial. I’m to a lesser extent a fanatic of white elastic ties nowadays, however I could see it being a pleasant look on the sea shore or during other late spring exercises. Neither compares to the arm band, nonetheless, regarding truly setting the watch apart. 

as a rule, I will in general avoid huge watches this way. For a lot of reasons, I lean toward more modest, lighter watches on an everyday premise, except comfort wins out in the end as a general rule. To the extent wearability goes, this watch is undeniably more comfortable than you’d likely presume given its estimations and extreme math. A central purpose behind this, other than the bended caseback that we’ve effectively tended to, is the carry plan. Here by and by is the wellspring pen impact, as the hauls have a nib-like appearance that coordinates the tips of the hands. However, there’s a practical advantage here just as a stylish one. These carries just don’t occupy a lot of room, and their size doesn’t add any weight to the watch. As it were, it’s an insignificant method to execute hauls – they exist exclusively to keep a lash or wristband joined to the watch while taking up as minimal land as possible. 

The Visitor Calligraph that Ed Jelley expounded on as of late has carries of a comparable plan, and it’s worth seeing how they have a completely unique effect on the greater, sportier, Duneshore Shallows. The Calligraph, at 39mm, is clearly significantly more modest, however it’s likewise more ordinary as a watch, so the hauls feel enriching, at any rate to my eye. The extent of drag to case is so extraordinary on the Duneshore that it has practically the contrary impact. On the Duneshore Shallows, the drags constrain you to zero in working on it, effectively outlining it and attracting your eye to its unmistakable angles. I’d contend that on the Calligraph, it’s the actual hauls that are the point of convergence of the design. 


The Duneshore Shallows is fueled by the Miyota 9039, a dateless programmed type that is essential for Miyota’s upper level of 9000 arrangement developments. It’s an entirely worthy development decision, and keeping in mind that it’s not liable to win any exactness challenges, it shouldn’t give clients a very remarkable issue either regarding unwavering quality. For a brand like Visitor, it’s savvy to make interests in plan, rather than the development. While I don’t figure anybody would contend that a Sellita or ETA development may be actually better than the Miyota discovered here, deciding to go Swiss may bring about compromises waiting be made to the eventual outcome. For instance, I’d much rather have a Duneshore Shallows with that crazy fasten and a Miyota development, than a similar watch on more nonexclusive, off the rack catch, fueled by a Sellita or the like. The development utilized in watches made by a free brand addresses a huge choice point with respect to that brand, and I think Visitor has settled on the correct decision here, as it permits the Duneshore Shallows to come in at under $1,000 with some very particular plan includes that will please aficionados of the brand, and ideally make some new ones as well. 


I’m a huge fanatic of this watch. It’s outwardly fascinating, thoroughly examined, and enjoyable to wear. Something other than the watch, however, I’m a fanatic of what Visitor does as a brand. The wellspring pen stuff is surely a decent association for people who quickly get the references, yet past that there’s simply a huge load of inventive plan work being done here that’s elusive at any value point in the current watch scene. The Duneshore Shallows feels like something from another measurement, or part of an outfit. It includes a wild imaginative streak inside it when such countless watches are retreads of the past. 

You’ve heard me say that before – I say it a great deal . So it’s likely not an unexpected that this watch addressed me. In any case, I was astonished by the inventiveness behind it, and the brand’s strong and audacious methodology. At $775, the incentive here is completely subject to your resistances for the peculiar. In the event that you don’t only endure it, however indeed embrace it, I think you’re prone to appreciate the Duneshore Shallows a considerable amount. Visitor Watch Co.