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Review: Seiko SZSB006 TicTAC 35th Anniversary Watch

Review: Seiko SZSB006 TicTAC 35th Anniversary Watch

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You at any point see a watch and realize you must have it? That was me with the Seiko SZSB006 — a restricted version among Seiko and their Japanese retailer, TiCTAC. A vintage-motivated field watch (the SZSB006) and a dressier model (SZSB007) make up the commemorative assortment. I needed to get my hands on the steel dark dial/wristband form, and after a ton of karma, and a trade of unfamiliar money, one was on its way over direct from Japan. The watch mixes various investigates one durable bundle. Case math and configuration acquire from the SARB line, while the Alpinist’s house of prayer style hands show up. There likewise some really hefty Railmaster and Rolex 1016 vibes there, without being excessively spot on. Starting impressions from the watch-adoring public have been blended. Some cry “fauxtina”, while others question the estimation of the watch. Let’s dive in and check whether any of these cases remain constant following half a month on the wrist.


Review: Seiko SZSB006 TicTAC 35th Anniversary Watch

Case Stainless Steel Movement Seiko 4R35 Automatic Dial Matte Black Lume Vintage-style Lens Domed Mineral Strap Steel Bracelet Water Resistance 10 bar Dimensions 40 x 48mm Thickness 11mm Lug Width 20mm Crown Push-pull Warranty Japan just Price $480


The 40mm tempered steel case on the SZSB006 is in accordance with Seiko’s case plan on the SARB line. You’ll discover a blend of brushed and cleaned surfaces, both cooperating to feature various pieces of the case. Starting from the top, the cleaned bezel truly pops, on account of the brushed drags on one or the other side. I’m used to the degree of completing on my Seiko SKX, which is fundamental and “tool-like”, so its fascinating to notice the raised strategy seen on the SZSB. We’re not even close to Grand Seiko levels, however little subtleties like the thin cleaned chamfer within each haul that cuts into the line of the actual drag do bounce out.

The extents of the case are equitably split between the bezel and gem, mid case, and case back. When looking from the side, each segment adjusts the following. Nobody area is excessively wide, and that means a thin wearing watch that’s comfortable on the wrist throughout the day. Since the case back sits beneath the mid case, it settles itself into your the highest point of your wrist. The bending mid case sits flush with the highest point of your wrist, while the domed gem sitting on the calculated bezel brings about a generally speaking smooth appearance.

Domed mineral precious stone is certainly not a material I’ve come across previously, and it has a particularly intriguing look. There’s no twisting starting from the top or even slight points, however as you roll your wrist and look from the side, the dial vanishes into reflection. You can see the arch of the glass and as opposed to being super clear like sapphire or acrylic, you can see that there’s some profundity to the actual material. It’s practically like glancing through a monstrous amplifying glass. Shockingly, the impact isn’t diverting by any stretch of the imagination, and adds some energy to the piece.

On the side of the case, you’ll see a plain, unsigned crown that’s ensured by two unobtrusive crown watches in the 3 o’clock position. The look is a great deal like the case on the Alpinist, however without the additional compass crown at 4 o’clock. Another champion element working on this issue is the bored carries. They make changing lashes a speedy and simple errand, regardless of whether the nearest apparatus nearby is a twisted paperclip.

If my couple of weeks with the watch, it’s invested a great deal of energy in my wrist. Essentially the entirety of the time since it’s appeared, really. It wears truly well on my 6.75” wrist. Since the bezel is on the chunkier side, it wears somewhat little all things considered. When comparing it to my 40mm Sinn 856, the dial looks a lot more modest and the smooth case configuration wears a touch more modest, notwithstanding the two having comparative dimensions.

Dial + Hands

If there was one thing about the watch that made me scour the globe to attempt to discover one, it’s the dial and hands combination. The SZSB highlights a matte dark dial that looks somewhat desaturated. In some lighting conditions, it might peruse as an exceptionally dull dim. There are two Arabic lists at the 12 and 6 o’clock position, a date wheel at three, and printed rectangular plots of matured lume for the remainder of great importance markers. I truly like the vintage-propelled type utilized on the dial at 12 and 6, particularly the “open 6”.

In between the markers, you’ll discover razor-flimsy lines for every moment, and more limited lines scattered in the middle. The print quality on the dial is incredible — each hash mark is uniform and fresh, adding to a spotless appearance generally. Simply under the 12 o’clock marker, you’ll locate an applied Seiko logo, delivered in silver offset by the words “Automatic”, “23 Jewels”, and “10 BAR” spread across three lines situated over the 6. The dial has a lot of space to breathe, generally on the left and right half of the dial. It leaves a lot of space for the church style hands.

To me, the house of prayer hands are an ideal decision for this watch. They’re huge, readable, and have an intriguing plan that stands apart on a generally forgettable dial. House of prayer hands were utilized basically on military and pocket watches. They loan a vintage look to the watch and look incredible with the vintage hued lume.

“Aged” lume can be a tremendous purpose of contention. I don’t think Seiko is attempting to double cross us here. As far as I might be concerned, if the remainder of the watch doesn’t highlight reproduced patina and wear, the shade of lume is another shading decision to work with. On the off chance that the SZSB had white lume, I don’t figure it would have the very warmth and beguile that it does with the velvety light orange lume that’s been utilized. In dull conditions, it shines a splendid shade of blue-green and looks fantastic.


Inside the SZSB006, there’s a Seiko 4R35 keeping time. The 4R35 is a trade for Seiko’s long-standing 7S26 developments, and highlights a couple of remarkable overhauls. Generally important to day by day utilize is the expansion of hand winding and hacking seconds capacities to allow you precisely to set the watch. This refreshed development consequently winds and will remain ticking for as long as 40 hours on a solitary full wind. Precision is evaluated at +45/ – 35 seconds out of each day, which isn’t going to break any observatory chronometer records, however ought to be fine for easygoing regular use. There’s additionally a fast set date include with the window situated at three. While the white date wheel doesn’t go all that well with the topic of the watch, you can’t contend with its serious level of legibility.

Strap + Wearability

Evaluating the wristband that comes on the SZSB006 is an interesting undertaking. I love the way it looks, yet detest how it feels. Let’s start with what it looks like. The wristband is a brushed three-connect shellfish style arm band that includes a delicate shape from haul to fasten. The brushing is medium grained — enough surface to play with the light, while not trying too hard so there’s still a sparkle. On the underside, a little catch keeps the wristband got. There’s no security lock or flip-down catch, simply a catch on one or the other side to pop it open.

The wristband gives the watch a vintage look and feel, complementing the dial and case configuration at all times. The lone issue is the means by which it feels. There’s no pleasant method to say it, the arm band feels modest and crummy. On a watch of this value, I’ve come to expect strong end joins, not the wobbly collapsed ones here. Generally speaking, the wristband has an empty and jangly feel, and not in the way that a vintage Rolex feels. Measuring the arm band is easy…actually excessively simple. The pins essentially fly out the subsequent you even consider adding a connection, which makes me stress over the watch flying off. It’s appalling that the wristband looks so great, since it doesn’t feel the part.

Luckily, the SZSB006 is totally open to practically any lash you need to put on it. I’ve ended up appreciating it on a characteristic veg tan calfskin lash from One Star Leather Goods and an assortment of nylon ties (inclination towards olive and dim blue). Regardless of issues with the arm band, I actually like the manner in which it looks on there and that’s what it’s been on the vast majority of the time.


Throughout the review, it might appear as though I’m being a piece nit-exacting. Certainly, the development could be better, a sapphire gem wouldn’t have harmed, and some DiaShield covering would have been incredible. I can in any case say that the SZSB006 is as yet a truly strong watch. It’s great that a watch with this spec sheet can make me go after it over other undeniably more important watches in my assortment. Maybe it’s some confirmation that specs aren’t everything.

For a hair more than $500 subsequent to transportation, barely any watches have a similar vibe as this restricted version from Seiko. From an absolutely target point, indeed, the SZSB could have some better parts at the cost. Yet, emotionally? I continue going after and getting a charge out of it for quite a while, and to me, that’s what makes a difference the most. Possibly we’re ruined by Seiko’s development and completing in their sub-$500 contributions since when compared to different models in the arrangement, the cost of this one feels somewhat off. In any case, I’m glad to pay for the “limited edition” charge for a watch, simply because I’ve been appreciating it to such an extent. TiCTAC