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Review: MK II Gen. 3 Paradive

Review: MK II Gen. 3 Paradive


The MK II Paradive gives proper respect to a darling military jump watch, the Benrus Type 1 (there’s additionally a Type 2 with an alternate dial arrangement, yet that’s not one of the choices here). These watches, delivered in the ‘70s for the American military under spec MIL-W-50717, are unadulterated mil-watch goodness, however today they’re moderately uncommon available, and significantly less are accessible in the condition you’d need them to be in. I won’t dive excessively deep into the historical backdrop of these watches today, however for the individuals who are intrigued I would recommend looking at our groundwork here .

The Paradive, presently in its third era, is essential for MK II’s prepared to-wear arrangement ( the Hawkinge was the principal watch in this line, and you can peruse our survey of it here ). All prepared to-wear watches are fabricated in Japan to spec, with last QC (and even some gathering, however more on that later) performed by Mr. Bill Yao (MK II’s owner) in his Pennsylvania workshop.

Now, I’ve proclaimed my worship for MK II before, and I’m for the most part unbothered by tribute watches (I’m by and by of the conviction that you should purchase and wear whatever satisfies you, and in the event that that’s a respect watch, good luck with that). It becomes even less of an issue when a watch depends on a long-out-of-creation military watch. In the event that that’s dangerous for you, the Paradive likely isn’t the watch for you. However, in the event that you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the Paradive for what it is, and that is a powerfully spec’d plunge watch with a spotless plan and strong assembling at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Excuse the play on words, yet let’s make a plunge. $895

Review: MK II Gen. 3 Paradive

Case Stainless steel (different bezel alternatives) Movement Seiko NE15 Dial Black matte Lume BGW9 Super-LumiNova Lens Double-domed sapphire (inner AR) Strap Nylon; elastic Water Resistance 200m Dimensions 44.5 x 49.5mm Thickness 15.54mm Lug Width 20mm Crown Screw-down Warranty Yes Price $895


The instance of the Paradive estimates 44.5 millimeters wide, with a bezel breadth of 41.25 millimeters, a thickness of 15.54 millimeters, and a carry to-drag length of 49.5 millimeters. This is a watch with some presence, however it’s not larger than usual, much in the manner in which the Seiko Turtle isn’t in spite of its bigger measurements. Since the case is unbalanced, the numbers are somewhat deceptive. I’d say that the watch wears more like its bezel measurement than its genuine case width. The equilibrium here feels just right.

Solid, sharp machining looking into it here. Incredible harmony between the mid-case, case-back, and bezel.

The Paradive includes some pragmatic overhauls from the watch that roused it. The 120-click bezel is unidirectional, supplanting the bi-directional activity of the first. There are several truly cool supplement choices accessible, yet I’ll get to that somewhat later. The domed acrylic is moved up to a twofold domed, AR-covered sapphire gem, a concession (okay, it’s not actually a concession, but rather it’s difficult to deny the charms of domed acrylic) I can live with as the precious stone here has an extraordinary vault. Furthermore, in contrast to the first, which included a monocoque case, the Paradive has a flawlessly planned screw on the off chance that back (truly, it’s a masterclass in using negative space). It’s another change that, taking everything into account, bodes well for a contemporary watch. The case is globule impacted for a spotless, repressed look in accordance with the first, and that’s something that is conveyed all through the total of the watch. It’s a plunge watch stripped down to its basics, which is actually what a military-planned watch ought to be.

The case is evaluated to 20 ATMs, or 200 meters, and is confirmed by ISO 6425.

The bezel embed choices are as per the following: anodized aluminum 12-hour GMT, anodized aluminum, and acrylic 12-hour GMT. I’ve had the joy of looking at both the aluminum and acrylic varieties, and both are pleasant, however the effect is clearly very unique. Since it’s matte, the aluminum choice is a touch more repressed, yet the acrylic is far more genuine to the first watch, which had shaped despondencies in the back of the supplement that gave the numerals a wild, right around three-dimensional look.

A comparable thought is accomplished here through formed lume under the acrylic, which looks cool, yet it additionally brings about some executioner low-light lume activity. What’s more, regardless of it being a legacy detail, the acrylic precious stone gives the watch a truly novel and contemporary vibe, and it’s my inclination of the three alternatives accessible (also, who doesn’t love the additional utility of following an extra time region?).

The activity on the bezel is extremely pleasant. There is an extremely fulfilling click at each position, and given Mr. Yao’s commitment to super-close resistances, it comes as nothing unexpected that everything lines up perfectly. All things considered, it’s important that Mr. Yao applies the additions himself in his studio to guarantee just that.

The hauls on the Paradive are bored, shunning the fixed bars of the first (however there were some prior ones that had standard spring bars, as well). The openings are generally restricted and the carries are very profound, so you need a slender and long poker tip to use the penetrated hauls. I’ve had accomplishment with a self clasping pin, however in the event that you’re going to do it you ought to be mindful so as not to prick yourself.

There is presently a creation of 200 units intended to take one Seiko’s unbelievable, 2.5-millimeter “fat” spring bars.

Dial and Hands

The dial is as clear as possible be—one of the signs of exemplary military plan. There are hash marks for consistently; lumed plots for consistently (topsy turvy triangle at 12; square shapes at three, six, and nine; and circles for any remaining positions); and a date at 4:30 should you need it (my inclination is no date, however its execution here is moderately unpretentious). There’s some secrecy marking directly beneath the six o’clock marker, yet that’s practically it—just as it ought to be. The hands are stepping stool style, and liberally loaded up with lume.

Classic military dial plan. Note the unobtrusive date window, a choice should you need it. The Super-LumiNova BGW9 is equally applied and it gleams like a light. Here, you can see the lumed acrylic bezel.

The straightforward utility of the dial is maybe what I love most about this watch. It has all you require, all the subtleties are expertly executed, and the put-togetherness is perfect. As I composed over, the plan credit goes to the military spec that created the first, however the transformation could have, in the possession of another creator, been less fair. It might have taken on some incidental content or egregious marking. Not here. Here, you get reverence.


The development inside the watch is Seiko’s programmed NE15 type. It’s a common workhorse development used by numerous miniature brands, and it includes a brisk set date, hack setting, and manual winding. It is coordinated and acclimated to three positions, and the examples looked into here ran inside a few seconds a day.

Straps and Wearability

As far as lashes go, the pack incorporates either a marked elastic tie or a dark nylon mil-tie. For my cash, I’d get the elastic (for an extra $25) and afterward get some secondary selling nylon groups, which are an ideal matching for this style of watch. I’ve essentially been wearing them on our ADPT lashes since we’ve gotten these in for audit (the watches look amazing on Sage, as you can see from the above photograph). All things considered, the elastic is pleasant, as well. It’s flimsy and has an exquisite shape, so it sits near the wrist in much a similar an all around worn calfskin two-piece would.

I’ve been wearing this watch a great deal since getting it in for survey. It’s simply such a delight to wear, and despite the fact that it’s a big(ger) watch than a large portion of the ones I for one claim and for the most part really like to wear, it some way or another figures out how to be unnoticeable. It’s likely on the grounds that it’s a no nonsense device watch that doesn’t truly cause to notice itself. It’s why I’ve consistently cherished device watches, and this is no exception.


All in all, the Gen. 3  Paradive from MK II’s prepared to-wear arrangement is a victor, and it’s an incredible development to the generally fruitful Hawkinge range. At retail, the Paradive is very reasonable at $895. I’ve since a long time ago contended that a watch is definitely more than the development inside it, and that’s absolutely the case here (however I won’t laugh at the NE15, a completely solid and strong type from quite possibly the most believed watch brands on the planet). Along these lines, on the off chance that you love the watch and the watch it gives proper respect to, and in the event that you need something that you can comfortably wear around and even beat up, at that point the Paradive is unquestionably worth your consideration. MK II

Shot on the Canon EOS 6D Mark II : Canon L Series 100mm Macro Lens ; Zoom H5 Recorder ; Shure SM93 Lav Mic . Please note these are connections to our subsidiary partners.