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Review: Hanhart Pioneer One Limited Edition

Review: Hanhart Pioneer One Limited Edition


Some time in the past, in a village called Gütenbach in the Black Forest of Germany, ranchers used to spend the severe virus cold weather months building checks in their houses. This was working two jobs in the outrageous. Today Gütenbach is home to only 1,170 people and only one watch company, Hanhart. Practically cliché of German designing, Hanhart has consistently set exactness, legibility, and usefulness as the highest priorities for their watches, procuring them loads of cred among stalwart apparatus watch devotees and collectors.

Some may definitely know the legend of Hanhart’s signature red pusher chronographs. As the tale goes, the passionate admirer of a pilot painted it red with her nail clean to help him to remember her while he turned and spun his plane in jaw-clenching canine battles. The fact of the matter is a little less energizing: evidently the pusher is red so that pilots wouldn’t inadvertently zero out the watch during a bombarding mission. Regardless of whether you lean toward certainty or fiction, there’s a decent story to go with your red pusher Hanhart.

But what to think about a Hanhart with no red pushers, or no pushers by any means? That’s exactly what the people at WatchBuys persuaded Hanhart to discover with the three-gave Pioneer One Limited Edition, a series of only 150 units available through WatchBuys.


Review: Hanhart Pioneer One Limited Edition

Case Stainless steel (dab impacted) Movement Sellita sw200 Dial Black Lume Super-LumiNova Lens Sapphire Strap Brown distressed leather with bolts Water Resistance 100 meters Dimensions 42mm x 49.5mm Thickness 12mm Lug Width 22mm Crown Push/pull Warranty Yes Price $1170

The Pioneer One takes its motivation from the 1950s Hanhart Flyback Chronograph 417. Steve McQueen possessed one and wore it in barely enough photograph shoots to make today’s watch-geeks completely go ballistic. While other Pioneer series watches incorporate subtleties found on the 417, the Pioneer One acquires most generously from it—which is amusing given that the Pioneer One will be one of the couple of non-chronographs in the Pioneer series.

Among the new whirlwind of sub-40-millimeter apparatus watches, the Pioneer One is not tiny at 42-millimeters, however for a pilot watch it’s still on the smaller side. It is only 12-millimeters thick with a generally short 49.5-millimeter drag to-carry length. Given the smooth drag angle, the Pioneer One will fit typically for the individuals who realize how those measurements work for them. Since the bezel is articulated and very wide, the dial doesn’t present as excessively huge.

The fluted bezel rotates in the two ways with smooth grating activity and the bountiful grasp makes it a snap to turn. This bezel design initially accommodated leather pilot’s gloves, so it must be not difficult to snatch and turn. That presentation request may likewise clarify the tremendous knurled crown. While it very well might be verifiably precise, it is only a little too enormous in this unique circumstance. Indeed, even the 417’s crown broadened generally half to the extent the Pioneer One’s. So, the crown does sing in close congruity with the bezel, and their common fluting ties the watch together. The Limited Edition we have in for survey includes no date, a dab impacted case, and a couple of dial changes. The two non-restricted adaptations incorporate a date window, a brushed case, and come in either a dark or white dial version.

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Starting with the overall issue forms, both are very alluring and profoundly legible, however to my eye the white one successes for a couple of reasons. The sharp dark outlines of the numerals add a sharpness lacking on the dark form, and the date window gets a similar blueprint, subsequently better coordinating into the dial. Additionally one of a kind to the white dial are the red moment track numerals, what get on the red pip on the bezel and the red tip on the seconds hand. The brilliant white Super-LumiNova that fills the numerals and hands matches the unadulterated white dial, permitting the dark markings to pop.

The dark general issue Pioneer One does not have the crispness of the white one. I characteristic that distinction to the numerals being delivered in marginally green lume that doesn’t very match the white paint on the rest of the dial. Furthermore, maybe the unframed dark on-dark date window is a little too discrete, making a low-energy zone around 3 o’clock.

And here’s where the restricted release no-date form dives in to offer wonderful dial evenness and a mellower, more cohesive vibe overall.

With the Limited Edition Pioneer One, the Super-LumiNova gets a beige color. I’ve seen such countless watches with supposed matured lume at this point that it no longer containers me, and I generally side with the individuals who consider it to be simply one more tone. On the Pioneer One Limited Edition, that shading does some incredible things. The differentiation between the brilliant white hands and their grayish filling amplifies their appealing shape, which was straightforwardly lifted from the 417 Chronograph. I will in general tolerate a slight absence of clearness with matured lume—probably in light of the fact that it’s intended to look a little old and beat up—and the painted-on numerals function admirably on the Limited Edition’s smooth colorway.

Going further into the dial, we see that the Limited Edition’s recessed hour track forgoes the tenderly engraved concentric circle design you’ll find on the overall issue models. This change marginally progresses the dial, permitting the beige lume to simply glide there. Include the absence of date and this dial is peaceful, balanced and elegant. Sometimes small subtleties truly are everything.

Speaking of which, look at the mathematical textual style, which is approximately founded on the one found on the 417 Chronograph. The “5” is charmingly snarled, cranky, and full like a little Winston Churchill. Also, that “4” is ready and attractive, as Churchill’s footman obediently anticipating his next guidance. Then again, the “6” is a long distance, free and free like the Letter G that supported Sesame Street, thinking back to the 1970s. Flipped over as “9” it’s like a Constructivist ampersand. This text style is an excellent lesson in how minuscule subtleties can amount to colossal character. Case completing on the Limited Edition is heavenly, with sharp edges and super smooth dot impacting (review that the overall issue cases are brushed). At the point when dot impacting is done right, for what it’s worth here, it changes stainless steel into a velvety and quelled surface that resembles titanium. Maybe more than some other element, the dot impacting truly progresses the Pioneer One Limited Edition.

The development is a Sellita SW200, the undeniably mainstream clone of the trusty ETA-2824, offering a 38-hour power reserve, hacking, and fast set date. That development and its logo-bearing rotor are visible through the clear case back of the overall issue models, while the Limited Edition sports an abundantly improved strong back, including singular chronic numbers and a greater amount of that extraordinary dab impacted steel.

No huge surprises with the leather tie. It’s 22 millimeters wide, solid, thick, sewed, marginally matured and includes a single bolt on each side, The marked pin buckle matches the case perfectly.

Hanhart doesn’t mess around. Their watches are not kidding apparatuses with a profound and recognized legacy, and few brands are as committed to a particularly solitary esthetic. In any event, when Hanhart modernizes its contributions (as they did with the Primus series ), the key signifiers are set up and nobody would confuse them with some other brand. The Pioneer One resembles a contemplation on the essentials of Hanhart, as though the designers were addressing the question: How much could you leave out and still consider this a Hanhart? The Pioneer One answers that question with downplayed elegance, and the Limited Edition brings extra quiet through its different subtle modifications.

As of this composition, the Pioneer Limited Edition is as of now in stock over at WatchBuys. The standard issue Pioneer One is $1,070. The restricted release Pioneer One is $1,170. WatchBuys