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Review: Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Chrono

Review: Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Chrono


Half a month back, I expounded on the new Intra-Matic Auto Chrono , Hamilton’s most recent neo-vintage discharge pulling motivation from two famous Hamilton watches—the Chronograph A, which Hamilton delivered in 1968, and the Caliber 11-controlled Chrono-matic delivered a year later. The Auto Chrono is, as indicated in that initial article, a development to 2017’s Intra-Matic 68 Chrono , which was a restricted release watch that has since a long time ago sold out. This time around, the Auto Chrono is an overall delivery model due this coming fall.

I’ve previously offered a portion of my underlying impressions dependent on the press materials given by Hamilton. I as of late got the watch in for an active audit, so since I’ve invested some energy with it let us investigate.


Review: Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Chrono

Case Stainless steel Movement Hamilton H-31 (Base 7753) Dial Panda Lume Yes Lens Double domed sapphire Strap Black calfskin Water Resistance 10 bar Dimensions 40mm x 49.2mm Thickness 14.6mm Lug Width 20mm Crown Screw down Warranty Yes Price $2195

According to my calipers, the case estimates 40 millimeters wide, 14.6 millimeters thick, and 49.2 millimeters from carry to-haul. Compared to the 68, the Auto loses two millimeters from its waistline and around one millimeter off the carry to-drag length. The thickness, be that as it may, stays as before. Presently, the more modest measurement does ponders for the dial, which I’ll get to underneath, however the reliable thickness (as normal given that the two watches share a similar type) implies the watch wears comparatively, yet for one critical special case. I find that in light of the fact that the case is somewhat more modest, it plunges better into the level piece of my wrist. Thus, the hauls don’t sit as high as they did on the 68 (however they actually sit pretty high), an outcome of the thickness and the case plan that I for one was not an aficionado of on the past variant. Out and out, I locate that this watch wears far superior to its archetype did. Your mileage may fluctuate given the shape and tendencies of your wrist, of course.

The top-down fit is incredible on my 7-inch wrist. The more modest case size permits the case back to plunge comfortably into the level piece of my wrist . . . . . . despite the fact that the hauls actually sit excessively high for my enjoying.

Another outcome of the new measurements, and it’s likely a unintended one, is that the Auto Chrono presently better takes after the Chrono-matic. It’s a piece vagrant, and it’s that fairly abnormal squatness that gave the instance of the first Chrono-matic its appeal. Once more, your mileage may fluctuate here, too.

New and old.

The tempered steel case is completely cleaned. It includes hard, precise hauls and an enormous crown flanked by considerably bigger siphon pushers. The case back is strong, however enriched, and there’s a little pusher at 10 o’clock for propelling the date. By and large, the case is very much done, however I figure it would take pleasantly to a brushed/cleaned blend, which as far as I can tell better underscores hard lines and points. While most are likely energized for the more modest case, the genuine champ for me is how the more modest case has affected the dial. I’ll rehash here what I wrote in my basic article since it actually holds true:

. . . that cutting back doesn’t simply influence wearability. It likewise essentially affects the plan. Jettisoning two millimeters implies that there is less land on the dial, so the plan elements—all of which were available on the restricted edition—have to be reevaluated. The outcome? The sub-dials are discernibly downsized, and therefore the dial feels undeniably more adjusted. Not thumping the original—I very enjoyed the developed registers, however I simply favor the balance that Hamilton’s creators accomplished here.

I likewise truly love the panda shading with the grayish/cream base dial and dark registers (30-minute aggregator at three and running seconds at nine). The dial is somewhat domed, however it’s difficult to tell on the grounds that the doming happens at the dark tachymeter ring outlining the dial. Notwithstanding, it’s a pleasant, vintage-motivated detail that you can more clear see when you take a gander at the dial off axis.

My one nitpick—and it’s not so much as a criticize, however something that I thought would have been cool to see—is that I wish the date window were white content on a dark foundation. I have consistently believed that to be one of the coolest plan thrives on the first Chrono-matic, and it would have been extraordinary to see it helped through here. With no guarantees, it’s completely fine, and it’s likely ideal for individuals who incline toward subtle date complications.

Powering the watch is Hamilton’s H-31 automatic chronograph type, which depends on the Valjoux 7753. The H-31 highlights 27 gems, a chronograph work, hacking seconds, hand winding, a date complication, an increased force save of 60 hours, and a recurrence of 28,800 bph. As I noted over, the date isn’t progressed by means of the crown here. All things being equal, there’s a fast set pusher at 10 o’clock for changing the date.

There’s not a ton of lume on the dial and hands, yet what is there manages its work competently.

The Auto Chrono comes on a dark cowhide tie. The tie is adequate, if not a bit exhausting. It tightens from 20 millimeters at the hauls to around 18 millimeters at the clasp. With no guarantees, the lash is completely fine, however I’d presumably give this a shot some additional fascinating cowhides or on a nylon mil-tie.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the Intra-Matic Auto Chrono. I think it’s a better substitution than its archetype, and Hamilton was brilliant to make this one an overall delivery. And keeping in mind that I additionally feel brands could go more modest, and I couldn’t want anything more than to perceive what this would resemble at 38.5 millimeters, the general equilibrium here between the case and dial feels much better.

The Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Chrono will sell for $2,195 this fall. Hamilton