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Review: G-Shock GA-2100-4A

Review: G-Shock GA-2100-4A

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I have this hypothesis with regards to watch collecting, and watch eagerness in general: regardless of how centered your taste is in a specific kind or genre of watch, some portion of you subtly needs to break out and investigate the total inverse. I think this is a general hardship of sorts. On the off chance that you’re a vintage guy, each once in for a spell you fantasize about going to a shop and picking something up with the stickers still on, only a single time. Or then again, perhaps you don’t gather anything yet stark dress watches on fine calfskin ties. I wager that just once you’d like to claim a strategic, lively plunge watch, stroll around with it for a day or two, and simply appreciate the way that in the event that you turned out to be cleared up by a wave at that exact instant, despite the fact that you can’t swim, your watch would endure.

For me, this is the allure of my bright red G-Shock GA-2100. It’s obvious, with regards to watches that I’m really willing to toss down real money for, I tend more toward the traditionalist. Spare dials, exemplary designs, and widths that wear simple. The antagonist watch I’ve consistently fantasized about? Indeed, it’s difficult to concede this in watch geek public, yet a ultra current (and ultra costly) Royal Oak Offshore variation or some likeness thereof would be welcome on my wrist on the off chance that one could be acquired for me without the monetary strain I’d feel in the event that I, Zach Kazan, gatherer of the most humble methods, strolled into an AP shop today.

What is it about the ROO? Indeed, as far as I might be concerned, it has something to do with it’s unapologetic recklessness as an assertion watch. They get a great deal of warmth from devotees since they rose to prominence with the support of mainstream society figures, competitors, rappers, and such, representing something like a “real” Royal Oak however for less discerning, younger tastes.

But here’s the thing: I like rappers! Also, I like competitors and mainstream society as well, and I think it’s amazing and crazy when I’m scrolling through Instagram and see Rick Ross wearing a white gold Royal Oak, or Pharrel wearing a Richard Mille, or whatever.


Review: G-Shock GA-2100-4A

Case Carbon/Resin Movement Module 5611 Dial Matte Red Lume Yes Lens Mineral Crystal Strap Resin Band Water Resistance 200 Meters Dimensions 48.5 x 45.4mm Thickness 11.8mm Lug Width 16mm Crown n/a Warranty Two Years Price $99

Enter, the G-Shock GA-2100. This watch can be had for $100 from a specific large online retailer. It has an octagonal case shape, much the same as a specific Holy Trinity brand’s acclaimed sports watch, and it’s bright red. That is to say, it’s outrageously red. In the event that you destroy this watch in a public spot, somebody is going to comment on the way that it’s red. You’ll notice people’s eyes gazing at it clumsily, most likely assuming it’s another savvy, or perhaps assuming that you’re Meek Mill. 

The GA-2100 has just been named the “CasiOak” everywhere on the watch web, and other comparative mashup epithets are out there also. Yet, Casio has been making watches in uproarious tones in this general shape for quite a long time, so for what reason does the GA-2100 abruptly appear to have asserted the mantle of Royal Oak on a wiener budget? The appropriate response, I believe, is in how this watch wears, which is truly not normal for some other G-Shock I’ve tied to my wrist. 

Basically, it’s slim. At just shy of 12mm thick, this is quite possibly the most smooth G-Shocks Casio has at any point made. While it would be an exaggeration to say that it “disappears on the wrist” (which is something contrary to what you need this watch to do in any case) it’s unfathomably comfortable to wear, something I’ve never thought of the numerous cumbersomely huge G-Shocks I’ve attempted over the years. 

While this is a full included G-Shock with clocks, alerts, various time regions, etc, that, as far as I might be concerned, isn’t what is the issue here. This watch is about a look, a style. This is definitely not a strategic watch and I’m not recommending it as a device, I’m recommending it exclusively and solely as a design object. 

So let’s dig in to the design. 


Did I notice the case is red? It makes me think about the 1990s Chicago Bulls, or Clifford, the Big Red Dog . While Casio nostalgia raiding my mind might clarify the allure of this watch for me, I likewise need to discuss case’s measurements, and how they’ve been thinned down from regular G-Shocks to make the wearing experience completely different. 

This is a 45mm case at its largest point. Not a little watch using any and all means, but rather it’s additionally significantly more modest than numerous well known G-Shocks, which measure nearer to 50mm and have unordinary geometry that can make them a tough wear. The GA-2100, then again, with its octagonal shape, is simple and comfortable to wear, in any event, for long timeframes. The purpose behind this, I believe, is that the top and lower part of the watch are significantly more thin than the wide center segment. The watch feels little at the most delicate pieces of the wrist, yet grows in its midriff. It’s like wearing an oval watch, similar to a Patek Philippe Ellipse. A piece of this is a dream – the lash begins tapering very quickly, making the skyline of the north and south poles of the GA-2100 vanish along with it. All things considered, that optical impact truly affects the wearing experience. It’s about what you see when you take a gander at your wrist. 

Also basic to the satisfaction for the situation is a moderately new technology presently making its way into G-Shocks, all things considered, the Carbon Core Guard. Fundamentally, this is a dainty layer of strong and light carbon fiber that builds up the customary pitch case. The outcome is that G-Shock can assemble a case with a more slender layer of plastic material while as yet offering a similar insurance G-Shock is known for. On the off chance that this case making method is permitted to grow and stream into other G-Shock lines (or make spic and span ones) the prospects are almost endless. 

While not something you’d wear as a dress piece (except if you’re being tenaciously transgressive, which I’m ready for) the case has a verifiable capacity to slide gracefully under a shirt sleeve. There’s an oddity in this that long time G-Shock clients will discover unendingly amusing – to grasp it is to comprehend it’s worked to similar tough norms as all other gs Shock, yet it’s light and meager enough to practically forget about.


The GA-2100 is actually an ana-digi show, however the little LCD window is so little and not horrendously useful (more on that later) that the watch truly presents and feels like a simply analog watch. A day of the week pointer close to 9:00 is more legible than the little screen underneath it, however works more as confirmation of the module’s ability than anything else (this is a full ceaseless schedule, all things considered).

So what we’re left with regarding certifiable use on the dial is a lovely utilitarian two-hander. The blade formed hour and moment hands are the lone components of the GA-2100 that are not red, on account of some lume that could be stronger, so they stand apart very well. The twelve lists around the dial’s border are in a slightly lighter shade than the dial’s base, and they’re raised, giving the dial a touch of profundity and lending an additional dash of legibility.

Every watch has a connection between the dial and the case. The GA-2100 is interesting in light of the fact that the dial and case (and the tie) appear to all be important for a similar item, rather than being particular components that make up a complete watch. Here is the place where the Royal Oak comparison really bodes well – that’s a watch whose style is based on a concordance between the angular case and its integrated arm band. In any case, the alleged CasiOak makes it a stride further, blending the dial as well as it’s related furniture into a similar hunk of red plastic. 

The previously mentioned LCD screen has a successful and very agreeable backlight, and when you turn it on, in the ordinary time telling mode, the watch’s wearer is greeted with a digital readout of the time just as the seconds check. It’s likewise the home for using the different extra elements of the watch. There are a couple of issues here. In the first place, the screen is simply excessively little to rationally show the entirety of the data you’d need to check whether you were timing something, or checking another timezone. You can figure it out, sure, however it requires a second or two of extra examination that just isn’t required with a larger screen. The second, and larger issue, is that the screen is for all intents and purposes difficult to peruse without the backlight, except if the dial turns out to be completely washed in direct sunlight. 

On paper, for most G-Shocks, this would be a tragic defect. Such a large amount of the allure of the standard G-Shock lies altogether the stuff it can do. What we have here is practically a period just G-Shock – I have right around zero interest in becoming more comfortable with the little screen. The amazement, though, is that I just don’t care. By and by, this watch isn’t about the stuff it can do. It’s a G-Shock that’s simply about its own tasteful allure.


Two variables contribute most significantly to the GA-2100’s wearability: the weight of the case, and the strap. 

The Carbon Core Guard’s sway truly can’t be exaggerated. This case development procedure permits the GA-2100 to be made both lighter and stronger than numerous other G-Shocks, while as yet providing the no-nonsense strategic feel G-Shock clients anticipate. The GA-2100 might be lighter and simpler to wear, yet it’s anything however delicate. 

The GA-2100’s slimmer case profile is coordinated by a lash that has been smoothed out to coordinate the remainder of the watch’s extents. This, in one sense, is an unobtrusive contrast, however changing up anything on a watch that has direct contact with your body will in general have significant results with regards to true wearability. While I wouldn’t guarantee that the actual lash is especially comfortable compared to a pleasant cowhide tie, the way that it’s significantly more slender than the standard plastic tie G-Shock utilizes makes it more wearable than other G-Shocks, comparatively speaking. 


I’ll never be the sort of individual who’s keen on wearing a G-Shock consistently. However irrefutably cool as a large number of them seem to be, by the day’s end, the thing that gets my heart pumping with regards to watches is their mechanical nature. Yet, that doesn’t mean I can’t have loads of fun with a bright red G-Shock on an end of the week evening, and that, I believe, is the thing that this watch is made for. For an authority, or any individual who peers down at a watch box with mutiple or two decisions in it every day, here and there you simply need a watch break you out of your comfort zone. The GA-2100 does that in spades, and at a value point where this little extravagance won’t be excruciating.

It ought to be noted here, that while my strong inclination is for the bright red GA2100-4A , there are two other variant of the watch floating around. One is completely passed out ( GA2100-1A1 ) and the other is dark with white hour markers and hands ( GA2100-1A ). Tastes will clearly vary, yet there’s something fun and energetic about the red that doesn’t come through in the black.

As for the idea of the GA-2100 as a Royal Oak substitute: it’s unquestionably not. The Royal Oak is a work of art and finely made Swiss watch, completed to a degree that must be found in the metal to completely comprehend. The GA-2100 is a plastic games watch, for certain highlights that are really not very professional. Be that as it may, in any event in red, it’s strong and reckless conveys with it probably a portion of the soul of the early Royal Oaks, which were created to, among different things, disturb the watch business. Nothing very that significant is happening here, however that doesn’t mean it isn’t a huge load of fun. G-Shock