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Review: Damasko DC 80 Chronograph

Review: Damasko DC 80 Chronograph


Damasko shocked us a year ago when they reported the DC 80 chronograph, a focal moment chronograph with comparative usefulness as the Lemania 5100. To accomplish this accomplishment, Damasko built up a to a great extent in-house type called the C51-1 including protected highlights, and worked off of the Valjoux 7750.

New chronograph developments are consistently of interest as they are rare, however ones with focal minutes are of uncommon note. After the end of the 5100 in the mid 2000s, focal moment chronographs have become progressively uncommon, which is a genuine disgrace thinking about their utility. From that point forward, just a modest bunch have arisen, and they have would in general be extravagant. With the DC 80, Damasko has conveyed not just a well working illustration of the focal moment chronograph, yet in addition right now the best an incentive for one with a beginning cost of $2,737, which is around a large portion of that of the competition. That would be excellent for a watch with a vigorously altered chronograph notwithstanding, however on account of Damasko it likewise incorporates an extensive rundown of tech that Damasko is known for. We’ll get into all that, yet to put it plainly, the Damasko DC 80 is quite possibly the most captivating chronographs right now available, conveying highlights not many brands can compete with and at a value that appears to be unrealistic.

Please note the form of the DC 80 appeared here is a custom variant they call “Panda,” which includes the pushers, crown, and bezel edge delivered in dark. $2737

Review: Damasko DC 80 Chronograph

Case Ice-solidified steel Movement C51-1 focal minutes chronograph Dial Black Lume C1-GL Super-LumiNova Lens Sapphire with AR Strap Di-Modell Chronissimo Water Resistance 10 bar Dimensions 42mm x 50mm Thickness 13.9mm Lug Width 22mm Crown Screw-down Warranty Yes Price $2737


Damasko’s watch cases seem straightforward from an external perspective, however are definitely not, with each watch stuffed brimming with a bigger number of highlights than most brands have across their whole lines. Beginning with the actual metal, ordinary steel won’t do, so here you’ll discover globule impacted, ice-solidified, and sans nickel steel that rates to 710 vickers. This makes the DC 80 exceptionally scratch safe, which implies it will search new for more. The crown at that point includes the brand’s protected Damasko-framework, which incorporates a completely solidified system for toughness, a self-greasing up cell for smooth capacity, a screw-in cylinder for simple assistance, and Viton gaskets for dependable seals. The pushers are likewise solidified and include grease. The development is then encased in a confine of martensitic steel, which incorporates the dial, providing  80,000 A/m of protection.


Then there’s the bezel, not to be avoided with regards to the tech party. It includes their DAMEST-covering on the supplement, which brings the hardness far up. It additionally has a bi-directional 60-click bearing framework. As I have embraced previously, this is a standout amongst other getting a handle on bezels there. The snap is solid and fulfilling, and it generally lines up perfectly.

The DC 80 is a hearty, current instrument watch. At 42 x 50 x 13.9 millimeters (43 millimeters at the bezel), it’s medium/enormous in size, which accommodates its manly by and large look. Initially, I originally thought it was a similar plan as that of the DC66 ( recently checked on here ), however it really varies marginally. Despite the fact that both are 42 millimeters in width, the DC 80 is longer at 50 millimeters drag to-carry, and it highlights thicker, more articulated hauls. This inconspicuous upgrade ups the forcefulness of the watch.

Additionally, the bezel edge has transformed from a wide, thick style to a better tooth. Outwardly, it’s somewhat less striking, yet the vibe against the fingers is excellent.  One con is that the penetrated drags were lost. Not a colossal worry, as most watches don’t have bored drags, yet it’s a detail I appreciate on device watches.

For the DC 80, Damasko went with an hour long commencement bezel as opposed to a slipped by or Zulu/double time. This bodes well with the new development, as it features the utilization of the focal moment counter. Basically turn the measure of time wanted to slip by throughout the moment counter, and return in intermittently. I like the thought, and it’s absolutely more pragmatic for utilization of the chronograph than an exemplary slipped by time counter, however they each have their upsides and downsides and having a choice would be decent.

The passed counter most clearly lines us with the real record, giving a snappy reference when not turned. Given that the dial has no numerals, this could be valuable for everyday use. Likewise, a double time bezel gives the hour list when not turned, and afterward a subsequent time-region when being used, which is consistently handy.


The dial of the DC 80 is a takeoff from their past chronographs, in both style and capacity, yet it is still very Damasko. It’s a straightforward, yet intense plan, using non-mathematical realistic shapes for greatest decipherability. The essential file comprises of enormous, lumed square shapes at the hour, multiplying at 12, and little white lines between for the individual minutes. Running from three to nine and six to twelve are focus (I’m a sucker for line of sight) tying the dial together.

One semi-astounding oversight is that of the date. Damasko is known for their topsy turvy day/dates. With an end goal to strip the DC 80 down to its barest basics, even the date was taken out.

In certainty, one could without much of a stretch misstep the DC 80 for a period just watch as it comes up short on any sub-dials. In presenting the C51-1 development, Damasko chose to utilize it in its generally stripped down structure, stressing the focal moment counter. No slipped by hours, no dynamic seconds, no date—nothing except for the hour and minutes hands for the time and focal chronograph seconds and minutes. It’s somber and reason driven. What’s more, for the demonstration of timing occasions with not exactly an hour long, it’s very simple to use.

This carries me to my one issue with the watch, which is totally close to home in nature. I can manage without dynamic seconds and the date, however having no hour counter pester me a piece. Maybe it’s in light of the fact that I time things like long strolls, travel time around NYC (I’m way out in Brooklyn, so that can be longer than you’d might suspect), and different other more frigid (to a New Yorker) occasions. In those examples, I discover an hour just wasn’t enough.

For hands, you’ll discover enormous Roman swords for the hour and minutes, a tightened stick for the chronograph seconds, and a crossed stick for the chronograph minutes, which was really standard on Lemania 5100 watches. They come together to make a profoundly clear handset that functions admirably with the general plan. The brilliant paint on the DC 80 is Superluminova X1 GL C1 White 10, which shines splendid green. It shines sufficiently well, however it has somewhat of an inconsistent texture.


At the core of the DC 80 is the new C51-1 type, in view of the Valjoux 7750. Damasko vigorously revised the development to change the usefulness to that of a focal minutes chronograph. All creation of new parts for the C51-1 were done in-house by Damasko (who do make some totally in-house developments too). The development highlights 27 gems, programmed and manual winding, and a recurrence of 28,800 bph. In my experience with the watch, it was very precise, coming in at 0 – +1s/day on the timegrapher.

In expansion to the focal moment counter, another extraordinary component is that the moment counter bounces as opposed to slithers. This is an enhancement for the Lemania 5100, as the moment counter stays in position directly until the change, which makes it significantly simpler to peruse. While my analysis of not having the hour stands, I do accept they will bring out more forms of this development with extra usefulness as well.

Straps and Wearability

The DC 80 comes mounted to a 22-millimeter Di-Modell Chronissimo dark cowhide lash. These are too uncompromising ties made out of dark pebbled calfskin, with an edge of cushioning down the center and two diagram join, one in white and one in dark. A cool detail of this lash is that it is indented by the haul, proceeding with the lines of the case down the tie. This additionally causes it wear more extensive and to feel more considerable, which works for the DC 80 given that it’s a particularly rough watch. On the wrist, the DC 80 wears like what it is—a enormous chronograph. It’s not unobtrusive, but rather it is staggeringly manly and extreme, which appears to be more the objective here. At 42/43 millimeters in width and 50 millimeters in length, it’s not for those of us with little wrists, however I felt it was comfortable on my 7-inch wrist. It likewise has a decent haul and robustness to it. This watch feels indestructible and with the entirety of the case tech worked in, it’s darn close, too.

Aesthetically, this watch is really serious. It’s serious and specialized looking, certainly carrying instrumentation to mind. The dial and bezel are high difference, while the new heavier case is solid and radiates strength. The Panda variety seen here is enhanced in its forcefulness as the dark bezel and pushers add a strategic vibe to it. This is unquestionably a watch that works best with easygoing, outside, and sport attire.


The DC 80 is a major advance forward for this as of now religion most loved brand. By going into the universe of bespoke or in-house chronographs, Damasko have additionally demonstrated what an autonomous, family-possessed brand can accomplish. The way that this new development or line of developments are based around the focal moment counter idea, opposite the Lemania 5100, makes it even more cool and attractive. This isn’t simply one more chronograph, it’s one that accomplishes something other than what’s expected. Also, sure, there are a couple of different watches out there with comparable developments, to be specific by Sinn, Tutima and Habring2, however none are doing it at this value point.

The watch itself is another substantial current apparatus watch from the brand. This is something they progress admirably and are adored for. It’s no nonsense, pressed loaded with tech, and seems as though it can set up a battle. On the off chance that you’re into that sort of thing, this will be fit for your abilities. The sticker price ($2,737) isn’t modest, however it’s quite an incentive for what you are getting. A comparative watch by a Swiss extravagance brand would almost certainly be more than $7,500, yet it’s significant that there isn’t anything comparable from a Swiss brand so that point is moot.

I can’t stand by to see what other place they go with the new development. Will we see 40mm sans bezel variants? Will we see more complications? What’s to come is splendid for us chronograph fans, that’s without a doubt. Damasko