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Review: Blast From the Past With the New Q Timex

Review: Blast From the Past With the New Q Timex

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Timex is a brand with profound files, so it’s nothing unexpected that given the patterns of the business today, Timex has been taking advantage of those documents for motivation (and doing so quite effectively I may add). Their most recent in neo-vintage reissues is the Q Timex.

Let’s start with a touch of foundation. For quite a bit of its life, Timex was referred to fundamentally as a creator of moderate and solid mechanical watches , and the brand originally entered the quartz market back in 1972. At this point, quartz was viewed as new and cool, and it was acquiring impressive piece of the pie, so Timex’s quartz watches wore their quartz marking gladly on their dials with an unmistakable “Q” logo. The Q line made various intriguing and differed styles, and it likewise had something reasonable of fascinating developments, among them quartz-controlled equilibrium spring types like the Model 36 . The first jumper affected Q Timex — the watch that motivated the one we’re taking a gander at today — was delivered in 1979.

The reissue here has all the earmarks of being a generally devoted diversion of the authentic model, with a significant number of the little, time frame right subtleties that made the first so very cool. Of course, Timex is known basically for making quartz observes today, so it’s not a significant move for Timex to bring back the Q, nor is Timex bringing back any of the unique types common to the time frame. What they are bringing back, in any case, is late ’70s/early ’80s styling that functions admirably in 2019 on the grounds that vintage lunacy is staying put. Besides, I’d contend that the execution here as far as fit and finish feels like a stage above commonplace Timex passage. Let’s take a nearer look.


Review: Blast From the Past With the New Q Timex

Case Stainless steel Movement Seiko quartz PC33 Dial Blue Lume Yes Lens Domed acrylic Strap Steel “woven” Water Resistance 50m Dimensions 38 x 43.4mm Thickness 12.4mm Lug Width 18mm Crown Push/pull Warranty Yes Price $179

The instance of the Q is neo-vintage goodness totally. With is hooded hauls, the 38mm case exemplifies ’70 watch plan, and it includes an engaging blend of completions. The progress starting with one kind of finish then onto the next is generally very much accomplished at the cost, and it appears to be preferred executed over what I’ve seen from other Timex items at this value point. The watch has a thin profile, estimating 12.4mm to the highest point of the domed acrylic. The case is divided by means of a multi-faceted mid-case, the caseback, and the bezel and precious stone, so the entire thing looks and feels a lot slimmer than its measurements may suggest.

The bezel is non-tightening and turns in the two ways with a fantastic level of opposition, and the exemplary “Pepsi” shading plan of the supplement is not difficult to cherish. The teeth offer a pleasant material hold, and the highest point of the bezel sits on a blue stage (see beneath) that pivots alongside the bezel. It’s a decent fly of shading, and it additionally serves to outwardly separate the case profile.

Flip the watch over and you’ll discover one of my number one highlights here — a battery bring forth. I love these in light of the fact that they make trading the battery (a 377 cell for this situation) a breeze. All you require is a coin to open the bring forth and you’re great to go.

The development inside the watch is a Seiko SII Epson PC33, a generally modest quartz type intended for various diverse Seiko, Lorus, and Pulsar models. One quirk of this type is that it has a day/date at the 3:00, however the day isn’t quick-set and must be progressed physically by moving the hands past midnight.

A generally thin profile. The casebook hatch… …and a look inside.

The naval force dial highlights matured lume, a day/date at 3:00, and a Tudor-like candy and-blade handset. It’s a truly satisfying blend of signs, and everything comes together such that gives the watch its own look, notwithstanding it plainly being referential in numerous respects. I’ve seen some analysis of the GMT-Master-esque vibe of the piece, and the two-tone shading of the bezel doesn’t truly bode well with a 12-hour embed, however this watch is more structure than capacity, and I think on that front it succeeds. (All things considered, it’s still a 12-hour bezel, and, shading aside, 12-hour bezels are amazingly helpful). On the off chance that the point here is to catch the vibe of that authentic model, I think Timex nailed it.

Hard to turn out badly with these tones.

The arm band is another incredible vintage legacy, and it’s obviously matched with the case. It’s light and breezy, yet not modest inclination, and this is such a combination that you won’t even feel on the wrist. Timex calls this style”woven,” however it’s truly a progression of collapsed joins that help me to remember Milanese groups, however the execution here is a lot sportier. Fitting the wristband to your wrist is basic — you simply move the catch up or down the length of the band and snap it set up once you locate that sweet spot. 

On the wrist, the watch is an impact. As I composed over, the watch is light and breezy, and the arm band offers a truly pleasant, wrist-embracing fit (I’ve wanted to trade the wristband out, and that’s something uncommon for me). I’ve worn the watch ordinarily since we got it, and I’m truly making the most of my involvement in it and could see myself getting a charge out of it come summer (however it looks similarly as great matched with a calfskin jacket). 

At $179, the Q Timex offers an alluring bundle. The plan is profoundly engaging, the execution misrepresents the costs, and, maybe generally significant here, it’s simply a great watch, and in the nick of time for summer. Everything about it looks vintage yet for tick of the seconds hand (which, incidentally, isn’t however noisy as it seems to be in some of Timex’s different watches), yet it additionally feels present day in its assemble. What’s more, since it’s so easy to keep up, this could be a great little mixer that can stay nearby in the pivot for quite a long time to come.

The previously run of the Q Timex is sold out as of this composition, yet Timex anticipates more units in September. Timex