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Red Bull Air Race Budapest with Hamilton – Photo Essay

Red Bull Air Race Budapest with Hamilton – Photo Essay

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This year points the 15th commemoration of the Red Bull Air Race, with a brief delay between 2011 to 2013. Since its return, after a year, it got quite possibly the most stupendous flying competitions. Traversing more than four mainlands (Europe, North America, Australia and Asia) and more than 40 areas from the incredible Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the Zayed Port in Abi Dhabi, it offers a somewhat huge wide range of destinations. The 2018 race schedule included France, Japan, USA, UAE among numerous others. The Red Bull Air Race additionally came to Budapest, Hungary. It turns out to be the capital city of my nation of origin. On a lovely beautiful track over the River Danube and before the eminent Parliament building we appreciated the race and all the other things it needed to offer.

Red Bull Air Race

The Parliament Building

Since 2017,  Hamilton is the authority watch of the Red Bull Air Race. They commenced in Abu Dhabi in February 2017. In the event that you know about the set of experiences and legacy of Hamilton, you realize that the brand has close connections to avionics (since 1918). This has been a vital component for Hamilton when they began an association with French aerobatic pilot Nicolas Ivanoff as their image envoy in 2005. Ivanoff is likewise a central member in the Air Race since the start. A thoughtful and rational person who we had the delight of visiting before the race began. We had a have a brisk visit with him about Budapest, the Air Race and obviously Hamilton. It was an odd scene to discover this procession of shadings in a little, distant airfield around 45 minutes outside of Budapest.

Hamilton X-Wind

After the visit to the airfield, the planes are departing from to compete in the race, we made a beeline for the city. The Red Bull Air Race Sky Lounge from where we could appreciate the show was developed right close to the waterway. It was giving us a view that is as near the activity as could really be expected. The sound, speed and moving abilities of these little planes are really something different. During breaks, different planes having a place with the Red Bull armada known as The Flying Bulls Fleet engaged us.

Nicolas Ivanoff was wearing the new Hamilton X-Wind, which we will audit soon. So in the event that you are keen on the watch manufacturing plant stay tuned.

A enormous thank you to Hamilton for facilitating us during this extraordinary occasion. On the off chance that you might want to find out about the brand, if it’s not too much trouble, visit their page .

Peter Besenyei, Hungarian pilot and champ of the primary Red Bull Air Race (left) and Jim DiMatteo one of the Race Directors of the show

Juan Velarde (right) wearing his Hamilton X-Wind

Hamilton’s own Nicolas Ivanoff

Hard to miss who the authority timekeeping accomplice of the Red Bul Air Race is

The Flying Bulls Fleet (party)

B-25J aircraft with a custom paint job