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Pure Imagination: The MB&F Horological Machine No. 9 – “Sapphire Vision”

Pure Imagination: The MB&F Horological Machine No. 9 – “Sapphire Vision”


A week ago MB&F dropped their most recent passage in the continuous Horological Machine arrangement, the HM9 SV. SV, for this situation, represents “Sapphire Vision,” and it’s a genuinely on the button assignment as the case is made of, indeed, sapphire. Furthermore, you can see directly through it, as one does with glass. On the off chance that you’re a long-term Worn & Wound peruser (thank you, coincidentally) you may be wondering why on the planet we’re getting going the week discussing this weird glass watch that looks sort of like a rocket transport. That’s a reasonable inquiry. Allow me to endeavor to explain. 

First, we ought to recognize a couple of things that are clearly obvious first thing. The HM9 SV isn’t open, moderate, commonsense, or even ordinarily alluring as a watch. I don’t figure you should get one. It costs $440,000, and there are such countless elective approaches to go through that sort of cash if you’re adequately fortunate to have it. Have you seen, for instance, the size of the house you can purchase in a spot like Austin, TX for a large portion of 1,000,000 dollars? In the event that land isn’t your thing, you can have your pick of the absolute best vehicles on earth for that cash from any semblance of Rolls Royce, McLaren, Aston Martin, and some more. A spot to live and a vehicle or something to that affect are unquestionably more functional than a vanguard wrist watch made of glass. On the off chance that you have $440,000 begging to be spent, there are more reasonable approaches to blow it, regardless of whether you’re hoping to make an excessive flex. 

This is a piece of mechanical craftsmanship, and I figure we ought to consider it similarly we would an artwork by an incredible craftsman. You can, obviously, appreciate a Picasso painting or a Rodin mold without endeavoring to possess one. We, being regular individuals who appreciate craftsmanship, culture, and history, don’t talk about these things as far as, “Should I designate my discretionary cashflow to this?” We appreciate them in exhibition halls, appreciate them when captured, and find out about individuals behind them, continually cultivating a more profound appreciation for their techniques, and the thoughts they are endeavoring to communicate through their work. The HM9 SV and watches like it are just what might be compared to artistic work in the watch world. 

That doesn’t mean, in any case, that there aren’t individuals who will , maybe contrary to what they might think is best, get one of these things. What’s more, that’s significant too, on the grounds that simply like the craftsmanship world, the horological scene is progressed when individuals belittle creators of the greatest of the very good quality. It implies that courageous, free watchmaking can proceed. In the event that you love watches, I think you’ll concur that we’re lucky to be in reality as we know it where individuals like Roger Smith, Kari Voutilainen, Max Busser and his numerous companions, and others can make uninhibitedly, with no undeniable limitations or limits. It is not difficult to say that the way that these things exist by any stretch of the imagination, and that we can find out about them, study them, and appreciate them from a remote place, is a supernatural occurrence. Be that as it may, it’s truly not – it’s a component of a generally modest number of profoundly contributed watch darlings being willing to help the undertakings of these uncontrollably innovative people. 

So, for no reason in particular, let’s consider what MB&F have made here. The HM9, nicknamed “Flow,” has been around since 2018 and is propelled to a great extent by the smoothed out bends of midcentury vehicle and airplane plan. The design here is that of a driver’s watch, as time is perused a gap mounted on the lower part of the case, if you’re viewing at it as you would a conventional wristwatch. From the top, twin equilibrium wheels are in plain view, yet with a hand on the guiding wheel the dial comes obviously into view. 

The enormous advancement of the HM9 SV is the sapphire case, which allows you to see not simply those twin equilibrium wheels starting from the top, yet gives you an unhindered perspective all in all development, which is very noteworthy. Those equilibrium wheels use what MB&F alludes to as a “planetary differential” to combine the driving forces of the two adjusts into one. That force is then taken care of through a mechanical going train that’s orchestrated along the side, and plainly obvious through the underside of the watch. From the base you can likewise see a couple of little propellers intended to inspire a twin turbine motor. These turn uninhibitedly and for reasons unknown other than that of carrying a grin to your face, on the grounds that that’s sort of what MB&F is all about. 

According to MB&F, it takes around 350 hours to make the sapphire gems utilized for every one of these watches in the SV arrangement, which I’m speculating is the reason just 20 will be made. Each watch utilizes five precious stones altogether, and not one of them is standard in any capacity – they include emotional shapes and points that are unimaginably hard to make. This is a topic all through MB&F’s offbeat Horological Machine line, and this version may be the most in fact challenging  to make regarding precious stone plan. Of note, to keep a water opposition rating of 30 meters, an exceptional three dimensional gasket licensed by MB&F must be utilized on the three section HM9 case. For these sapphire versions, the sapphire gems themselves are melded to the metallic casing utilizing a cutting edge holding compound and a vacuum with application at incredibly high temperatures. The outcome is a glass case with for all intents and purposes imperceptible creases between the custom sapphire and 18 karat gold frame. 

Aesthetically, the HM9 just doesn’t resemble a watch. This isn’t a wrist embellishment that would mix into any circumstance – it’s a point of convergence and friendly exchange in practically any situation, save a MB&F collector’s occasion, where I envision you’d be examining the watch at any rate. As a watch fellow whose taste does tend to run toward the to some degree uncommon, I struggle envisioning the certainty it would take to destroy this and about in blended company. It makes my own most unordinary watch look genuinely ordinary, even a bit of exhausting. However, stretching the limits is a lot of the purpose of the HM9, and each watch that MB&F makes. These watches are unadulterated creative mind, and an intriguing window into what’s conceivable in watch design.

So, there’s a lot of genuine watchmaking and materials science occurring in the HM9 SV that makes it an advantageous specialized accomplishment. However, a watch like this is truly worth inspecting and talking about as an idea. As a item , the watch is somewhat ludicrous, however I for one accept that we’re lucky to be in a watch environment where something like this can be conjured up and really made. Only one out of every odd watch should be considered as far as “Should I purchase it?” or even “Is it worth the money?” For watch lovers, there’s a specific joy essentially in knowing the HM9 SV exists. MB&F