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Pulling From Its Past, Alpina Dives Deep with the  Seastrong Diver 300

Pulling From Its Past, Alpina Dives Deep with the Seastrong Diver 300

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The creation of direction constructed sport watches has been fundamental to Alpina’s character for almost 80 years now. Presented path back in 1938, the “Alpina 4” standard aides the brand in its quest for making vigorous game watches. To be viewed as a genuine “sport watch,” an Alpina should have the accompanying qualities: it should be hostile to attractive, stun safe, water-safe, and housed in a hardened steel case.

These are attributes of current games watches that we presently frequently underestimate, however in 1938 the kind of advancement that permitted watches to reliably meet these determinations was undeniably more uncommon. The quality watches that were created under these rules made Alpina a top pick among athletes, everything being equal. From divers, to mountain climbers, to pilots, on the off chance that you required a watch that would dependably confront whatever was tossed at it, Alpina had you covered.

Among the numerous noteworthy reason constructed watches in the Alpina arrangement, the Seastrong was   totally key in Alpina’s history. Presented in 1969 as the “10 Seastrong,” the watch had a quick impression with sporting and expert divers the same. Common of Alpina’s plans, there’s a comforting and satisfying over-designed quality to these early Seastrong watches, with cases appraised to 200 meters of water opposition and a double crown format with an inward turning timing bezel. This was certainty moving plan that permitted divers to focus on the main job, knowing their watch wouldn’t cause a quarrel.

While the advanced Seastrong is altogether different tastefully from the legacy form, there’s an otherworldly association between the two that ties them together. The customary lines of the 10 Seastrong are supplanted here by a strong and precise case shape that’s emphatically modern.  And the new form is spec’d with all the cutting edge credits you’d need in a diver that can really do the work of plunging. The new Seastrong 300 is diverse in appearance compared to its archetypes, however it’s worked with the very resolute center that Alpina has consistently brought to brandish watch design.

The Seastrong Diver 300 (REF. AL-525LNN4TV6) has, as you’d anticipate, an entire 300 meters of water obstruction. The tempered steel case is covered with titanium PVD, giving it a subtle and present day look that’s not the same as your run of the mill dark PVD. The precious stone, normally, is scratch safe sapphire, and the dial and hands are stacked with non debasing glowing material that will help you tell the time in any lighting circumstance. At 44mm, this isn’t a little watch using any and all means, however the pad like case wears comfortably on an assortment of wrist sizes. The Seastrong Diver 300 addresses a characteristic advancement of a notorious Alpina instrument watch. Alpina has consistently centered around planning watches with a structure over-work attitude, and a large number of the Seastrong’s highlights show that ethos in exceptionally substantial manners. The ventured case is rough and proportional, the cross-bring forth dial is not difficult to peruse, and the crown and bezel have knurling that makes them simple to grasp, even with gloves, or wet hands. The tradition of the Alpina 4 standards, which have been prepared in to the Alpina plan language throughout the long term, is still particularly affecting everything here.

The Seastrong Diver 300 is accessible now on the Alpina site with a retail cost of $1,395.