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Product Highlight: The Selvage Denim Watch Roll

Product Highlight: The Selvage Denim Watch Roll

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Often imitated, never copied, the worn&wound Watch Roll set the norm. The first to include delicate covering to secure your watches, the first with tough outside materials like waxed material, the first with a devoted instrument pocket, the first with gussets to consider bigger watches, the first with a calfskin string and wooden switch conclusion, consistently American-made . . . indeed, you get the image. We did it right the first run through, so we’ve kept on making them with no guarantees, just switching up shadings and materials to make new and one of a kind combos.

First delivered back in 2015, our Selvage Denim Watch Roll is probably as American as possible get, and we’re truly eager to have them back in stock. Including Cone Mills White Oak 13oz Selvage Denim, lingered in North Carolina and Horween Dublin cowhide, tanned in Chicago, this roll is made out of the absolute best materials the US has to bring to the table. In light of the untreated idea of the denim and the slick cosmetics of the calfskin, this is a roll that will age incredibly.

The Selvage Denim Watch Roll is American-made and accessible now for $175 at