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Product Highlight: Mahogany Leather

Product Highlight: Mahogany Leather

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At the center of each watch lash assortment is a decent dim earthy colored tie. A go-to lash that you don’t need to mull over on the grounds that you realize it will look great with everything. It will deal with a dull or light dialed watch, a dressier watch or something more lively, and on something present day or something vintage. What’s more, it will look as great with pants, tennis shoes and a shirt as it will with slacks, brogues and a coat. Correct, an adaptable dull earthy colored tie is critical, which is the reason we have one earthy colored that we have utilized across a few unique lashes and even a belt: Mahogany.

The Model 2 Classic The Single Pass Classic The Mil-Strap Classic The High Craft Model 1 The Classic Belt

Mahogany is vegetable tanned cowhide sourced from Wickett & Craig of Pennsylvania, probably the best tannery on the planet. It’s an oiled Latigo calfskin that has been impregnated with waxes through a tumbling cycle just as a dunk in a tank of wax and oils to give it a matte sheen. Regarding shading, it’s a genuine dim earthy colored, with a chocolatey tint that is set off by a solid current of red that flies through when the cowhide is focused. It’s a tough cowhide, yet relying upon the style of tie, this can be utilized towards a slick effect.

Currently, we offer five American-made items in this Mahogany calfskin. In the first place, there’s our Model 2 Classic , a two-piece, unlined lash with vintage styling and hand tied bunches for $65. Then, we have our Single Pass Classic , which is basically a one-piece, go through form of the Model 2. At that point we have our Mil-Strap Classic , which takes the popular military pass-through lash plan and delivers it in this good leather.

Our last tie made in Mahogany is our High Craft Model 1 . This straight-cut, two-piece lash is our hardest, most rough plan, made for use with heavier games watches. It likewise includes an etched shape and regular veg-tanned coating cowhide. Also, finally, we have our Classic Belt , which resembles a watch lash, yet for your jeans. Simply joking. This 1.25-inch belt is an extraordinary expansion to your closet, particularly when combined with a coordinating strap.

So, if you’re searching for a genuinely classic, adaptable earthy colored tie, look at one of the Mahogany alternatives above. What’s more, obviously, should you be searching for an alternate tone, we have you covered at