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Product Highlight: 2 Watch Fold

Product Highlight: 2 Watch Fold

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The thought for the 2 Watch Fold came from a straightforward reason: how might we enhance the omnipresent watch pocket? You know, those cowhide pockets that you put your watch in and toss in your pack. What’s more, the appropriate response was simple–double their ability. By reflecting pockets, the 2 Watch Fold–an unique worn&wound design–allows you to convey two watches in about one, or a watch and a few lashes, or maybe a few glasses or pens, or whatever else you need to convey. Moreover, the 2 Watch Fold secures your watches. It’s not made of a slender piece of calfskin, rather the outside is made of a generous material like material, layered with cushioning and fixed with miniature softened cowhide. Goodness, and it’s American-made. Better believe it, it’s an enhancement for the watch pouch.

The Olive 2 Watch Fold

Currently, we have our Olive 2 Watch Fold accessible. Made of 18oz waxed olive material, Horween Olive chamois cowhide and tobacco earthy colored miniature calfskin, it has a tough American style and is made to last.

Pick one up for $99 at