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Omega News: A Certificate of Authenticity program, and a new museum

Omega News: A Certificate of Authenticity program, and a new museum

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For fans and gatherers of Omega watches, two new declarations from the brand should hold some intrigue. In the first place, in a gesture to the continually developing business sector for vintage watches (and with acknowledgment of a portion of the inalienable issues related with buying said watches) Omega has presented another Certificate of Authenticity program.

Here’s how it works basically: in the event that you own an Omega watch that’s at any rate 30 years of age, you can drop it off at a shop or send it to Switzerland, and for 800 CHF individuals from the Omega Heritage Team will investigate and assess the condition of your watch, and if everything looks at, send it back with a Certificate of Authenticity. Omega hasn’t gave subtleties on what, precisely, the Heritage Team will be searching for and what may make them hold off on giving a declaration, yet it appears to be sensible to expect they’ll be checking primarily to guarantee the watch, and its parts, are genuine. The thought here is that for important vintage watches, the declaration will give significant serenity to authorities who may be keen on buying the watch sooner or later down the line.

Some may be asking how this varies from Omega’s “Extract from the Archives” administration, which will keep on being accessible to clients. The vital contrast between the two administrations is essentially that the concentrate gives a verifiable record of the creation of a specific watch, while the new Certificate of Authenticity considers the watch’s present status and condition.


In other Omega news, the brand has authoritatively opened the new area of their much cherished history museum, where guests can gain proficiency with about the brand’s long and complex record of exactness timekeeping. The museum, which has worked in some structure since 1984, houses significant and notable Omega watches, however remembers intuitive shows for significant parts of the brand’s history, from the moon arrival, to James Bond, to the Olympics. 

The museum is situated in a Shigeru Ban planned structure in Biel, Switzerland, and is essential for La Cité du Temps, the Swatch Group’s corporate central command. More data about the museum can be found on Omega’s site, here .