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Not Just Leather—Why We Love Nylon in the Worn & Wound Shop

Not Just Leather—Why We Love Nylon in the Worn & Wound Shop


Nylon is an extraordinary material, valued both for its dependable toughness and its shading speed. All in all, it can get hammered and still look new after some hefty wear. That’s why we utilize nylon in the Worn & Wound Shop. We need our products—be they the lashes you pair with your #1 instrument watch or the conveying cases you take with you on the go—to last and to wear in as opposed to just wear out.

ADPT Straps

Based on an exemplary military plan, ADPT lashes are 100% American-made, from the uniquely woven nylon down to the equipment. Wear them, sweat in them, and wash them clean—these are your go-to ties for the late spring, and they’ll just look better with use.

ADPT is accessible in five exemplary tones. $42—SHOP HERE

EDC Watch Pouch and Watch Fold

EDC is an abbreviation for every day carry, and our EDC Watch Pouch and Watch Fold—designed by Worn & Wound and sewn here in NYC—will be a fundamental piece of your every day tool compartment. The uncompromising nylon outside ensures an expandable neoprene pocket, so you can securely get watches of various sizes for when you’re on the go.

The Watch Pouch is intended to take on a solitary watch, and the Watch Fold will accommodate two. $49 – $70—SHOP HERE