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Nomos Celebrates “A Century of Bauhaus” With Nine Limited Tangente Watches

Nomos Celebrates “A Century of Bauhaus” With Nine Limited Tangente Watches


The German Bauhaus School—which ran an aggressively modern plan agenda from 1919 until 1933, when the Nazis constrained its closure—will turn 100-years-old in 2019. To celebrate, Nomos has given three restricted version Tangente watches that pay accolade for the stripped down, post-Victorian style introduced by The Bauhaus. Nomos is offering these watches in three primary colorways and with 33-, 35-, and 38-millimeter cases. Only 100 of each model are available, for a total of 900 pieces. Nomos refers to artist Paul Klee as the inspiration for the dial tones. It’s not hard to see the association with Klee’s Bauhaus period, with the dial’s “sketch paper” background and thin primary-shading external ring echoing his arrangement of “guardian angels” drawn as the Nazi threat was mounting in the early 1930s. The Nazis singled Klee out, the Gestapo sacked his home, constrained his removal from his teaching position, and he and his family emigrated to Switzerland toward the finish of 1933. The historical and artistic associations add a compelling—if somewhat chilling— gravitas to these Tangentes which, in any case, appear very playful and innocent.

Under the sapphire crystal float black anodized hands, and all markers are also in black, creating a striking yet quieted dial that’s completely in keeping with The Bauhaus School’s anti-bling feel. Carries are long, thin, and utilitarian on all Tangente models, and the case is a simple 6.6-millimeters thick on the 38-millimeter watch (and marginally thinner on different sizes).

That noteworthy thinness is expected largely to the in-house Alpha development, an attempted and confided in hand-winding caliber from Nomos. It’s a particularly handsome unit—including blued screws, uncovered rubies, perlage, rhodium plating, and more—that some may wish the case back were sapphire, however in keeping with the original plan it is strong steel. The development will hold 43 hours of force on a full wind, and it features hacking seconds for accurate synchronization with any reference watch. The solitary thing that isn’t German on these watches is the black leather of the straps, which are sourced from Chicago’s celebrated Horween Leather Company. Nomos picked Horween’s premium genuine shell cordovan leather, and the strap is either 17-, 18-, or 19-millimeters wide, growing larger along with each case size.

The Tangente “A Century of Bauhaus” watches are available from chosen retailers. Pricing is $1,660 (33 millimeters), $1,800 (35 millimeters), and $1,930 (38 millimeters). Nomos