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My Watch: Collecting Seiko Chronographs with WatchRecon’s Sammy Sy

My Watch: Collecting Seiko Chronographs with WatchRecon’s Sammy Sy

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Half a month back, WatchRecon maker Sammy Sy went along with us on a scene of The Worn & Wound Podcast. We examined his imperative application and invested some energy discussing his watch gathering (in the event that you haven’t done as such yet, look at Episode 24 for the full discussion). Today, we’re dispatching another video arrangement named My Watch, which will highlight our companions and individual fans examining their watch fixations and assortments. Commencing the arrangement is, you gotten it, Sammy Sy, who is the glad proprietor of in excess of a modest bunch of unbelievable ’70s-time Seiko chronographs, which we’ve since quite a while ago contended present an unparalleled incentive among their companions. So appreciate the video beneath, and afterward look down for somewhat on each highlighted watch.




Seiko ref. 6138-8010

Sammy’s top pick, the 6138-8010 is, in his words, “one of the most uncommon and furthermore the most excellent among all” 6138 chronographs. It’s regularly called the “Holy Grail,” and it was an easy decision for Sammy when it tagged along. “Though not modest, this was a decent arrangement since I had been searching for it for such a long time. I allowed myself 10 seconds prior to committing to it.”

Seiko ref. 7016-8001

A concealed pearl, the more modest cased 7016-8001 is a lesser-known Seiko chronograph delivered by Seiko’s Daini industrial facility . “This was an unsafe eBay procurement. It was expensive however it was awesome for the condition it showed up in.”

Seiko ref. 7018-7000

Another Daini creation, the 7018-7000 is a flyback chronograph with a charming charcoal dial. “This one was bought along with its white-dialed twin .”

Seiko ref. 6139-7011

The 6139-7011 (additionally 7010) is somewhat of a legend in the circle of vintage Seiko chronographs. They seldom spring up on the used market, and when they do, the ask can get very high. Worn & Wound’s Zach claims a 7010, and Sammy faults him for this pickup. “Worn & Wound caused me to do this. I would have followed through on three-times the cost I accomplished for this one.”

Seiko ref. 6139-6030

The JDM 6139-6030 “Speed-Timer” was the watch that pushed Sammy down the Seiko chronograph hare opening. “I purchased this when I wasn’t in any event, contemplating vintage Seikos. The condition appeared to be acceptable and the cost made it a generally safe. This one gets a great deal of time on the wrist.”

Seiko ref. 6138-8020

The 6138-8020 “Panda” is a top pick among Seiko gatherers, and lately that cost on these has gone up considerably. Sammy clarifies that the watch is one of his top picks, and it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why as it has extraordinary extents and a wonderful material finished dial. “The watch accompanied the first box and receipt. I paid a touch more to make certain about the thing I was getting. This is my go-to 6138.”

Seiko ref. 6138-8000

Also known as the “Baby Panda,” the 6138-8000 is incredibly uncommon, significantly more extraordinary than the 8020. “When this watch appeared available, I had quite recently gained (yet not yet got) the 6138-8020. I was attempting to legitimize this one unexpectedly early, yet I anticipated I would think twice about it on the off chance that I didn’t pull the trigger. The two watches wound up showing up inside a day of each other.”

Seiko ref. 6139-6002

The notable “ Pogue ,” the 6139-6001 is Seiko’s space watch, worn by Colonel William Pogue on the 1973 Skylab 4 mission. “I wear this a great deal on the grounds that it’s fun, it’s estimated well, I’m actually sitting tight for the day somebody in the wild remembers it. In light of its fame, I completely practiced the ‘buy the seller’ rule.”

Seiko ref. 6138-0030

Nicknamed the “ Kakume ,” the 6138-0030 is one of the more normal Seiko chronographs in Sammy’s assortment. “I consider this my ‘standard issue’ Seiko, so it gets worn as such.”