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Multi-use EDC Kerchiefs from Cantonment – Now Available at Windup Watch Shop

Multi-use EDC Kerchiefs from Cantonment – Now Available at Windup Watch Shop


A hanky is an expansion to your ordinary convey that you never realized you required. While conveying a tissue or handkerchief may have been something you partner with your granddad (or ranchers), that’s not the situation with Cantonment’s line of materials. Cantonment is another brand, made by three beloved companions who experienced childhood in Upstate New York. A “cantonment” is a military-style campground, and the three companions ended up growing up right close to the last camping area of the Revolutionary Army that’s known as the New Windsor Cantonment. The main thrust behind their plan approach is something they call Stylized Substance — a mix of in vogue stylish with practical plan. Their first item at any point is the “Kerchief”, and we’re glad to dispatch it first in the Windup Watch Shop .

These 18.5×18.5” super-delicate cotton Kerchiefs are ideal for a wide scope of regular uses, regardless of whether that’s cleaning down your glasses, trying to please watch, getting some residue off of your camera focal point, or in any event, utilizing it as a background for an improvised photoshoot. Cantonment measured the Kerchiefs in the sweet spot between a standard tissue and a handkerchief, making them simple to overlap up and throw in your pocket or pack without taking up a lot room.

Attach with the Woggle to your belt Use as a photograph background Secure around your neck to get sweat A convenient instrument to heft around

Instead of an exhausting old single tone, every one of the bandannas is printed with one of three themes, delivered in a design drawing style and imprinted onto the fabric. The actual fabric is produced using 100% cotton, giving it a super delicate feel close by while being not difficult to wash and really focus on. Each side of the hanky is done with a merrowed edge – a method where unpleasant edge of the texture is done with an overhand line to give them a perfect appearance. Cantonment utilizes a differentiating tone for the edge that truly makes the fabric pop.

In each edge of the material, you’ll locate a built up buttonhole that you can use with the nylon nato tie roused “woggle” — a little tie and metal catch that can be utilized to affix the hanky to a belt or sack, use as a fixing component to keep it around your neck, or to hang dry after use. The Woggle-Toggle framework can likewise be secured to every one of the corners so you can utilize the Kerchief as an improvised tote.

The Kerchief is accessible in three unique sets:

Chrono – Inspired by two works of art, this set highlights drawings of the Seiko SKX and Omega Speedmaster. It’s difficult to turn out badly with these decisions, as each are famous in their own specific manner inside the universe of watches.

Opti – Features close-ups of the focal point and film advance switch of an exemplary simple camera. Regardless of whether you’re shooting advanced, there’s no contending with the simple vibes emitted by old film cameras.

Auto – After watches and cameras, vehicles are just the following consistent advance. At dispatch, this arrangement of two will include a realistic of a Porsche edge and a Land Rover fog light. Both quickly unmistakable as notorious plans to any auto aficionado.

Whether you’re wearing it around your neck to keep the sun under control or putting away one in your pack as a screen wipe, the Kerchief by Cantonment makes certain to come in convenient. You can get a bunch of two for $40 in your number one example right now from the Windup Watch Shop .