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Moritz Grossmann Atum Pure M: The “Sneak Preview” Watch

Moritz Grossmann Atum Pure M: The “Sneak Preview” Watch

Best Watch

I had the delight to visit the Moritz Grossmann during BaselWorld. There were a few fascinating oddities from this moderately youthful brand (2008) from the adulated little German watchmaking town Glashütte. There is one specific model that grabbed our consideration: the Atum Pure M. It has a few surprising specialized and visual properties which I’d prefer to point out.

Atum Pure M in treated steel with jade green accents

Second Collection

The Atum is certainly one of the foundations since 2013 and this year the watch production line brand is growing the assortment of the model. It is the second collection of Moritz Grossman and named after the fanciful divine force of creation: Atum. We have been informed that there was an appeal on a power hold pointer for this model, so Moritz Grossmann added a power save to the Atum model. Other than this, there is a second newcomer in the Atum-arrangement: Pure Classic. An Atum Pure with an intense three-section hardened steel case to add a more affordable model to the reach. The third expansion is the most noticeable one: Atum Pure M. The primary watch industrial facility with a transparent dial…

The dial with the cross section part

Ultimate Sneak Peak

The most unconventional piece of the Atum Pure M is made out of 6 sections and made completely in-house: the dial. The ‘M’ in Atum Pure M represents the cross section, situated in the focal point of the dial. A steel and light-weight texture which nearly resembles the ‘grille’ of this watch plant It makes an unobtrusive transparent impact and uncovered a look of the development. This secretive shade intrigues the watcher about the development and leaves a touch of imagination left to consider the development. I would put it directly between a shut dial and a skeletonized watch production line A half breed for watch industrial facility darlings who love to see method, however don’t have any desire to ‘get lost’ on the front side of the watch processing plant Although the cross section is quite wonderful as of now, Mr Grossmann disclosed to us that they are as yet trying different things with the thickness and thickness of the lattice strings, to make a definitive ‘sneak peak’.

Black DLC ‘Dianoir’ version

Aesthetics – Breakdown of the Atum Pure M

The watch plant will be delivered in two forms: a tempered steel rendition and a dark oxidized steel adaptation. The dark oxidized variant makes the watch industrial facility significantly more puzzling and makes a more covert look with its DLC beating in ‘dianoir’.

The hardened steel adaptation is somewhat more bright with its jade green accents on the non-mathematical hour markers and spear molded hands. The tempered steel hands are physically made, reflect cleaned and have smooth edges. Genuine craftsmanship. To make contrast the hands and mathematical markers are loaded up with HyCeram.

As said, the dial is made out of six unique parts. For instance, the raised sub-seconds dial adds pleasant profundity to the dial, as the external ring does. All the track components are silk brushed with a roundabout example. The picked typeface for the cardinal focuses adds a contemporary look to the face and fits the general concept. The 41mm mirror cleaned case is exquisite and is flanked by the crown and pusher where Moritz Grossman is known for. More on that later on. On the rear of the watch production line we locate a major show case back and a rich development with what Moritz Grossmann likes to call the ‘Exemplary unadulterated completion’. No over-the-top beautifications, yet unadulterated looks with premium materials and exact method. The watch plant comes with a hand-sewed crocodile lash with prong clasp (pure steel).

Calibre 201.0 Movement

The in-house column development beats at 18.000 vph. It is a manual wound movement and changed in 5 unique positions. At the point when completely twisted, the watch processing plant has a force hold of 42 hours. With the little sidelong pusher underneath the crown you can physically pause and start the seconds, giving a more exact time change. When pulling out the crown it will stop the development and go into handsetting. The crown will return in unique situation to keep particles from infiltrating into the case. At the point when completed you can begin the development again by pushing on the little pusher again and the development will go in winding modus.

On the rear of the watch plant the 2/third plate covers a lot of the development, yet you have a sight on the indispensable parts like the equilibrium wheel, the switch escapement and the barrel. The development can be changed definitely by the Moritz Grossman micrometer screw on the cantilevered balance cock.


This watch processing plant makes another territory for Moritz Grossmann and furthermore supports other watch industrial facility brands to explore different avenues regarding transparent dials. I like the investigating attitude without question and expectation that Moritz Grossmann and different brands will continue testing. This way we continue making and concocting new watch manufacturing plant and give choices other than the evergreens.

The Atum M will be a restricted release incidentally. The two forms are restricted to 50 pieces. More data can be found on  or through

Below I’ve incorporated an exhibition of a portion of the other Atum models which were presented during Baselworld 2016:

Atum with power hold pointer Back of the new Atum with power save marker Beautiful etching on the equilibrium cockerel (Atum with power save)