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Introducing Three Citizen Eco-Drive Brycen Divers

Introducing Three Citizen Eco-Drive Brycen Divers


Citizen is maybe most popular for their Eco-Drive innovation, which has been a center piece of their inventory for quite a long time. Eco-Drive was first presented during the 90s (however Citizen’s first light-fueled watch turned out in 1976), and in the years since Citizen has refined and raised the tech higher than ever. In 2016, Citizen uncovered the Eco-Drive One, the most slender sun oriented controlled watch at any point created coming in at only 3 millimeters thick. What’s more, a year ago, Citizen reported the Caliber 0100 Eco-Drive model, a high-exactness quartz development that brags accuracy just ±1 second of the year. Despite the fact that that precise type is a model and it won’t be accessible to the general population, the tech inside the Caliber 0100 is required to be highlighted in future models.

Citizen as of late uncovered a triplet of Eco-Drive divers through the Brycen range, and what makes these three stand apart from a large portion of Citizen’s current inventory is that they take on all the more a neo-vintage stylish than most. From the outset, I’d say the watches look like ‘70s-motivated divers, highlighting a blend of strong tones, exemplary plan signals, and, obviously, Citizen’s Eco-Drive tech. I’m a fanatic of when Citizen keeps it basic, and I think they’ve done that here.

Though the case is on the greater side of things coming at 43 millimeters across and 13 millimeters thick, the drags don’t seem, by all accounts, to be excessively long so it should wear well on the wrist. The case is caught up on top, cleaned at the edges, and highlights a slope that runs along where the two planes meet. The case is evaluated to 100 meters and highlights a mineral precious stone.

There are three variations accessible: Ref. AW1591-01L (blue dial/blue bezel on calfskin), Ref. AW1593-06X (gold-plated case with an earthy colored dial/earthy colored bezel on calfskin); and Ref. AW1598-70X (green dial/green bezel on a hardened steel arm band). The dials include line of sight, lumed markers, a date window directly off 3, and brilliant dauphine hands.  Altogether, it’s a pleasantly  strong plan that doesn’t cause trouble and ought to have wide appeal.

Like a considerable lot of Citizen’s Eco-Drive watches, this new reach is forcefully estimated. On cowhide it’s $295, and on a wristband it’s $325. In the event that you’re on the lookout for a straightforward diver that you can wear absent a lot of stress, at that point you should think about these three pearls. Citizen