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Introducing the Yema x Worn & Wound Superman Maxi Dial Limited Edition

Introducing the Yema x Worn & Wound Superman Maxi Dial Limited Edition


Established in 1948 and in persistent activity since, Yema Watches is one of the incredible games watch brands of the 20th century. From one of the principal plunge watches with a locking bezel, to licensed yachting clock shows, to riding alongside Mario Andretti on his renowned Indy 500 win, their rich history is studded with astonishing watches and minutes. This is even more amazing when one thinks about that they are likewise one of a couple of notable French watch brands to at any point exist, and that they endure the Quartz emergency that covered numerous brands.

While in persistent activity, as of not long ago Yema was all the more a vintage interest in the brain of the US market, as current Yemas just weren’t available. That has all changed, and since relaunching the Superman jump watch with its unique plan and specs in 2018, Yema Watches has been on roll, restoring themselves in the personalities and watch boxes of collectors worldwide.

Today it is with incredible energy that we report that Worn & Wound will join the historical backdrop of this extraordinary brand with the starting of our first joint effort, the Superman Maxi Dial LE .

The Yema x Worn & Wound Superman LE is available now at the Windup Watch Shop .

The Yema Superman previously appeared in 1963 wearing 300 meters of water opposition and a novel technique for securing the bezel. Continuously one for development, these subtleties set Yema apart from their competitors and established the Superman’s importance throughout the entire existence of the jump watch. Over the course of the years since, numerous forms of the Superman were made, including the Superman II, which bragged some the biggest jump markers to at any point effortlessness a dial, procuring it the “maxi” assignment. Idiosyncratic, yet strangely engaging, it’s this watch that filled in as a wellspring of motivation for our collaboration.

Bold and strong, these larger than average markers rule the dial, quickly giving the Superman jumper a more forceful presence. We needed to play off this by driving the LE into more military-implanted region. In the first place, we altered the dial with a subtle two-tone configuration, playing a dull dim internal circle off of a dark edge. We at that point added a differentiating jumping circle and focus pulling the eyes in towards the markers. To additional save evenness, the date was eliminated, taking into consideration each of the 12 maxi-markers to sparkle – or gleam irrationally splendid, as the case may be.

For the bezel, we needed to additional the forceful topic and add a contemporary edge. Enlivened by a portion of our #1 military watches of the mid to late twentieth century, we added an edge-to-edge dark bezel with lumed 12-hour markers. Obviously, we kept Yema’s signature locking system. Something else, the case remains to a great extent the equivalent, with the exemplary 39mm Superman plan in completely brushed steel with a double domed sapphire gem. At 13mm thick and with a 48mm carry to-drag length, it’s an incredible size for a 300m jumper that should fit most wrists, be comfortable throughout the day and simple to wear on adventures.

39mm yet striking A 12-hr bezel is consistently helpful A forceful curve on the Superman configuration Beautifully brushed steel

The Superman Maxi Dial LE highlights 19mm hauls, and comes mounted to a brushed 3-connect bracelet. A cool part of this bracelet’s configuration is that the primary connection after the strong end-interface flares out to proceed with the form of the case. This gives the watch a more vigorous presence on the wrist, further underlining its forceful aesthetic.

Powering the Superman Maxi Dial LE is the YEMA2000 type. Planned and created in-house, the YEMA2000 is the most current age of Yema’s exclusive development, including 29-gems, hacking seconds, 42-hour power hold, and a recurrence of 28,800 bph. Moreover, the YEMA2000 is controlled in four positions and has an every day rate inside +/ – 10 seconds.

The first cooperation to dispatch in Worn & Wound’s tenth year of business, we’re glad for the outcome. The Superman Maxi LE is an interesting and fun new minor departure from the Superman subject. A little vintage, a little present day, a little Worn & Wound, and a ton of Yema, for fanatics of whimsical jump watches, lume, and 12-hour bezels, this will be one to appreciate. Also, trust us, this is just barely the start of what’s going to be an energizing commemoration year.

The Yema x Worn & Wound Superman Maxi Dial LE is restricted to 300 pieces, and will be available to be purchased through the Windup Watch Shop for $990, transporting March.