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Introducing The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Bamford Limited Edition In Titanium

Introducing The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Bamford Limited Edition In Titanium


Label Heuer is delivering another Bamford Limited Edition inside the Aquaracer family, and it could be the most OEM looking watch to brandish the Bamford name yet. This watch addresses the most experienced interpretation of the Aquaracer we’ve yet to see, without a moment’s delay showing worship to its starting points and matching down a portion of the more unnecessary components that have grabbed hold inside the family on the loose. There’s still a sound portion of character, nonetheless, amounting to what in particular might be the most compelling Aquaracer we’ve found in late memory.

Seeing the word Bamford on the dial of a watch may trigger a few perusers out there who seethe at the prospect of applauded out Rolex and Audemars Piguet watches, yet since uniting with LVMH gathering of watch marks his work has taken a move in the direction of more tasteful coordinated efforts done in house with brands like Zenith and TAG Heuer. Regardless of whether you love them or disdain them, Bamford watches are unmistakably adjusted takes on industrial facility plans. This restricted release Aquaracer starts to obscure those lines, and were it not for the name on the dial, this is a watch that we’d welcome directly into a standard creation opening inside the Aquaracer family. I’d venture to such an extreme as to say that if you’re not an enthusiast of the Aquaracer, this watch may in any event, bring you around to it. 


The Bamford Aquaracer highlights a titanium case and arm band that’s been sandblasted to a uniform surface all through. The metal takes on a warm tone that plays well with the precise instance of the Aquaracer. This execution pushes center to the dial and the little flies of shading found inside. It likewise features a portion of the more many-sided subtleties found in the bezel and case, welcoming a more critical look than you’d in any case anticipate from an Aquaracer. The actual case is 43mm in measurement, however because of abbreviated drags it should wear sensibly well for its size. The evaluation 2 titanium implies it will be hypoallergenic and erosion safe.

The dial highlights concentric circles exuding from the middle that are recessed into the dial. Printed focus split the dial into quadrants, with a date gap at 3 o’clock, and marking at 12 and 6 o’clock. The hour producers are straightforward squares of lume, getting rid of the profoundly cleaned and sloped markers seen on other Aquaracer models. Minutes and seconds are set apart in hashes between the hours, and at their start are a track of orange markers spread out opposite to the hour markers. The markers run the width of each other second, and keeping in mind that they add a visual style to the dial, I can’t envision they serve any commonsense capacity. The tip of the seconds hand additionally includes exchanging white and orange areas, while the hour and moment hand are illustrated in orange. The outcome is an exceptionally clear dial that peruses direct, even with the embellishments. 

The Bamford Aquaracer utilizes the TAG Heuer Caliber 5 programmed development, which depends on the ETA 2824 (25 gems). Its utilization makes the $3,900 sticker price of the watch somewhat of an eyebrow raiser, however there is an incentive to be found somewhere else. The case and arm band are titanium and give a great 300m profundity rating, and the creation is restricted to 1,500 models. More from TAG Heuer .