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Introducing the Seiko Presage Sharp Edge GMT

Introducing the Seiko Presage Sharp Edge GMT


For all the commotion around reasonable GMT watches over the most recent couple of years, it’s honestly amazing that we haven’t seen an excess of them from Seiko. Could there be an all the more totally open path for the brand to hang out in? Envision the agitation that would follow over a reasonable travel watch with Seiko quality, worth, and style? They presented a couple of Landmasters in 2018 for the Japanese market with a GMT complication, yet on the off chance that you’re acquainted with the Landmaster line, you probably perceive that it’s a behemoth, and maybe not the group pleaser a more refined generally useful travel could be. Indeed, if you’re a Seiko fan expecting to travel again in 2021 (aren’t we as a whole) and on the lookout for another watch to accompany you on your next excursion, Seiko (at long last!) has you covered with a bunch of new watches in their Presage line including a true blue mechanical GMT complication with – you got it – neighborhood hopping hours. Let’s take a look. 

These new GMTs are essential for the Seiko Presage Sharp Edge arrangement, which we originally investigated a year ago . The Sharp Edge arrangement, from multiple points of view, is by and large what it seems like. They have current profiles with wide features and a high clean however keep a more conventional style you expect under the Presage standard. There are traces of Grand Seiko plan in the cases, without a doubt, and the watches have a freshness to them that the more adjusted and formed cases somewhere else in the Presage line lack. 

For the GMT watches seen here, the dials have been given a Asonoha , or hemp leaf, design. Seiko discloses to us that this sort of example has been found in Japanese artworks for over 1,000 years, so disregarding the watch’s innovator case shape, there’s some genuine history here also. The dial has been done so that the surface is intended to change as light reflects off of it at various points. Four dial variations will be accessible at dispatch, all dependent on shadings utilized in conventional Japanese specialty: Aitetsu (indigo, SPB217), Tokiwa (green, SPB219), Sumi-iro (dark, SPB221), and Hihada-iro (earthy colored, SPB225).

The watches run on Seiko’s type 6R64, a GMT development with neighborhood hopping hour ability, a date show by means of a 6:00 subdial, and a force hold marker at 9:00. Combined with the sharp mathematical example, the extra dial data on these watches brings about a showcase that’s to some degree occupied, yet not in a way that’s oppressive. All capacities are quickly clear (and helpful) and give off an impression of being executed very well, regardless of whether some may protest power save separating the dial’s symmetry. 

Something that separates these watches from the Landmasters that recently housed this development is their wearability. The case estimates 42mm in width and is 13.7mm thick, which isn’t little using any and all means, yet Seiko has a method of building cases so that their thickness is covered up by the aspects along the caseband. These watches additionally come on an arm band that has been designed explicitly for the Sharp Edge product offering, and is observably sleeker than the wristband you’d locate a common Seiko plunge watch, for example. 

The Sharp Edge GMTs will be accessible in June, with a retail cost of $1,400. Seiko