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Introducing the Seiko 5 Dual-Crown Diver Collection (Refs. SRPB25, SRPB27, SRPB29, and SRPB31)

Introducing the Seiko 5 Dual-Crown Diver Collection (Refs. SRPB25, SRPB27, SRPB29, and SRPB31)


Not many watches can offer the equivalent horological value for-the-money esteem that’s pressed in a Seiko 5 watch. All things considered, the watches of the iconic  SNK range —what I and I’m sure numerous others would cheerfully concur are the benchmark for strong and really evaluated mechanical watches today—proudly show the Seiko 5 badge on their dials.

Launched in 1963, the Seiko 5 line appeared with a bunch of five straightforward principles. Seiko 5 watches expected to include:

1. programmed winding 2. day/date showed in a solitary window 3. water resistance 4. recessed crown at the four o’clock position 5. solid case and bracelet.

Of course, a lot of this is already a vital part of current watches, so today these list items are to a greater extent an otherworldly guide for the Seiko 5 line instead of a severe agenda. Truth be told, you’ll consistently discover Seiko 5 watches without a portion of these highlights. In any case, in the event that you’re purchasing a Seiko 5 watch, you know you’re getting a workhorse that punches well over its weight.

The eccentric thing about Seiko 5 watches is that they simply kind of show up, and they do as such with definitely no ballyhoo. There’s no PR crusade. There’s no fabulous story. The watches just come, and perhaps you’ll find out about them, or, and this is undeniably almost certain, you won’t. I regularly find new models while examining the gatherings (Seiko aficionados make the best criminal investigators), or I’ll come across some on Amazon, which is a lovely strong home base spot for Seiko 5 watches.

On a new outing to Amazon, I recognized another Seiko 5 model that I hadn’t seen previously, and it was one I was certain our readers would need to know about—introducing the Seiko 5 double crown jumper arrangement (Ref. SRPBxx).

Though they’re styled after the absolute most notorious Super Compressor-cased watches once created by EPSA ( read the set of experiences here ), the SRPBxx watches are false Super Compressors, but rather they do give one the vibe of a portion of those extraordinary vintage pieces, and I envision that’s deliberate. Authorities and general devotees totally adore vintage double crown jumpers, and brands both high and low have delivered their understandings (and reevaluations) of these incredible watches as of late. Maybe outstanding amongst other know is the Legend Diver from Longines , which right up ’til today stays an exceptionally pursued watch (both the vintage piece and the neo-vintage rethinking). In the event that you’ve been on the lookout for one, this assortment from Seiko 5 may simply scratch that itch.

Let’s do a brisk summary of the specs. The case estimates 42.5 millimeters across, 12.3 millimeters thick, and 22 millimeters at the drags, so the watch isn’t excessively swelled. The crown at two works the inside turning bezel, and the crown at three is for general time-setting activity. The case is evaluated to 100 meters (so it’s actually not a jump watch, but rather 100 meters is as yet strong), and the dial is secured with a mineral gem. Controlling the watch is Seiko’s 4R36 mechanical programmed type, which highlights 24-gems, a day/date complication at three, and hacking.

After a cycle of burrowing, I discovered what seem to be four particular shading variations in the SRPBxx range. They include:

Ref. SRPB25 – blue dial; red and blue bezel, hardened steel bracelet Ref. SRPB27 – dark dial; dim and dark bezel; hardened steel bracelet Ref. SRPB29 – dark dial; red and dark bezel; treated steel bracelet Ref. SRPB31 – dark dial; orange and dark bezel; dark elastic strap

The determination of shading combinations offers a tad of something for everybody. By and by, I’m an enthusiast of the curbed Ref. SRPB27, followed intently by the more brilliant Ref. SRPB31. Toss both of those on a nylon mil-tie, and you’ve got yourself an executioner watch.

Altogether, this is a flawless watch from Seiko, and, as most watches in the Seiko 5 territory, it won’t break the bank. The least valued ( on Amazon ) of the four is Ref. SRPB31 at just $155, and the most costly is Ref. SRPB27 for $223. The other two are well beneath $200. On the off chance that you’re on the lookout for one of these, you’ve got quite a worth here.

Featured picture via Skywatches .