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Introducing the Retro-Inspired Casio A700W Series (Refs. A700W-1A, A700WM-7AVT, and A700WMG-9AVT)

Introducing the Retro-Inspired Casio A700W Series (Refs. A700W-1A, A700WM-7AVT, and A700WMG-9AVT)

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Casio has reported a progression of three new models in their Vintage assortment. The A700W arrangement is comprised of retro-motivated advanced watches that will make numerous devotees of a specific age affectionately nostalgic for the watches of their childhood. With a ’80s vibe and an ease of section, these watches may hit the spot if you’re after an easygoing summer beater. 

Some of Casio’s list rides a fascinating line between “enthusiasts favorite” and “pharmacy staple.” Some would contend they’re a greater amount of a hardware company than a watchmaker, however that hasn’t halted them making genuinely progressed and horologically intriguing watches with regards to their G-Shock line for quite a long time. Casio likewise winds up on the wrists of people who basically don’t care about watches at all, yet simply need something solid and modest to tell the time with. Possibly signal at them when they have an arrangement. Casio has this market totally cornered. 

The A700W arrangement that has recently been unveiled looks like what somebody in that subsequent camp would have gotten in a retail chain on the off chance that it was the mid-’80s, and in that lies the allure. A straightforward computerized interface, numerous capacities (a basic schedule, caution, and stopwatch), and thin cases and arm bands to coordinate make these unadulterated, economical fun. Those wristbands alone have a practically transportive impact. In some cases it’s pleasant to simply wear a watch that’s straightforward, without ornaments, and makes you consider upbeat occasions from quite a while ago. For just $34 (and $75 on the very good quality in the event that you pick the gold-tone, which you ought to), Casio has you covered. All three ( A700W-1A ,  A700WM-7AVT and A700WMG-9AVT ) are accessible direct from Casio and from select retailers worldwide.  Casio