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Introducing the REC RJM Limited Edition Spitfire

Introducing the REC RJM Limited Edition Spitfire


REC Watches is consistently delivering quick selling restricted edition watches that house rescued parts from verifiably critical vehicles and planes. The new RJM watch sports a dial produced using untreated aluminum taken from the wing of a WWII MK IX Spitfire plane. As though that weren’t enough recorded importance, the particular plane is number PT879, which the Allies credited to the Soviet Air Forces. Astoundingly, of more than 1,000 Spitfires advanced to Russia, PT879 stays the only one to get back to the UK—and that’s in the wake of being shot down in 1945 and sitting in an outbuilding for quite a long time. Today, British aviation master Peter Teichman is industriously reestablishing PT879 to correct unique specifications. The watch’s name, “RJM,” represents Reginald Joseph Mitchell, the British architect of the Spitfire.

Unlike a significant number of REC’s contributions, the 41-millimeter RJM is generally downplayed. Planned in collaboration with Switzerland’s StudioDivine, there were two objectives: to include the Spitfire’s streamlined characteristics, and to capture the soul of WWII British military watches. That seems like a convoluted plan brief to my ear, yet by highlighting fundamental states of the Spitfire on highlights like the crown (formed like the nose of the plane here), the crown monitors (molded like the wings), and the date gap (formed like an altimeter), the RJM sticks into an attractive and upscale watch without falling into the pit of kitsch that captures numerous topical watches.

Other Spitfire-esque highlights incorporate the seconds hand, whose tail is formed like a propeller, and the rotor, which is bolted in a similar fashion as the Spitfire’s body plates. The sandwich dial—in which we find lume—is reminiscent of Italian WWII watches from Panerai, however in this determinedly British context the dial doesn’t appear to be subordinate. There are three versions of the RJM available.

As far as capturing the soul of British WWII mil-spec watches, REC has center around fundamental shapes and proportions: the period correct long carries, the bigger crown for simpler operation with gloves on, the chamfered bezel, and the unobtrusive size all contribute to the RJM’s pilot watch vibe.

What doesn’t look generally precise, in any case, is the brushed tempered steel all through the RJM’s case, the back sapphire precious stone, and obviously the embellishing crown and monitors. In any case, the objective here isn’t to copy British military looks however much it is to capture and commend their soul. On that check, REC scores very high.

Compelling stories including Spitfires—and explicitly number PT879—abound, however few are just about as fascinating as the one in which the Russians quickly covered up the British Royal Air Force’s target-like roundel with the indisputable red star of Soviet Russia. While Joseph Stalin’s communist state was a critical partner in the destruction of Hitler, given what we currently think about Stalin’s rule, the leftovers of that red star on PR879 are a chilling token of the essential compromises that the British made to get triumph. To have a piece of that extremely plane on your wrist appears to be a powerful keepsake, one that captures the turned idea of wartime morals. I can’t help however wonder Churchill’s opinion about this watch.

Just after PT879 was shot down in 1945, a Russian rancher maneuvered it into a stable where it stayed until 1998 when different interests—including the Russian crowd, apparently—hassled over its proprietorship. It ultimately got back to the UK where it at last got together with Peter Teichman, who is reestablishing it now. Teichman has continued practically the entirety of the first metal from PT879, yet a few pieces of the aluminum wings were unusable; it is those pieces that have gone into the RJM watch.

The development is a Miyota 9015 with aforementioned rotor decoration. The 9015 is mechanical, self-twisting, beats at 28,800 bph, and stores 42 hours of force. Lashes incorporate either a dark or tan twofold layered calf skin or a green material. All lashes have a tempered steel pin-clasp, just as a fast delivery system.

The REC RJM goes marked down today for $1,295, and if the deal is in any way similar to REC’s different deliveries, you’ll need to move rapidly to get one of these truly critical watches. REC