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Introducing the Paulin Neo, a Collaborative Effort from Some of Our Favorite Scots

Introducing the Paulin Neo, a Collaborative Effort from Some of Our Favorite Scots


Glasgow, for perusers of this site, may be most connected with anOrdain, a brand that we’ve covered broadly on Worn & Wound and have a lot of friendship for. In any case, it’s likewise the home to Paulin, a watch brand that has existed since 2013, and shares large numbers of similar standards as anOrdain, manageability and exceptional plan established in Scottish customs among them. Presently, with the all new Neo, Paulin and anOrdain have teamed up on a watch that currently appears to be practically unavoidable given their geographic nearness and shared values. 

The Neo isn’t only a coordinated effort with anOrdain – Paulin has additionally enrolled contemporary adornments craftsman Helen Swan to counsel on the plan, which consolidates genuine hand create in a Paulin watch interestingly, and at a value that addresses a genuine incentive for level of plan you’re getting in the watch. The highlight of the Neo, in a real sense and metaphorically, is the anodized aluminum dial (Swan’s forte is working with aluminum). While aluminum isn’t commonly considered as a material utilized in customary handcrafts, the anodization and coloring measure takes genuine expertise, and the outcome is a long way from the mechanical aluminum that probably comes into view when you hear the word. The Neo can be had in three dial variations: butterscotch yellow, sky blue, or white. All have an eccentric quality to them, with a custom typeface, an unmistakable square hour hand, and lively differentiating colors. The utilization of shading truly has anOrdain’s stamp on top of it, and it’s incredible to perceive how their plan theory shows itself in a watch at a lower value point, utilizing materials outside of their wheelhouse. (anOrdain, obviously, is known for their utilization of lacquer in their dials).

A bit about the anodizing cycle, as it’s not frequently utilized in watchmaking and consequently likely not very surely knew. While most dials are produced using metal and painted, the aluminum dials utilized in the Neo have their shading fixed in through the anodizing interaction, which comprises of washing the dials in an electromechanical shower. This is basically an interaction of “controlled corrosion,” and the ability is in arrangement how long to present the dials to that cycle until the ideal tone and finish is gotten. Each dial is anodized and colored in Helen Swan’s studio, and afterward imprinted in the anOrdain workshop, close by their own polish dials. 

The case is 38mm in tempered steel, and highlights brushed completing on all sides. It’s measured to be suitable for the two people, and at simply 11.6mm thick it should wear comfortably for pretty much anybody. The Neo is obviously a grandstand for Helen Swan’s dial work, so it bodes well that the case is to some degree quelled by comparison. Paulin has chosen for go with a Hesalite box-gem, which minimizes expenses and ought to likewise give a warm, engaging optical impact. Any individual who has compared the Speedmaster with an acrylic gem to its sapphire kin will comprehend what I’m getting at here. 

The Neo sudden spikes in demand for a Seiko NH35A programmed development, an entirely adequate workhorse development for a watch this way. It’s not high horology, but rather it’s surely knew by most watchmakers and permits Paulin to get these watches with genuine plan family under the control of shoppers at an exceptionally competitive value point. The retail cost is £395, which likens to somewhat more than $500 after cash change.

The Neo, as a synergistic exertion, has a ton of allure. And keeping in mind that you unquestionably don’t must be from Glasgow or have an association with the city to truly “get” the watch, I envision it doesn’t hurt, and that this watch will feel truly uncommon to Glasgow locals. That’s actually the wizardry of a decent joint effort – it permits each gathering to contribute something that’s the most awesome aspect their image, or their work, to make an item that feels remarkably of a specific spot or time. Paulin